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    The game that started it all!

    I remember playing Pong and Hangman way back in the day. Played the hell out of Gauntlet and Galaga in the arcades. Used to sink $20+ a night into Gauntlet playing with 3other people. Doom was what got me hooked online on the PC and then I remember upgrading to a Pentium75 just to play Quake in...
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    7900 GS $149.99

    I jumped on this deal and it is a nice upgrade from my BFG 6800 GT OC that I've had for almost 2 years. Couldn't beat it.
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    Monarchcomputer using customers money as a float, anyone have recent experince

    Just stumbled onto this thread. I was wondering what other people thought about Monarch. I just cancelled an order for a CPU cooler last week and I called verify that it was being charged back to my credit card. The rep said that it would be about 30 days. I thought that it seemed like an awful...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    My new MacBook Pro with the following specs: 15.4-inch TFT display with 1440x900 resolution 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo with 2MB shared L2 Cache 667MHz frontside bus 512MB (single SO-DIMM) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM 80GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive Slot-load SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW) ATI Mobility...
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    Design me a logo??

    Here is more of what I was going for. The last one was pretty rough..stayed up too late.
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    Design me a logo??

    Here is one that I came up with for you: Updated version.
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    evolution of video cards for you

    onboard 386 onboard 486 onboard S3 on pentium 75(to play quake) Added Matrox m3d Scrapped M3d for Hercules Stingray 128(Voodoo Rush) Voodoo2 Nvidia TNT Voodoo 3 Nvidia Geforce Nvidia Geforce 2 GTS Nvidia Geforce 3 Nvidia Geforce 4 ti4600 ATi Radeon 9500 Pro Nvidia Geforce...
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    Thanks to [H]ardOCP members who visted 3Dfx collection

    Great site... Brings back some memories. I remember upgrading from a Matrox M3d to a Stingray 128. I stayed with 3dfx all the way up to a Voodoo3, then went to Nvidia. Still have my Voodoo2 somewhere around here.
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    Just got 512 MB more RAM...its not recognized?

    I have the same board and am currently running a 512 stick in slots 1 and 3 with no problems. Good luck trying to run more than that though.
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    Please Valve stop this title spamming

    Raising the Bar is intended as a art/coffee table book. It was not really intended to be something you received with the game. It is an awesome book with alot of great concept art not seen in any of the games. It covers the story of Valve before they even started the original Half-Life. I would...
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    Hmmm, stuttering bad in HL2, or skipping?

    Well, I'm now able to play the game and enjoy it. Here's what I did... Went into the cfg(C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\username\half-life 2\hl2\cfg) and changed the following: snd_mixahead from 0.1 to 0 and sv_force preload from 1 to 0 Setting any audio option to anything...
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    Hmmm, stuttering bad in HL2, or skipping?

    Same problem here. Went from the memory leak error to this, but I can actually play the game now. Happens mostly when someone starts talking and when music starts. Great game so far, just kind of lose the immersion factor with the stuttering.
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    HL2, "Referenced Memory at 0x######" , AND YOU!!!1

    This fix worked for me even though I received a different error. Only took about 20 minuts to download new file.
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    HL2, "Referenced Memory at 0x######" , AND YOU!!!1

    The only thing overclocked in my system is the processor and I've brought that down 100mhz.
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    HL2, "Referenced Memory at 0x######" , AND YOU!!!1

    Same error here. Still at work. I'll leave it up to you folks to come up with fix by the time I get home. ;) I've had it pre-loaded for a while now. Had a voucher from like a year ago. Locks up at loading screen with error after choosing new game.
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    hate to be the first, but im getting an error in hl...

    Here is the error I'm getting: "The instruction at 0X241F8977 referenced memory at 0x010AF5C0. The memory could not be read". Same exact spot everytime. I downloaded off Steam.
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    hate to be the first, but im getting an error in hl...

    I'm getting a different error, but I'll try the workaround when I get home from work. Was hoping to play a little bit this morning before work, but received the error. Didn't have time to troubleshoot. Hope it works, thanks!
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    hate to be the first, but im getting an error in hl...

    I get the same thing whenever I start a new game. I never get any further than selecting a new game. It then locks up at the last loading block everytime during the loading screen. I have to alt-tab to see error on desktop. Running latest drivers, etc. and have absolutely no other issues...
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    C4 Mouse Surface?

    I've been using a C4-NGen for a while now and it rules. Couldn't be happier. Better than the everglide I had been using for the past 3 years. The wife has the everglide now...still a great pad.
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    id ignores major bug in Doom 3 1.1 patch?

    I think this issue was acknowledged in the original read me for the game. I had the same problem with my soundstorm chip on a NF7-S. Re-installed my Audigy and haven't had the problem since. There are many posts regarding these issues already.
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    What kind of monitor are you using?

    21" Sony trinitron flat screen
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    Any eVGA 6800 owners experiencing problems?

    No problems here what so ever.
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    "Newest Mice Poll" sequel. Now about mousepads.

    I know its blasphemy here, but I bought my E***glide like 5 years ago and haven't needed anything else. Just clean it with a little pledge and its good to go.
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    Mudflap Girl Mod

    Hey yeah, it looks like Ron likes it, nice job
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    Painted entire system

    That looks sweet, nice job.
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    Guess we know why doom 3 runs better on a 6800.

    Didn't the D3 leak run better on ATI cards than on Nvidia cards? Seems to me that Nvidia just did they're homework to make sure it performed.
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    Driverheaven HL2 bench shows ATI > nvida by alot

    My 6800 runs the beta great. Didn't DH have problems with Nvidia a while back?
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    How many fans do u have in your rig?

    1 CPU 1 chipset 1 vidcard 1 slot exhaust under vid card 2 front intake 1 side intake 2 rear exhaust 1 top exhaust 1 in PS = 11
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    Best AMD overclocker + mobo + ram + setup

    Been running my 2500 mobile at 2400 mhz with a Volcano 11 right out of the box. I won't go higher than that without a better cooler.
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    Guess we know why doom 3 runs better on a 6800.

    blah, blah, blah, who cares. Thanks for the extra fps Mr. Carmack. Kyle posted this tweak the day after Doom 3 came out... old news.
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    Put Far Cry on DVD

    Thanks! Worked great here.
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    You know you're a gamer when: remember playing on inferno(id's quakeworld server) with a 28.8 connection and no 3d card, getting your ass handed to you because you were still only using the keyboard to play quake...the memories
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    How many people Switching to nVidia?

    Switched from an ATI 9500 Pro to a 6800nu. Great card. I'm very happy with the switch. I've always had Nvidia cards since my last 3dfx card. I've always tried to get the best bang for the buck. I'll be really happy if can open up those 4 other pipes using Rivatuner.
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    New Half-Life2 screens

    I believe Greg Coomer at Valve originally posted these screens at the forums. Straight from the source. :) This game will no doubt kick ass. Doom 3 kicks ass. People should just enjoy the games and quit bickering. The one thing I do miss in D3 is the double-barrel shotgun. Boom!
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    New Half-Life2 screens

    Looks like it's coming along rather nicely... ...back to getting my ass handed to me in Doom3
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    Surround Sound Problem in D#

    Same problem here. Running Z560s through a Soundstorm. Cuts out and sometimes just alot of static. Seems to be fine when running through headphones.
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    Anyone notice how Doom 3 is bringing out all the n00bs?

    I remember playing shareware Doom on my 486. The only reason I upgraded to a Pentium 75 was to be able to play software. What a blast.
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    Doom 3 prep: Do you have surround sound?

    4.1 logitech z-560 THX going through Soundstorm onboard.
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    What's in your Doom III box?

    As ready as I'll ever be with 7 days to go... AMD Athlon Barton 2600+ Abit NF7-S w/ onboard sound enabled 1GB Dual-Channel 3200 ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 21" Sony Trinitron Maxtor 80GB SATA Maxtor 40GB 7200RPM Logitech MX500