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    XFX Geforce 7800 GT Rev?

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    Where DFI Lanparty Expert in stock?

    Yea I got so pissed with the zip after they told me my board may have been backordered but they are not sure (thier customer service leaves much to be desired) that I told them to go f*ck themselves and cancel my order. I recieved an order canceled email followed by an order shipped email the...
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    Mobo problems

    Sounds like your mobo bios info keeps getting wiped. Manually set the slave drive settings in bios and make sure your boot order is correct. Otherwise you may have a virus that keeps trashing your mbr.
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    Silly Qestion reg. motherboard screws

    I just recently got the p180 case but Im still waiting for the rest of my components. In any case, the hardware does come with the case and its included in a small toolbox attached to the middle hard drive cage, in the back. Just take out the thumbscrew and slide out the cage. As far as...
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    Need a new Dell Mobo, but do not know what type

    If you still have your dell case be prepared to do some modding. Most Dells use special connection blocks to simplfy the manufacturing process. The connectors for the power sw, led, hd led, front usb and audio are custom.
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    DFI Nf4 sli-dr Expert

    Yea I ordered mine early thursday morning and its been sitting at the "packed" stage since friday. Ive called twice and the dumb bitch who keeps picking up the phone cant stop chewing on her hair long enough to figure out what the f*ck is goin on with my board. First I was told it would hsip...
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    Purchased a DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert 939 at Newegg?

    Jack Sorry At the time of the post the obard was in stock at zip zoom as that is where I ended up ordering mine. Zip zoom is great but thier time to process orders sux. I ordered my board last thursday and it still hasnt shipped on monday. Newegg on the other hand, I ordered an XFX 7800 gt this...
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    need to kno if this little mod on mobo will short circuit

    As long as you have your pin outs correct you should be fine. I would suggest actually removing the pins from your block connector, a safty pin would do the trick and buying the proper connectors for your board or buy wire butt connectors, strip your wires and crimp them together. Get some...
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    XFX 2 7800gts' Whats the dif

    Im in the market for a new vid card. Namely a 7800 GT. I was looking at the xfx cards and I noticed two distinctly different models, but with the same cgpu and mem clocks. The black pcb version with the molex connector (one I personally like as it wont eat up two molex ports on my non sli 600w...
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    XFX Geforce 7800 GT Rev?

    In shopping for a new vid card I noticed two dif versions of the xfx 7800 gt, One on a black pcb woth a standard molex power connector and oneon a green pcb woth a sli power connector. Whats the difference of these two? Clock and mem seem to be the same,
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    Leadtek RMA Hell!!!

    You should of rma'd it right back to newegg thier rma department rocks and they give you a full year warranty on most purchases. Infact you could probably try and rma that card back to them, worth a shot if its still under thier warranty. In the future stick with evga (my choice) or BFG
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    HyperTransport at 2000MT/s? Or 1ghz

    In all honesty 200mhz ram is perfect as thier is no bottleneck between the ram and cpu running at thier proper speeds. :) No when you start overclocking, thats a different story.
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    Purchased a DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert 939 at Newegg?

    No the boards never came in, I contacted them via phone and the told me they made a mistake on thier eta and dont expect them until the 15th or so. Newegg has a bad habit of just forwarding thier eta 3days ahead of when they go out of stock and then forwarding it nother 3 days when the boards...
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    HyperTransport at 2000MT/s? Or 1ghz

    thank god that got cleared up, my head was spinning.
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    HyperTransport at 2000MT/s? Or 1ghz

    Again this limitation is provided by the chipset, ie Nforce4 as they provide the memory bus architecture.
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    HyperTransport at 2000MT/s? Or 1ghz

    Yea what the hell is going on? :confused: :confused:
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    HyperTransport at 2000MT/s? Or 1ghz

    Maybe this will help... AMD chips have the memory controller on chip, which operates at 1000Mhz, that is traditional FSB. However, data from the cpu to the memory (memory bus) is still only 400mhz (200mhz DDR), AMDs onchip memory controller only officially supports DDR400 as that is the...
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    Trading woes. :(

    If niether of your broke the board and your sure of that then offer him your board at half of its retail cost, or pay half the retail cost for his board. I dont believe you can hold hiim responsible for your memory, but most sticks have lifetime warranties, maybe you can cash in on that. Its a...
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    best o/c board for amd64

    best oc board around now is the dfi nforce4 sli-dr expert or A8n32sli both boards retail at around $200. If you want sub 200$ ocing stick with the best dfi board you can buy.
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    Motherboards that can do T1 Timings

    Its actually AMD that doesnt support 1t at 4 full dimms. It would be hit or miss with mobos. I have heard some have success with 1t timing and 4 dims on the dfi expert board while others have failed, with the same memory.
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    DFI Nf4 sli-dr expert In Stock!!!!

    Why would you need any type of AA at 1920x1200
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    DFI Nf4 sli-dr expert In Stock!!!!

    Decap click here
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    DFI Nf4 sli-dr expert In Stock!!!!

    Apparently you cant read.... High resolutions are exactly why we dont need x16 yet... The higher the resolution the LESS bandwidth they two cards need to communicate with each other... At high resolutions the cards render slowly, eating up very little bandwidth in relaying image data.
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    a8n32 review

    Yea they reported that little error long after I baught mine on thier recomendation, and what a pos it was.
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    DFI Nf4 sli-dr expert In Stock!!!!

    That may be true but its not going to happen in the a8n32s lifetime. And again, cards only need the bandwidth if they are putting out massive fps. Believe it or not high res images average fps use less bandwidth then low res high fps situations. The reason for this is at each frame the cards...
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    a8n32-sli + 3800x2 + (2x) 7800 GT + P180 case = Heat issues?

    those are normal temp loads on the chipset if your using passive cooling... There just run hot. Your vid cards are a little warm but if your not getting artifacts and your games dont crash its fine. I have the p180 case and installed the front 120mm intake fan and it cooled her down quite a bit...
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    DFI Nf4 sli-dr expert In Stock!!!!

    I doubt that, x16 is only benificial in low res envioronments which cause a games fps to rise dramatically. Games played at a higher res and at around 60 to 80 fps show no real increase in preformance, theres just not enough information to saturate the bus at high res settings. But, I digress...
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    Which motherboard should I get out of these three.

    Whatever you do DONT get the msi board!!! otherwise the premium board is a good choice
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    DFI Nf4 sli-dr Expert

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    DFI Nf4 sli-dr expert In Stock!!!!

    I like the dfi much better then asus solution. The layout is much cleaner, the oc's are higher and theres isnt 4 pages long of issues with the board at dfi's site, unlike the asus board. The only shortcoming of the dfi board is the sil3134 chip in the southbridge instead of the 3132 chip. The...
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    DFI Nf4 sli-dr Expert

    Just wanted to alert all you DFI nuts that The dfi nf4 sli-dr expert is now in stock at for $209.00 shipped 2 day express, fed ex. Mines finally on its way after scowering the web for over a a week and waiting for neweggs lying ass to get them in!!!
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    DFI Nf4 sli-dr expert In Stock!!!!

    Just wanted to alert all you DFI nuts that The dfi nf4 sli-dr expert is now in stock at for $209.00 shipped 2 day express, fed ex. Mines finally on its way after scowering the web for over a a week and waiting for neweggs lying...
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    Where is the DFI Nf4 SLI-dr Expert has them in stock for a modest price. They are based in canada, the unit shipped comes to about 230$ US if you want to delay your shipment a few days they will price match just call and ask after you place your order
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    Best 500mhz ddr?

    I was looking at these sticks and theyve been recomended before. I heard they are not the best overclockers but are a great value. Any idea what chips they use? samsung tccd? Think they can do 300mhz :D
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    Best 500mhz ddr?

    Since Ill probably be waiting to 2006 to get my hands on m dfi nf4 sli-dr expert board I figured I should get some ram for the time being. Can somone recomend a good set of ddr 500 sticks in the 2 x 1gb variety, with room to overclock? Other then crucial balistix.
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    Where is the DFI Nf4 SLI-dr Expert

    Anyone know of an etailer out there with the Dfi NF4 sli-dr expert in stock????
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    MSi K&N Sli molex?

    12v power for the cpu
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    Forecast: Ati will overtake nVidia chipset sales

    I believe in time that ati will put out a great chipset.. Maybe good enought to force nvidia to raise thier eyebrows. Nvidias been on top too long and its time they got shook up and where forced to innovate, or at least fix thier drivers :). We all now that even the hugest lead can be crushed in...
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    Ready to overclock my AMD 4400X2 and Asus A8N32 but need help?

    Does the A8N32 even have an agp port??? In any case yes, your pci/agp bus must be locked, this is uasually done by disabling center spread spectrum, depending on your bios. Drop your HTT multiplier to 3 or 4 and start pushing the fsb till it wont go anymore. Run a ram divider if you must. Do a...