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    Inspiron 8600

    So I'm going through my closet and find an 8600 I haven't used in forever. I believe the LCD screen went out on it and wonder if its even worth fixing. What do ya'll think? Info on the original setup below.... ASSY,CBL,15.4,LIKA 1 7T774 LCD,WSXGA+,NO-SPWG,15.4,SMSNG 1 P3490...
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    SATA External Enclosure - RAID 5

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    SATA External Enclosure - RAID 5

    I have been working non stop and my PC has not been as important as it should be as of late. I had been planning on building a new system and have put it off for a while. Rather then using a RAID 5 setup for all my data (documents, pictures, music) as I usually do....I have taken the lazy man...
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    2 150GB Raptors in RAID 0 vs 4 320GB 7200RPMs in RAID 10?

    So if I understand this thread correctly...Raptor really isn't worth it if this system is purely a gaming system. I keep major important files on an external hard drive to begin with and that sees frequent backup. Have been performing major research to build a new system seeing the ones below in...
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    P5P800 Pro and Con's

    Dude. I have no idea what you just said. LOL I've been out of the game a while as you can see from my two PC builds in my Sig. My only real focus for a new high end system would be...... SLI capability, SATA, Dual Core and DDR2 or 3.Other then that, possibly is no object but I...
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    P5P800 Pro and Con's

    Hmmm, so it sounds as if the path for now is to perform small upgrades to this board, add memory, bigger processor etc and wait for January time frame.
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    P5P800 Pro and Con's

    Is a P5P800 worth upgrading? I have basics on it and I'm considering building a new system. Have been too busy with work for a while to even think about it. Considering building all new but this system is still decent. I'm contemplating upgrading the proc to the most current for the board and...
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    P5P800 - Upgrade Pro and Cons

    Is a P5P800 worth upgrading? I have basics on it and I'm considering building a new system. Have been too busy with work for a while to even think about it. Considering building all new but this system is still decent. I'm contemplating upgrading the proc to the most current for the board and...
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    Vista and Creative

    I have yet to see a single OS release that had even close to 50% of the drivers I required for my existing hardware so why would Vista be any different? So he decided to use another vendor, more power to em. Some of us are a bit more realistic on expectations.
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    ATI: Disappointing Preliminary Third-Quarter Results

    It's funny how zealots seem to forget there are other money generators for Nvidia well beyond their graphic chips. Seriously, looking at earnings means squat considering that simple fact.OEMs sales have always overshadowed and surpassed anything the private purchase count has even touched...
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    R520 does 10k+ in 3Dmark'05...

    fiction....all fiction. Actually I'd love to see a new card that can blaze scores like that....and also show comparabl e performance in games.
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    Planar PX212M

    I've been using these monitors at my client sites and never really given it much thought to possibly using one at home for personal use. I can get them very cheap and wanted to get an opinion from others before I brought one home. Planar PX212M - flat panel display - TFT - 21.3" Mfr...
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    PNY: to buy or not to buy

    I've had nothing but great performance out of PNY. I've used several over the years and never and issue or problem.
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    13 games so far to be scheduled with SM 3.0

    What the hell is sm 3.0? :rolleyes: I'm just enjoying the games and think that sticking to the policy "seeing is believing" is the only thing to trust in these days when it comes to vid card tech.
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    Doom 3's AI is not impressive

    While I don't believe the AI is as good as Sunny Tropic Hawaii Shirt's not half bad IMO. Playing Marine. Not sure what level that is.....
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    discussing the warez problem

    Well if they went all 7th commandment on me .......its cuss I'm a floozie! :D I'm pretty sure the 7th commandment is regarding adultery. :p
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    D3- Is the entire game this dark??

    For some strange reason when I picked up my copy of Doom 3.... I expected it to be dark! It's DOOM for crying out loud. NOT sunny tropic Hawaii shirt game. I personally love it. And even as dark as it is I can clearly appreciate the detail and level of effort that went into...
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    Maybe ATI's 'crap' OGL drivers aren't as bad as once thought....

    There is nothing "deceiving" about their filtering in the least. I find it humorous to read comments made like this to even suggest they are.
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    discussing the warez problem

    I'd take that a step further and state it would have been nice if some parents had been just as zealous in instilling such morals in their children. There is nothing wrong with questioning the letter of the law and its intent or interpretation. It’s one of many reasons I enjoy such...
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    discussing the warez problem

    Having morals is never a problem. Being over zealous in your ideals can be.
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    discussing the warez problem

    It is not an assumption. It is an educated guess at the ceiling of lost revenue due to to piracy. It is logical deduction to assess the "impact" of piracy. You are now simply making excuses. First you claim that the impact would put a company out of business.... So that didn't work...
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    45,000 Downloads! Stop People!

    There isn't anything hypocritical in admitting you were tempted.
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    discussing the warez problem

    Unfortunately this line of thinking is flawed from the start. While you may desire to believe you are not a criminal and will refuse to state so till the day you die, it does not change the fact you are : A) Breaking the law. B) Have in your possession intellectual property that does not...
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    discussing the warez problem

    Uh can. :rolleyes: It's called intellectual property. While it is an intangible it does not make it any less valuable. If you have intellectual property in your possession that you have not purchased and obtained license for then are stealing that software.
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    Doom 3, your thoughts?

    You don't read the e-mails and listen to the voice WILL miss stuff. :D
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    discussing the warez problem

    When it comes to warez and or piracy, I think the industry as an organization need to find better solutions to curb piracy that does not hinder and or infringe on a legitimate users ability to use said product. Windows XP is a great example. As for anyone to suggest "ID is an Evil Empire" and...
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    i wonder what zombies eat

    It's post like this that get me in trouble at work. :D I was on a conference call on mute laughing so hard I was crying....then I get asked a question on the call......bleh. (Still laughing)
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    ATI's x800xt pe leads by far vs 6800Ultra OC in new Far Cry benchmarks, 2nd August.

    I don't find this suprising at all. The x800 is a great card any way you slice it. We'll only continue to see driver improvements from ATI especially with the outcome of the Doom 3 findings regarding OGL. All in all good. Thanks for the links......
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    Doom 3, your thoughts?

    The game is nothing short of awesome....and to quote someone from a Vid Card thread on Doom 3.... A lot of people are complaing its "too dark." It's supposed to be dark! It's Doom! NOT sunny tropics hawaii shirt game! :p
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    915P Or 925X ?, DDR Only, DDR II Only Or Both DDR And DDR II ?

    There are work arounds for the "locks" a search and check them out. I'm at work right now so don't have the time. :D If memory serves me correct Abit and Asus both have work arounds for these chipsets.
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    If you think Half-Life 2 will avenge ATi...

    You are not "dispelling" are adding to rumor. There is no significant evidence to suggest that ATI won't own nVidia in Halflife........likewise there isnt anything to suggest they will. Why is it some people think they need to "educate" anyone here to begin with? There are far...
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    PNY GeForce 6800 Ultra for $350 at CompUSA!!!

    The Mesquite Store is the Internet shipping warehouse.
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    id Software's Official DOOM3 Benchmarks

    The funnies thing about this thread? All the people who earned a vacation from the forums. :D Something I don't think has been really touched on due to such a focus on the cards themselves.....this was just as much an opportunity for ID to demonstrate Doom 3 as ATI or nVidias to try...
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    id Software's Official DOOM3 Benchmarks

    I have a PNY Ti500 gathering dust if you are interested. :D As to the topic at hand. HOLY MOMMA! I am stoked.
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    PNY GeForce 6800 Ultra for $350 at CompUSA!!!

    Pre-pay. Educational. Business order. none are given special order process they all have to go through a PO.
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    PNY GeForce 6800 Ultra for $350 at CompUSA!!!

    IMO...that's like Scooby Doo hunting down Al qaeda. :D
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    BFG 6800 Ultra (OC) or a ATi x800xtPe

    Well since you asked...yes. Any other questions? :rolleyes: Why is it people insist on questioning peoples decisions? If it isn't burningrave101 on one side of the fence....its his alter ego @trapine. I liked the x800 but for the price I stuck with my two 6800GTs. It all came down to price....
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    The depths people will sink to...

    Will look into how to do this.....I usually simply rely on SSL.
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    Another successful x800 pro to XT mod - here's how

    I just want to say this post had me crying in my office laughing. :D Thanks for the links Ice .....I found them entertaining and insightful reading during those oh so boring meetings covering the same crap we covered in the last 5.
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    Any idea when 512MB cards will be out?

    How are they (GT's) unattainable? Even CompUSA has been in stock. Now. I've bought no less then 3 in the past 3 weeks.....and at more then reasonable prices.