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    Winter Clearnce! Antec Case, PC&C PSU, Battlefield 3 for PC

    Clearing out some stuff for my move. I have pictures of the items, PM me with your email address if you want them. Also PM me for offers and questions. Great-Condition Antec P182 Case with 3x 120mm fans (Your choice of Yate Loon, Antec, Corsair, Kingwin fans each) $50, pick up only at...
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    Winter Clearnce! Antec Case, PC&C PSU, Battlefield 3 for PC

    DELETE Sorry, wrong forum
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    FS - New i5 2500k, X2 250, Core 2 Quad Q9550 Combo ( CPU / RAM / Board), 23" IPS LCD

    Selling some items to recoup upgrade costs... PM me for contacts. I take USPS Money Order or Paypal. Local Sale = discount equal to shipping cost. My zip code is 30043. Heat is under razor2025. Brand New Retail Box Core i5 2500k. $185 shipped SOLD to Quak3R Used Athlon X2 250 CPU with retail...
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    FS - MediaSmart Server, Dell HTPC, X2 250, Ace Combat Assault Horizon, HDDs

    Looking to clear out some hardwares. I can take paypal and money order. Local deals are preferred. Heatware at razor2025. PM me for contact. AMD Athlon II X2 250 CPU Retail – Comes with retail box and unused retail cooler. $50 shipped 1GB & 2GB DDR3 SO-DIMM PC-8500 RAM – Pulled from my...
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    5870 --> 6950

    Maybe when Crysis 2 hits, it might be worth it? Right now, most major release are console ports, so graphic requirements has been lagging in advancement. I just bought the 5870 for $200 AR, and I expect it to fully play any new 2011 release at "high" setting in 1920x1200.
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    $30 sale Redux (HDD, GPU, Sony Walkman Phone, 4 port KVM)

    Terms - - PM me for questions or offers - I can take Paypal (preferred Gift payment), or USPS Money Order - Shipping will be my discretion unless you want to work it out. - No dibs and no trades at the moment. $30 Sale - each item is $30, if you buy more, combo deals can be made. Shipping is...
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    MuZI's FS/WTB Thread

    Still have that M1 keyboard? PM me if you do.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Can you point to the link for your desktop (iMac) 's wallpaper?
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    FS: 2gb G.Skill DDR2 Memory and DVI Switch with component

    I'll take the DVI switch. It's 2 input -> 1 output? Do you take paypal?
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    FS - Navigon 2100 GPS, Windows 7 Professional Retail, Xbox 360 Games

    Terms: - Contact me via PM - I only accept balance-funded Paypal or USPS Money Order. Can make exceptions for small amounts - I will try to ship the same/or next business day. If there's delay I will notify you and offer you full refund. - I will ship with my discretion. If you wish a different...