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    OSX Lion, worth upgrading?

    The one issue I had with Lion was slower performance on my Core 2 Duo Macbook. I noticed that Lion tended to run far slower on that machine than Snow Leopard did. This was with 3GB of RAM, mind you. I've upgraded to an MBP i7 with 8GB of RAM and Lion is quite snappy. With regards to features, I...
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    Picking up a new Mac Mini need advice.

    Buy the 8 GB of RAM from Newegg or Crucial and you'll save a whole bunch of money by not getting it through Apple. I know that on my i7 Macbook Pro, the upgrade to 8GB was listed as $200 on the site and cost me ~$40.
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    best audio solution for MBP

    That's awesome! I didn't know that cable existed. I currently use my Macbook with my Z-5500s, and I use a standard cable with the following adapter. This would be a more elegant solution.
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    MacBook 13"

    For one, Linux is not supported like OSX is. Many more companies release drivers for OSX than those who provide Linux drivers. There is also a support number/storefront. I use both, and Windows on a regular basis, and they really do all have their niches.
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    just got a macbook, question about mice

    Don't worry about the less-than-constructive comments. Logitech has had a pretty good relationship with Apple and it's virtually certain that drivers allowing for full compatibility exist. In all likelihood, even without drivers, you will have at least minimal functionality by just plugging the...
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    Are you a 1st-gen buyer or waiter?

    It's worth it for the OS. My Macbook was my first Apple and since then, my brother, sister, mum, ex-girlfriend...etc have all switched, with no regrets. Well, there are with the ex, but unrelated to the OS or computer.
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    iTunes on windows 7, AMAZING!

    I think it's an intentional ploy on the part of Apple. Apple software for Windows is crap. Safari and iTunes for Windows are both complete schisse compared to the Mac versions. I've never had either crash on my Macbook and yet on the Windows machines I use, they are unstable to the point of...
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    Thinking of getting the Iphone

    The iPhone is good; I like mine. The reception and typing is not as good as, say, a Blackberry Bold or the new Curve, and the multitasking and features are considerably less than say, the Palm Pre. However, overall, it is the most polished user experience you will find in a phone. There is no...
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    Cheapest Way to get a MBP

    And I want a Ferrari, but will only pay Ford Focus money for it. And it's gotta be brand new...:p Mate, it's not gonna happen, though you very well might find it used for that price.
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    Cheapest Way to get a MBP

    What do you mean exactly by "single-core"? As far as I know, all Intel-chipped laptops have been dual core, including the MBA.
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    Windows on a Mac

    Be careful buying software on eBay. No guarantee of legitimacy and not much recourse.
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    Blu-ray with Macbook?

    My Macbook has problems playing ripped [for backup purposes, obviously] content at 1080p. It is more or less unwatchable. 720p is very watchable, although I do get the dropped frame here and there. The vanilla Macbook won't be powerful enough for 1080p content.
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    Transitioning from windows to Mac OS X

    You're right, my bad - I didn't read the rest of the thread and wouldn't have commented had I done so. Also, you hit the nail right on the head as to what I was getting at - it's one of the biggest problems I find in day-to-day usage of OSX, but really, it just isn't much of an issue at all...
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    Macbook vs Macbook Pro?

    Arrrrgh. In this situation, I would hesitantly recommend the M1330. I am using a Macbook right now, my parents use a [refurb] 24" iMac, and my sister uses a 12" Powerbook. However, my brother uses a Dell 700M laptop. His laptop was $400 cheaper than my Macbook but has a better screen and...
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    Transitioning from windows to Mac OS X

    Under System Preferences>Expose and Spaces>Expose tab, you can set active screen corners as well. My bottom left corner is set to "Show Desktop", so when I throw my arrow in that corner, I get my desktop.
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    itunes question.

    Right forum, and although I have absolutely no idea with regards to your question, I will throw out the suggestion that you make an appointment with a Mac Genius if you have an Apple Store in your area to help you out with that issue.
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    downloading music through itunes

    I can tell the difference between 128kbps mp3s and 256kbps mp3s very easily on $35 Sony headphones. Cymbals and higher vocals sound notably tinnier with the lower bit rate. I would go with the Amazon store because of that, as well as the small issue of not worrying about DRM. Why buy...
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    Thinking of making the switch, just a few questions.

    Macbook won't cut it, if only because the screen they use on it is essentially useless for photo or video. Colors are basically guesses.
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    MacBook Hard Drive Upgrade

    Go with the 4GB since it's not that much of a price jump but future-proofs you quite effectively. I am running 3GB in mine since it uses a chipset unable to recognize all 4GB.
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    Transitioning from windows to Mac OS X

    That would make you what, double fail? Epic fail? Command+C is copy, not CUT. They are NOT the same, and it actually IS an issue I had when transitioning. Hell, I still think it's an issue, and for me, it's one of the glaring problems with the OS. So I think Kenny's completely justified. To...
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    How long would a macbook last me?

    I think you've done your research and I agree with almost everything that you have come up with. I think you would be much better off going with something like to use as your mouse. I have...
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    Itunes alternative for the iphone?

    Should read: "i dunno of any real alternative, but there might be something out there" Since clearly, the posts before yours go against what you say.
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    17" with 1920x1200 display, battery life?

    Lemme put it this way. It's going to be the nicest screen you will be able to get on an Apple laptop. Obviously, the 24" iMac is going to have a much nicer screen, but it's not exactly a laptop. I say go for it, since it's not like there are many options, really.
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    I want an iphone but can't afford one

    And people wonder why America's in the economic situation it's in. First off, you are already paying $400 on top of phone services in order to have data capabilities on your phone. That is of course, unless your contract is subsidized partially or wholly by your employer. My gut instinct is to...
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    Mac Pro for video editing and other graphics apps..

    Get the dual quad-core. If you price out how much that processor costs by itself, it's considerably cheaper to get a system with two already in it. To me, it doesn't make sense to spend x amount on a computer when for, relative to the price you're paying, a little bit more money gets you double...
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    Mac Book Pro & Video Editing with P2

    No problems, other than the fact that I value my time ;)
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    24" Imac enough for light gaming and CS3 work?

    Do it - you'll be impressed. It's a quick switch and the main apps you would be using are pan-OS apps, with CS3 and Firefox being great examples.
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    Is it just me...

    I imagine it would have to do with the Apple promotion with the free iPod Touch with purchase of Macbook. A brand new iPod Touch retails for $299, so if someone gets a Macbook and sells the iPod for $250, they have, in effect, saved $250 on the purchase price of the notebook.
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    Mac Book Pro & Video Editing with P2

    You really think so? I've a few hours of HD editing and want to rip my hair out, and I'm on a machine with Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz/4GB ram.
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    Anybody remember the liquid cooled G4

    Not answering your question at all, but I do know that Apple released water-cooled G5 PowerMacs.
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    Mac Book Pro speeds 2.5 vs 2.6

    Mate, punctuate a little so we can understand what you are saying. Thank you in advance for future posts :p Also, I don't feel it fair necessarily to dis the MBP for heat by saying "Apple products kind of suck", because really, they aren't bad though occasionally overpriced. I mean, yeah, the...
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    New iPod Nano

    I hope this is true! I am so excited. I've had a first gen 4GB nano since the week it came out, and have absolutely loved it. My screen partially died when my pockets got soaked during a rainstorm last year but have continued to use it as a glorified Shuffle since the fatty nano feels very...
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    Thinking of buying first Mac ever...

    I think it's a terrible idea to go with a G3 iBook - I'd strongly suggest a G4 iBook or Powerbook, and have it running Tiger. Leopard would be unnecessary, but 10.3 [Panther, iirc] would lack some of the features, capabilities, and stability. Furthermore, I'd suggest getting something with 512MB...
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    Need help purchasing new headphones

    Sony MDR-7506 My favorite inexpensive cans - I truly enjoy them and shopped around for a while, and these met/exceeded my expectations for sound despite them being...
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    Mac Book Pro speeds 2.5 vs 2.6

    With that kind of usage, I would personally get a Mac Pro. I have done HD editing on a Mac Pro [current gen 2x2.8GHz quad-core] and also on a dual-core 2.4GHz iMac, and the difference is significant. I would take a small external harddrive with footage on to an Apple Store and see how smooth...
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    Looks for Mac apps

    Many suggest AdiumX, and I guess that's what you should get for AIM. However, I swear by iChat+Chax, as AdiumX doesn't do certain things the way I like, compared to iChat+Chax. However, I am apparently the only person in the world who thinks so. :p VLC - excellent media player Lightroom - I...
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    VMWare Fusion or Parallels?

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    Finally did it.

    Since the RAM's so cheap, it's definitely worth it, I think. It will future proof your laptop pretty effectively for Snow Leopard, and perhaps beyond. Your processor's definitely powerful enough but the RAM's about as cheap as it's gonna get since DDR3 is the future. Just like DDR prices are way...