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    Core i5 9600K

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    Core i5 9600K

    Upgraded to an I9-9900 so I'm looking to sell my core i5-9600K. Chip has no issues and was fully functioning when it was removed. Will come with the stock cooler that the i9-9900 was provided with. Looking for 165 shipped w/ pp fees included.
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    WTB: Corsair 380T

    Looking for a Corsair 380T in any color.
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    WTB: ITX mobo/ram/hdd/cpu hsf

    bump. Got a motherboard. Still looking for RAM, hdd, and hsf
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    WTB: ITX mobo/ram/hdd/cpu hsf

    Looking for: LGA1155 ITX motherboard w/ wifi support (prefer a Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI) 8+ gb DDR3 (speed/brand is not a priority) 1tb+ fairly new 7200 rpm hdd a quiet low profile cpu heatsink Please PM w/ offers
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    FS Dell Monitors and Tivo Package (Premiere 4 with 2 Tivo Mini)

    damn. wish you were closer. glws
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    WTB: CPU/Mobo/Ram/PSU old crap

    Pending purchase of all components...
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    WTB: CPU/Mobo/Ram/PSU old crap

    Pending purchase on PSU. Everything else has been purchased!
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    WTB: CPU/Mobo/Ram/PSU old crap

    Ultimate goals: PSU has to be reliable enough (none of that "w/ case" powersupply deals) Shoot me offers of your old crap! My budget is <200.
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    WTB: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3SH/GA-Z68P-DS3/GA-Z77X-D3SH/GA-Z68X-DS3

    Looking for any of these motherboards for a friends' hackintosh build: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3SH GA-Z68P-DS3 GA-Z77X-D3SH GA-Z68X-DS3 Also looking for a core I7 K model as well. Shooting for ~300 dollars shipped :) We're ready to buy.
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    WTS core 2 duo system

    willing to part the psu?
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    FS: Canon 24-105 f/4L

    those are some massive photos. Good price. GLWS
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    Motherboards, CPU, Vid Card, And A Lot More!

    You've got a pm on xtremesystems
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    e8400/p5qpro/8gb/2x750gbwdblack/gt220 1gb

    how much do you want the hdds?
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    FS: 2x E5420 Harpertowns!!

    I have 2x E5420 2.5 Ghz Harpertown processors. Asking: 210 OBO shipped for each PM me if you are interested.
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    WTB: Motherboard WTS: Random stuff

    Welp, the deeper I get into summer, the more I wish I had a working desktop. I'm looking for a motherboard for around 10-30 dollars + shipping. I'm looking for an LGA 775/DDR2 motherboard that will support C2D (975x/965/P35/P45). I need something reliable and can handle a 3.4 ghz OC with an...
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    2x EVGA 8800gt w/ BNIB iandh ramsink and accelero s1

    Lol. you should have looked at 8800GT's a few months ago. They were going for 120 dollars + an MIR on newegg. 9800GT's replaced them and 8800GT prices shot up. I did my research ;) here's the replacement for the 8800GT
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    2x EVGA 8800gt w/ BNIB iandh ramsink and accelero s1

    100 shipped? =| didn't these things go for 100 new? well, glws.
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    WTB: intel 975XBX2

    Anyone have an XBX1/XBX2? Shoot me a PM if any of you guys are willing to sell yours. I'm also open to any other motherboards as long as they're LGA775 and C2D compatible
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    FS- Supermicro Servers (Dual Quad, 1u Dual Dual, 1u Pentium D)Portland OR/Lacey WA

    bump. just wondering, what sort of car do you have? :) i'm in the pdx area too =D
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    FS/WTT: E6600, PD820, PD805, E4600

    Updated :) bump
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    My 4870 1GB is not OCing like the reports, whats wrong?

    Agreed. It's not like the ATi cards perform like junk and need overclocking to get where they should be. If you want to play with a good overclocking card, get an Nvidia 6800GS. I could get 25% overclocks on my card with the stock cooler and after a variable-resistor mod (Fugger on xtremesystems...
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    FS/WTT: E6600, PD820, PD805, E4600

    Bump. All PM's have been replied to :)
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    FS/WTT: E6600, PD820, PD805, E4600

    Bump. Send me an offer I can't refuse! :)
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    FS/WTT: E6600, PD820, PD805, E4600

    Bump. All chips are still open to offers. I need money for my car! Helpz me out =P
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    FS/WTT: E6600, PD820, PD805, E4600

    Oh, sorry, it's a Pentium D 830. It's a dual-core 3.0ghz Smithfield. and bump :)
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    Gaming Rig 3870 x2 Crossfire X

    lmfao. I'll take a 3870 off your hands for 50 shipped ;)
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    FS/WTT: E6600, PD820, PD805, E4600

    bump. btw lvcoyote, I don't see the 680i board. :) still taking offers btw. I need to get these out.
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    FS/WTT: E6600, PD820, PD805, E4600

    bump. taking offers.
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    FS/WTT: E6600, PD820, PD805, E4600

    Core 2 Duo E4600 Retail OEM - 70 shipped Pentium D 830 OEM - 45 shipped Pentium D 805 Retail OEM (I have 1 of these) - 35 shipped I don't really need them anymore (and I've got a ton of chips just lying around). I want to trade for an LGA 775 motherboard (preferably 975X/680i/P35 chipset...
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    FS: Gigabyte Ga-945gcm-s2c (LGA775)

    do you think you could do 20 shipped?
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    2003 BMW M3 - 6spd - Black/Black - *Free CM Stacker

    Beautiful E46 M3. Interested in a trade for an E36 1998 BMW 328i in artiksilber metallic on dove-gray w/ Sachs front shocks/Koni SA rear shocks, and Racing dynamic springs? :P good luck on the sale, haha. I think we should just get a [H]bimmerforum (or just go register at