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    HD2 woahs to woes

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    Top 10 Things to do with a New Computer

    Thats very nice, thanks.
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    New Silverstone FT02

    And whats with air port security these days? right?
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    HTC Incredible Could Launch from Verizon in the Next Few Weeks

    I think they have some 'incredible' names.
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    A quick LCD mod - Great for Multimonitor Users!

    A lot better than what you had. love it and might try it with some old monitors laying around.
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    HTC HD2

    Got SPB shell running on this thing and i an very happy with it. the only problem i have now is my very heavy ROM. Hopefully in the next week i can gat a stockish ROM on and see hiw it goes.
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    Dell Mini 5

    Two things. If i were to get this thing i will never turn back. Right now i have a hd2 and even that feels small. Another thing is weight. How heavy will this thing be with that big battery?
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    HTC Incredible Could Launch from Verizon in the Next Few Weeks

    whats the main differences between the nexus one, htc desire and the incredible?
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    Most Useful WI-Fi Only Smartphone?

    iphone, nexus one, htc hd2?
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    My Hackintosh

    So you use seven for gaming and OSX for everyday use?
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    Haf 932 Window mod finished

    Now watch the window get cluttered with dust.
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    High-quality (best) case screws (6-32)?

    OHH! Those things look very nice.
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    ASUS Maximus III Extreme Preview

    Looks like a very nice board. Lets see how she goes.
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    Cooling my GPU

    Is it a straight up nvidia branded card with the one fan sucker type cooler? Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Say Hello to the I7 980X (Gulftown)

    Im still happy with my Q6600....but dam this thing paves the way for future upgrades.
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    HTC HD2 Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Windows 7 Mobile Discussion

    big nice looking text, thats the reason i might think about updating. Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Corsair H50 with Noctua NF-P14 FLX 140mm fan

    I was going to do this in my HAF but never got around to it. Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Nokia E71

    I must say i loved mine, but it just wasn't enough, i found myself wanting more and with so many better options on the market right now i had to put her to rest. Still the best phone ive ever owned.
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    Asus HD 5870 Matrix 2GB Video Card

    discussion? Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Mass Effect 2, BioWare's perfect game...

    mass efect two is a good game, but with all its problems i still enjoyed the first one more. if they had kept the customization from the first and just fixed the stupid over encumbrance thing the game would be ten times better than what it is. I kinda hate mass effect two because its so dumbed...
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    New Silverstone FT02

    Got mine today and i must say the case is great. beautiful looks and great performance. one problem I have though is the room on the back part of the board left for cable management. its just simply not enough. I'm okay with the foam being there but the space that you have to put your cables in...
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    Fan Selection

    The higher speed GTs. How loud are they? Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    HTC HD2

    I want it so badly.
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    Tuniq Propeller vs. Thermalright Venemous X @ [H]

    Same question that i posted here.
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    A study on twin-tower architecture

    Very, very nice. shall have to read the whole thing when I have the time. I find the english translation just isn't good enough throughout the whole article though.
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    I luv my MX 518 BUT

    My highest set dpi without setpoint was 2000. after the install everything was running as it should be.
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    FREE Google Wave (11)

    I've got a coupe of invites. PM me about them.
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    ZOMG! HD3! iPhone Killer??

    Not going to happen.
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    Android World Phone?

    Are you looking for anything else? like a full touchscreen over a physical keyboard?
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    For The Truly [H] - Motorola Droid @ 1GHz

    How long have we been able to overclock mobile cpus? ive just started seeing it and was wondering how far it goes back.
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    Come see our latest creation

    This. where would we keep this thing and what would protect the screen?
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    Google Toolbar Violates Privacy Policy

    Toolbars make browsing a nightmare for people who don't know how to disable them. Lucky we all know how and therefore there's no problems with toolbars. On the other hand, google has always tracked us and so have may others. no surprise here.
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    Three Dell 30" and three 5870 cards

    Get the best quality 1000 to 1200 watt psu possible. Better safe than sorry.
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    I luv my MX 518 BUT

    If these things don't work for you or if you simply just want a new mouse, G500?
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    H50 rattling/vibrating pump noise

    You might just be a freak for silent things but if it is as bad as you say it is then speak to corsair about it. Might tell you straight away to send it back.
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    Asus G73Jh Gaming Laptop Mini Review

    lol, is that normal?
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    G9 OR G9X ON 1680X1050

    It would be overkill but as the above post says, if its a little difference in price, get it. This is hardforum, where overkill are our middle names.
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    Windows 6.5

    android for the hd? I like 6.5 so far, but if android hits the hd2 I'm there.