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    Need help with cheap video card decision!

    Thanks for the advice. ;)
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    Need help with cheap video card decision!

    So really, maybe putting any money into this set-up is worthless...meh. I figured a free 915GVA + CPU might give me a cheap n'easy upgrade path that would tide me over until I decide to invest big money into a new hi-po rig; however, it seems like its all too outdated. Is there any promise in...
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    Need help with cheap video card decision!

    Even if I go with a adeon HD 4670 that doesn't require external power?
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    Need help with cheap video card decision!

    No, it's this one: I'm looking at 9800GTs and 4650/4670 - so would a PSU upgrade be required as well? For older games (and a little Moder Warfare 2) would the CPU/chipset/RAM really be the bottleneck here? I'm not looking for great performance...
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    Need help with cheap video card decision!

    Also, my current primary rig is a Penryn powered Macbook pro with a 8600GT that's running XP. I'd like to get slightly better gaming performance out of this cheap rig - are such expectations reasonable?
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    Need help with cheap video card decision!

    I'll be reusing the Enermax 450 Dual Fan in my sig. It should work/be enough, shouldn't it?
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    Need help with cheap video card decision!

    Hey guys, I've been out of touch with hardware for a while, so I need some guidance. I'm getting a free Intel 915 GVA motherboard with a 3.0ghz P4 on it. I'm going to be running 3gb of DDR400 with ~500gb of storage. I'm looking to use it as a casual web / old gaming rig (+ a little L4D...
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    Xbox360 via BFG6600GTOC help

    I think this is an easy question, but I'm a little stumped. How do I get my Xbox360 to display on my monitor? I have a BFG 6600 GTOC which comes with a HDTV dongle, but I can't figure out what settings/software to use in order to get the video card to switch over the source from the desktop...
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    Windows not rembering password...

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    Added Hard Drive

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    Christmas gift to myself

    Because my upgrades are progressive, and I recently came into some new games that I'd like to play over Christmas break, and seeing as my time is limited, I'd like to at least have a reasonable time unwinding with them; hence, using them along side current hardware.
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    Christmas gift to myself

    After exams I'm getting a new card to replace my GF4200 that has lasted me for two years.... I've narrowed it down to these, as they all fit in the 200-350CAD price range, and I'm not really prepared to go any higher for a cutting edge video card... 6600GT AGP (If it isn't vaporware) 6800...
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    Goodbye my old friend

    Cirus Logic 2 Meg ATi Rage Pro 2 Meg ATi Xpert 98 Maxi-Gamer Voodoo 2 Evga Geforce 2MX 32 Meg GeForce 3 64 Meg (Current) Gefore 4200ti 128 Meg
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    Is the Mitsubishi 22IN DP2070SB-BK CRT Best?

    It's very nice. I owned a FE971SB (it died - I think it was abused at the store), got a FE771SB as a replacement + 200 additional dollars I paid for the 19'. My buddy also has the FE991SB and it's very nice; anything from that line will definately serve you well. Just keep in mind that they...
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    Rome:Total War is the best game ever made

    Yeah...I felt the same way about Shogun
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    Hmmm...6600GT or 6800 Vanilla

    Which one is the better buy.....of course assuming that the 6600GT is launched in a few days, as it expected to be.
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    DooM3 Movie

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    FS: Original Macintosh

    Bump for caring. :)
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    Cable Modem kills Coaxil cables?

    I'll recieve a free modem when I return this one, so it's not really an issue, but like you say, it could be the blocking caps on the modem itself that are broken - I only notice this issue with the modem and it doesn't effect any of the 8 TV in my house. Thanks BBS, but I'll get my new modem...
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    Cable Modem kills Coaxil cables?

    I'm a bit of a to expand on this in detail? Thanks in advance BBS. :)
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    Cable Modem kills Coaxil cables?

    This is a strange post, and thus I was unsure where to place it. I think my cable modem, a terayon, is killing coaxial cables. It goes down on a consistant basis and the only way to revive it is to swap out cables. The modem will only connect with a cable that has not been used with the modem...
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    Wireless Access Point Question!

    I have a wireless router in one part of my house that is feeding some of my boxen - yet my house is too large for just one access point, so I was going to attach a router/access point on the futhest box that receives the current wireless signal and then bridge the connection to the rest of my...
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    just got a new laptop bag(pics)

    I use my Volcom backpack.
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    5800 non-ultra and D3

    Indeed... food > video cards
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    PCI slots they help or hurt?

    Slot Fans, if placed too close to the video card, can actually impead heat dissapation - If the fan is an exhaust, the cold air coming off the card will be mix with the case's hot air before it is eventually blown out the back of the tower...So inessence it creates a chamber of warm air between...
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    Price vs Performance

    Considering DooM 3 and new upcoming DX9+ titles, what is a better deal? ATi 9800Pro 128 for 320 CAD or Nvidia 6800 (standard) for 380 CAD
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    $600-800 price range laptop?

    I saw this recently on a Inquirer link...Looks like a decent deal. Edit: Here is another one:
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    Underperforming and struggling FX 5900 XT...

    Try and update the chipset drivers - It wouldn't of mattered before because the stock AGP drivers were probably ahead of the GF4Mx, but at this case, it's probably the AGP definitions that are dragging you down. I had the same issue when I went from my GF2 to my GF4 Before: 3D Mark2001SE...
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    Is hardware (specifically graphics cards) cheaper in Asia?

    If you look around you'll be able to find an OEM version for about the same...A boxed 9800pro BBA will run about 200, espcially considering the that the new cards are on their way out.
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    If I were to sell

    From a knowledgable buyer: 500 USD give or take.
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    New gaming Computer - Im going to be poor

    It's all relative..I still use my GF4 4200, that I've had for nearly 2 years, and it seems to play all the new games with at least medium settings. While my 4200 may not be a speed demon, it kicks ass for what it does, and even though it will most likely be replaced with a 6800 variant in the...
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    Request For On-Site Support (Surrey, BC)

    I'll try this weekend.....But I might not be able to.
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    Request For On-Site Support (Surrey, BC)

    I'm an hour or so away, but if it's not urgen I may beable to help, but i'm really kinda busy lately... But if there are no other people willing to lend a hand....let me know. And regading the issue of payment...She's recovering from cancer....paying some kid for fixing her computer should...
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    Case Fan Screws

    As long as it stays....don't worry about it.
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    Asus bad?

    I like Asus and will probably buy another; however, I have had issues with them...2 boards died after about a year of usage. One is in the early process of the RMA, and the other one was just trashed in anger. :)
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    Farcry = overrated

    I liked it...It was fun, and had some flare and eye candy that other shooters have been lacking lately.
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    Anyone here played Manhunt yet?

    Played the PS2 version: The story is weak at best....The violence is "shocking", but it gets old really fast. The gameplay is ok, but the controls were awkward.
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    For most people Dell is one of the better pre-built systems... I would probably never buy one, seeing as I enjoy building my own and tinkering with them, but for the everyday computer user Dells/HPs/E-Machines/Gateways are all essentially the same. Most people don't benchmark, play 3D...
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    Darn. My kid shredded my Half Life 2 coupon

    Hahahaha...Classic. Yea...that'd be messy.