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    Asus Rampage II Extreme - Sluggish performance

    I bought my P5Q Deluxe just after release, it had all sorts of bsod and freeze so I had to replace, but the new one I got also had minor issues, luckily they eventually settled off with bios update. new boards are always like that, they need time to get mature, next time you'd be better...
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    Windows 7, what works and what doesn't

    did anyone mention 3ds max 2009?? it can install but cannot save scenes.
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    Windows 7 Impressions

    I tried 7 but had to switch back because 3ds max 2009 couldn't save scenes, other than that it was all perfect. I will definitely buy a copy as soon as its final.:)
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    Windows 7 - The undisputed king... and it ain't even finished yet :)

    this proves my prediction, that vista is just a bridging product. they wanted win7 to go right after xp but didn't have enough time so they dumped vista in between so keep the brand.
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    ASUS Rampage Extreme (X48 Board)

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    Jobs Affirms iPhone Sales Goal, Insults Adobe's Flash

    Apple for years has been trying to start a cultural revolution.
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    Intel To Launch X48 In Mid March

    x48 obviously expands your epeen by 10 units from x38.
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    What do you think the "Slim" PS3 will look like?

    a small and reliable freezer is one immediate hope to trim the ps3, the current cooling portion is just too big.
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    China Targets Internet In Crime Sweep

    I live in beijing. stone age primates regularly hold meeting in propaganda agencies to discuss how they plan to carry out the next round of "strike hard" in an attempt to convince tax-consecrater that they arent just taking bribe all the time while keep in line with ideology set forth by...
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    Microsoft Responds To "Save XP" Petition

    whatever everyone has to say, things, and we, need to move forward, its always been this way, its best to be this way, and it will continue to be.
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    China Steps Up Internet Video Control

    democracy means rule by the people, representation is a method to achieve that, you cant expect 260 million people voting for every public decision every few days, representative congress was created to simplify this process. also pure democracy is mob-rule, thats why individual rights, minority...
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    Intel Responds To European Antitrust Regulators' Allegations

    thats a lol, even if rebate is not a common marketing practice in europe.
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    Bye Bye Superfetch!

    superfetch should be disabled by default or entirely removed, it has no use to whoever for whatever under whichever condition wherever, first thing to do after vista install is head to control panel - services and whop the arse.
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    4 sticks of ram died at once...

    The 3G ram in my sig, consisting of two 1G sticks and two 512mb sticks totaling 3G, seems to have died at once. First problem occured when my Vista wouldn't boot, displaying a message that a file is missing, and a "status: cx00000001" at the bottom, I changed every component to finally narrow...
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    Where is Vista SP1?

    I think there will be as many service packs as needed, vista will get patched the way xp has been, and it shoul be. that said, I tried the RC, my system was much smoother and more responsive, and so was the internet speed, I can't wait the final SP.
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    15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007

    ahh I will pretend to care... I will try... trying... ah... screw it I can't... anyway, ENJOY WHAT YOU ENJOY.
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    Asus X38 or 680 SLi? Which is better for Gaming?

    X38 all the way. this X38 board of mine, though not asus, has been running "titanium solid".:o
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    Iran Builds AMD Based Supercomputer

    hypertransport/cool'n quiet nukes -- undetectable by radar and thermal sensor.
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    China Link Suspected in Lab Hacking

    apparently they were hoping they could launch the nukes remotely.
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    Symantec Screwup Is 'Worse Than Any Virus'

    Some programs act way too paranoid, for example Advanced System Optimizer's spyware cleaning deleted coretemp as a spyware, and I even had problems with Kaspersky that it would sometimes block my internet connection for no reason. I think the industry might need a clearer definition for whats...
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    CPU degrades on X38 ?!?!

    LOL I got it! its something with the BIOS, I updated it and restored to optimized default and things are fine now! it turned out that Load Fail-safe Default which the board was on could greatly impact the cpu performance...
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    will i have to format from p35 to x38? any real diff between em?

    you don't need to format if the chipsets are same.
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    Anyone expect a dual slot cooler 8800GT?

    case ventilation is the key, I put a 12mm case fan right beside the 8800GT on the side pane to draw air out, it really helps, not only the card but the lower section of the board as well, so try this method if you haven't. as for third party cooler, I will probably consider it in summer...
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    CPU degrades on X38 ?!?!

    I did, there were fractional differences but it never broke the 32s line.
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    CPU degrades on X38 ?!?!

    yes, it was 5.4 on P5B deluxe and its now 5.0 on the X38, both are lowest of all, and a whopping 10 seconds difference on superpi made it more ridiculous. I am also sure that there was no interference when running the test, I even did 3Dmark 06 and got abnormally low result.
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    CPU degrades on X38 ?!?!

    Hi On my previous P5B Deluxe my E6600 was able to do Superpi 1M in 23 second and have 5.4 rating in vista, but on this newly bought Gigabyte X38-DQ6 it only scored 32 seconds and is rated 5.0, does anyone know whats wrong here???:mad: I thought X38 should performance better than 965. BIOS is...
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    Vista wins an award!

    real question is, who cares
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    very weird problem with X38-DQ6

    well it seems to be the floppy check in BIOS that messes things up, I brought my board to Gigabyte service centre today and then did a reset and disabled the floppy check then everything went back to normal. Thank you!
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    very weird problem with X38-DQ6

    ok here is my story, I bought theGigabyte X36-DQ6 DDR2 version, after 3 days of use my old seagate harddisk suddenly started to develop bad sectors and other kinds of errors, and eventually wouldn't start windows, every attempt to format the drive ended up freezing the system. I thought it was...
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    Why are people running configurations with 3gb of ram now?

    I currently have 3GB, 2 x1G + 2 x 512MB, both dual channel and running perfect.
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    EVGA 8800GTS 320MB: good purchase? and get some pictures to see its orientation inside the case.
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    What kind of temps for video cards?

    I agree that idle temp should not concern you, you want the full-load temp here, run 3dmark06 to see it. btw whats the theme you using bubba??
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    Which 8800GTX is best?

    had a XFX 7800gt, now using XFX8800GTS, both rock & solid.
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    Gaming is no longer for me

    so you abandoned all games just because ads??? thats sad. I personally don't give a shit about ingame ads as long as they don't display while playing, and I am confident that nobody would ever advertise like that. I don't even glimpse at the packaging I just rip it apart and take the disks...
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    EU Says Microsoft Continues Abuse

    its called local protectionism, the whole EU was formed to counter US domination, and they saw fit to start this by destroying US companies but they didn't realize the domination derives from superior technologies.
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    Idle memory usage in Vista is LESS than in XP? Shocking :)

    your XP memory must be alcoholic because its HIGH.:D I could trim my XP down to 70mb idle with no applications running. you should turn off the service you don't need and do some disk/registry cleaning.
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    Supreme Commander dragging

    it's not like SC is good anyway. boring gameplay and story, monotonous terrain and ambience, need to constantly switch camera, all these add up to absurd system require. OVERRATED I SAY!
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    ASUS P5B Deluxe quad help
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    Intel Suffers, AMD Surges in 2006

    AMD had a plan that they believed would get to somewhere, but the timing was BAD, AMD bought ATI just when Intel and Nvidia released their killer product, namely 8800 and core 2 duo, now AMD/ATI has no funds to keep up, the gap is enlarging. and has the guy said Intel would go bankrupt woke...
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    P5B Deluxe VS DS3

    I could be wrong but I think its more appropriate to compare P5B Deluxe to Gigabyte DQ6, not DS3, and from what I know, many extreme overclockers prefer the Deluxe.