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    A Map of the Entire Internet, 1977

    My Dad fixed computers for IBM from 59 to 93. What a change for that Old Coot. I loved the stories him and his buddies had of the original System 1 running at Khz speeds with 16k memory expansion options. Tape storage. Drum storage. Punched cards. Wow, it is amazing we got to the Moon...
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    AMD's Xbox One Deal Valued At More Than $3B

    They may even be willing to cut Sony a deal on their Silicone just to stick it back to Microshaft. Just sayin.
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    College Expels Student For Finding Security Flaw

    Hmmm, it sounds like to me that they are telling this kid that he should have first, removed his own personal information from the affected systems. Then he should have gotten onto some hacking web sites and sold his information to the highest bidder. If his personal information was on the...
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    Best Buy To Sell Its Own Tablet

    I started out playing with some cheap no name tablets that I got for next to nothing from Big lots. Definitely useful for some tasks, but to many hiccups. I then picked up a Blackberry Playbook. A great tablet made by a crappy company. No apps. I just sold it on Ebay for a little over...
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    Time for an SSD.

    SSDs are awesome. Due to some unfortunate circumstances in my life, I was an early adopter of SSDs. Now I have a boat load of old 30 and 60 GB SSDs floating around my house Here are some things I have found out the last 4 years. An old slow SSD will run even or better than a current...
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    Used BlackBerry Playbook 32 GB Ends Oct 08, 2012 17:21:47 PDT $51

    Purchased in May. Works perfectly.
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    SSD Data Drives Keep Disappearing!

    And get an external drive and back up your data regularly. Don
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    Very well built storage

    Well, hard drives have a failure rate of roughly 10% per year. At that rate he should have lost at least half the original drives in the time he was running this server. He hit the production lot jackpot with that bunch of drives, Hitachi prolly would buy them back so they could analyse...
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    Buying used SSD? Any concerns?

    Yea, when I had to RMA my 240 gig Vertex 2, they insisted on seeing the receipt. Don
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    Which hard drives for raid array?

    Oh, OK. My Thecus only supported 1 TB drives, so I never looked into upgrading.
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    Which hard drives for raid array?

    I have actually been running 5, 1 TB WD green drives in my Thecus N5200 for 3 years now with no problems. I did have to enable TLER on them though. I did buy 2 spares, just in case though. Oh yea, I run Raid 6 too. They were dirt cheap, and I never really trusted them fully. But they...
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    I bit the DUST!

    I have had 2 SSD's die on me. 1 was a first gen Patriot something or other. I think I have a twin to it still running in my HTPC. The other was an OCZ 240 Gig Vertex 2. Died after 3 months and replaced under warranty. Been running almost a year since then with no more problems. OCZ...
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    Which hard drives for raid array?

    And pull one out of the array every few days just to make sure the recovery routines on the array work good.
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    I need a good SSD for Windows XP

    Ha! The network adapter in my laptop died last week. The IT guy has had enough and is getting me a new laptop. Hope it's not another recycled one like the last one. Thanks for all the suggestions though. Don Oh yea, the OCZ toolbox does not run in XP. I suppose I could periodically remove...
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    I need a good SSD for Windows XP

    Hi all. I have been using various SSD's in my computers for several years now. But for a while now, work and family issues have kept me from spending as much time here in the forums as I would like, so I am getting a bit out of touch with the current state of the art. 1 particular system...
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    Any specific model/brand or anything will do ?

    Yep, for what you are describing, a 120 GB drive should be fine. It should even give you a little room for future expansion. Crucial, Corsair, and Intel seem to be the favorites around here right now. I would avoid OCZ as they have seem to have let their quality slip the last couple of...
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    Article on SSD scaling, single SSD vs. RAID Still the ultimate SSD Raid scaling article. Quite a revolution for it's time. Don
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    Anyone know where I can get an exact replacement PCB for a HDD

    Ah, learn something new every day. They need better search placement. I didn't see them yesterday. I do wonder about their "Testing Methodology." Sounds like they are just selling used parts with no warranty or return. Better than nothing I guess. Don
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    Think I'm ready to take the SSD plunge (gaming related)

    Welcome to the club. As an early adopter of SSD's I will tell you it is painful to go back to using a mechanical drive after you get used to your SSD. It won't help with your games much, but you will love what it does for booting and using Windows. Don
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    Mixing two different WD 2TB drives for raid 1?

    In a highly critical situation like a server, I would of course recommend matching model numbers in a RAID. That is what I did in my Thecus N5200 NAS. The early days of RAID controllers required the drives to match. That is no longer required. You will simply slow the RAID down to the...
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    Looking at SSDs, Need Advice

    I have been playing with SSD's for several years now, and here is what I know. 60 Gig is doable for a Standard Windows install. You just have to watch what else you install on the drive. I personally am lazy, so go with the bigger drive IMHO. The only SSD I have had go bad was a 240 gig...
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    Anyone know where I can get an exact replacement PCB for a HDD

    Tried that method once, it didn't work. :( I doubt there is even a company that stocks and sells that kind of stuff to the general public. Repairing a hard drive is sadly not very practical for most of us.
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    SATA II or III SSD for X58 board?

    Unless money is an overriding factor, I would spend a little more and get the Sata III drive just for future use. Also spend a little more for the next bigger size if possible. In fact, SSD's, even Sata II ones are so fast, I would say to getting a bigger size is more important than going...
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    Is 4K what matters?

    None of the niggling over current gen SSD specs will mean 2 hoots in real world performance. Certain specs may give a slight advantage to certain tasks, but in the big scheme of things you will see no noticable difference in your daily computing. If you are a benchmark hound and like to argue...
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    WinXP or Win7 with SSD?

    I have never been an upgrade just because it's new kind of person. In fact I am currently typing this on my old work laptop running XP. Of course I am writing this from within the Chrome browser because it works better. The only reason I am on XP on this computer is because of an old...
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    Cavier Black problems

    Try a different port on the Motherboard. Different cable. Music is very low bandwidth, so something is seriously wrong if that skips. Does video do the same thing? Don
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    First SSD = problems. Hopefully it is not as bad as I think.

    Wow, who would have thunk it? Nice job on tracking this down and thanks for sharing. There is prolly a warranty sticker on the VR, and removing them from the rack will prolly void any warranty still on them. Also, are the connectors in the same spots and regular 2.5 drives. I vaugely...
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    Question about a dead hd

    I have heard that if you have the same model of drive with the same firmware preferably, you can swap the circuit boards with a good drive. I have tried this twice with no luck at accessing the bad drive, and no detrimental effects to the donar drives. It just depends on where the problem...
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    how many hdd's to run raid 5

    It sounds like your drive might be starting to go bad. What happens is the on board error correction is fixing a problem. That can take as long as 2 minutes. If the controller times out before the error correction can complete, the drive can get dropped from the array. When you go back and...
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    ssd raid 0 question

    Modern Raid controllers work with any kind of drives. You could even hook it up to a mechanical drive and it would just be slowed down to the other drives speed. Don
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    Can you take 2 raid0 sets and put them in raid1?

    You may be overcomplicating things. I would just use the one Raid 0 set and get a backup program to automagically back it up every week or so. Important stuff like your family photos should have 2 independent backups. Don
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    First SSD = problems. Hopefully it is not as bad as I think.

    Also check that your laptop has the latest Bios. I would send and email to Lenovo tech support and see what they have to say about the issue. Did you try installing windows to the drive while connected to your desktop? Sounds like a flakey drive to me. While it is rare, it does happen...
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    SSD/Setup Questions.

    You may have to reinstall your programs to get them to work. Just moving them to a new location will not always work as there are dlls and other components that get registered with Windoz during install. Just install them over the location where they are currently living. Don
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    is 64G enough for a boot drive?

    Due to some misfortune in my life a few years ago, I suddenly found myself with the time and money to play with SSDs. I bought a bunch of 30 and 60 gig drives that I played with in various configurations. Now they are all annoyingly cramped and I truly wish I had purchased fewer and larger...
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    Sata 2 to Sata 3 ssd - worth doing it?

    That's the same exact problem they ran into with the original stuttering first gen drives. They tweaked the controllers for maximum speed, not efficiently moving the data and that exacerbated the stuttering problem. But they had great numbers for marketing to play with. Who cares if everyone...
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    OCZ Vertex & Agility Gen 1 40GB SSDs = All 4 Dead

    I had a 240 Gig Vertex 2 die on me after only a couple of months. RMA'd it ok, but I moved it to my work laptop that I carry a spare drive with me for it, just in case. I have 4 X 30 gig 1st gen Solids that are still working. I also have an original Vertex and an Agility, both 60 gig that...
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    Free up space for SSD -Disable Hibernation & Pagefile?

    Go to folder options and turn on where you can view system files. Then go to the root of your boot drive c usually, and see if you still have a pagefile.sys file and how big is it. I believe you may still see something there even if you have disabled virtual memory. I can't check it as I...
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    Aligning SSD's

    Here are Intel's suggestions. Don
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    Free up space for SSD -Disable Hibernation & Pagefile?

    I don't know why. Windoz is just like that sometimes. You know what, now that I think about it that might have been a Windows XP thing. I have been running SSD's with Windows 7, so I don't think I have ever tried turning the pagefiles off since I have been running 7. I am on the road...
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    What would work best with my SSD setup

    The other way around. The Corsairs will smoke the Intels, even on SATA 2 ports. Gaming will not be significantly affected, but your system drive will benefit from having the faster drives. Don