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    Motorcycle Helmet Sale

    Well shit. I just bought one and it's in the mail. Guess I'll have to give it a shot and if it's louder than the Scorpion EXO-700 it's replacing I'll Ebay/Craigslist it and get two new Scorpions :D
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    Xbox live 12 month with messenger kit 29.99

    Just wanted to give a quick update, UPS just dropped off the full kit so it looks like Best Buy honored the deal. Nice!
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    Xbox live 12 month with messenger kit 29.99

    Mine did the same thing though it looks like they only charged for Live and threw in the messenger kit for free. I've got a UPS tracking number so I guess I'll just have to see what shows up.
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    Good Deal Skullcandy Ink'd ear buds $7.52 + $2.10 shipping on Amazon

    How would these feel under a motorcycle helmet? And would they cancel enough wind and engine noise? My V-Moda's hurt after a while but do block noise well.
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    Logitech VX Revolution Laser mouse $9.99!

    Thanks, I missed this the first time around.
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    Canon Spring 2008 Instant rebates

    100mm macro, here I come...
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    OS X video codec support question?

    Flip4Mac is not universal binary yet. You have to install it under Rosetta and also run Quicktime under Rosetta to get WMV to play. It's a PITA.
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    Dell 20in 2005FPW LCD Monitor $394.35

    Ordered mine Friday night and got it this afternoon. No dead pixels that I can see and backlighting wasn't a problem either. DVDs look great and as soon as WoW 1.8 patch finishes downloading I'm sure it'll look great too!
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    Dell 20in 2005FPW LCD Monitor $394.35

    I jumped on the 2005FPW. Now to get rid of my desk bending dual 19" Samsungs :D
  10. Y Kingston Technology DataTraveler USB 2.0 FlashDrive 128MB for $1.04+Free ship

    Mine were cancelled too. That officially removes from my list of vendors to buy from. Assholes.
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    Windowz XP for $30?!?

    Dayton and Cincinnati are both oos too.
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    Microsoft 802.11G pci @ CompUSA 14.99 + ship No Rebates

    Thanks! Been looking for a decent, inexpensive wireless pci card.
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    Ok guys. I just got back with Doom 3!

    I happened to be at two of the three BB's in Dayton, OH today and neither of them had the game out. So Trotwood and Dayton Mall stores are a definite no. I wasn't at the Fairfield store today so...
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    Plexiglass Case Problems

    Shit... in my spare pc the mobo is held down with three screws...
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    finally done, almost - some previous bonz work

    I'm really digging your desk :D
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    Pretty sweet but practicality is lacking...
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    19 Circuit CIty Stores going out of Business...

    Salem Ohio 5114 Salem Ave. Trotwood, Ohio My parents live about 3 minutes from this one and I will guarantee its in a complete shithole neighborhood. I used to work at the Best Buy across the street (which is closing too) and the loss these stores take from theft is insane, but thats what...
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    Confused ???

    You can also turn off all hardware video acceleration, then take the shot.
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    Free 4lb Bag of Purinia One

    My cat sends his thanks.
  20. Y - $19.00USD for a 200Gb HDD?!

    Cancelled. Oh well, it was worth the try.
  21. Y - $19.00USD for a 200Gb HDD?!

    Ordered one of the SATA ones, we'll see what happens...
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    need a free/cheap 3d program

    GMax is a free modeler based on Studio Max, don't know how good the rendering is. linky
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    50% off sale sitewide at

    This would be a great deal if things weren't so damn expensive over there in the first place... I mean, $38 for a 802.11b PCI card? Plus shipping? And there's nothing good in the referbs either... This deal was killer last time...
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    Anybody doin Maya rendering here?

    Have you installed the Maya 5 update? Apparently 5.0 was released a little prematurely (like every Maya x.0 release, never upgrade until they release x.5). Your issues are almost definitely software, however I have no experience importing from AutoCAD so I can't really suggest anything...
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    post websites with cool digital artwork

    "Cool" is relative, so I suppose I can list my site :D
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    Anybody doin Maya rendering here?

    Yes. Why?