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    Silicon Valley’s Next Big Idea: Untreated Drinking Water

    While drinking chlorine and iodine aren't on the top of my list of favorite things to do, drinking untreated water just seems crazy. I even filter my water in the high country "above 5000 feet" to be sure. That last thing I want is an episode of the squirts and vomiting when miles from a road...
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    Lasers Could Rapidly Make Materials Hotter Than The Sun

    Considering the core of the Sun is 15 million+ degrees, the article isn't too convincing. 15 million is considered the temperature that a star needs to reach at its core to begin hydrogen fusion into helium. Not sure why they are shooting for 10 million...
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    Making Female Video Game Characters With Average Body Types

    Yeah, you've gotta have realistically chunky women in those ultra realistic video games like Halo...
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    A Quake Tournament Where Nobody Knew How To Play Quake

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    Magnetic: Cage Closed Announcement Trailer

    It's Doom 3 Portal!
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    Microsoft Introduces Hyperlapse Video

    That is awesome.
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    Researchers Claim That 'Twitter Psychosis' Is Real

    Give me a break! People on social media post comments with anonymity and without the fear of reprisal. Language changes a lot when you look someone in the eyes. Especially when they can react to idiotic and aggressive comments physically.
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    Why Are HDMI Cables So Expensive?

    It's all hype. Just like with audio cables and speaker wires. The average consumer will believe just about anything printed on a box or passed on by your local Big Box retailer... :eek:
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    Photo-Realistic Game Or Clever Marketing Stunt?

    Marketing stunt. Showing video during a trailer (or a 3D scan) isn't manipulating the environment or making anything in the environment interactive. It's no different that projecting a cartoon into a movie or vice versa (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?). :o
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    Google Glass App Recognizes 450K Sex Offenders

    ...thinking about it, this would really help me at work and meetings. I wouldn't have to remember anyone's name!
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    Google Glass App Recognizes 450K Sex Offenders

    Good. Now you'll know if a perv is watching your wife or kids when you walk by every day. Not that you can do anything about it... LOL
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    Reflected Eye Photos Could Help Solve Crime

    Time to start wearing non-reflective contact lenses.
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    3d Printer Draws Designs In Jello Shots

    That's the dumbest story I've read all week. :o
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    Metro Last Light Using A Steam Controller

    While controllers are great in a living room setting. I think they are about as counter-intuitive as they come. I've been using a trackball and mouse for gaming and they are super smooth, accurate, and easy to control. If you were to put a gamer with a controller up against one with a...
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    NVIDIA Launches 12GB Tesla K40 Accelerator

    OK... so how many FPS does it get in Far Cry 3? :D
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    Bioshock Triple Pack For Under $20

    Done and done. Very nice.
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    Brazil Looks To Break Away From US-Centric Internet

    You can't break away. It's the Internet. Once there, you are as vulnerable to spying as if you were on an NSA network. The only way to be safe is to disconnect completely.
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    Ready for a New Mode of Air Transportation?

    This technology failed once. That's why you don't see them in the air now. Just like x-ray machines in the shoe store!
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    Microsoft Pulls Anti-iPhone Ads

    Just bringing to light the fact that the new iPhone is not worth the price.
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    The Psychology of a Fanboy

    All products have their pros and cons. How you weigh them and how they fit your particular scenario vary. Having to put down another brand or type is simple insecurity and pettiness. Speak intelligently about what you are fond of and leave it at that. Don't go off on a "defamation" quest to...
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    Microsoft Attempting to Scare Windows XP Users Straight

    Most people still operating on XP don't worry too much about bugs, viruses and such anyway. Most of the people I know either use crappy free AV software, expired AV software, or no AV software at all. They just don't get it.
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    Los Angeles School Kids to Get Free iPad by 2014

    Even though I see a benefit for the school, I wonder what they'll do when the kids drop their backpack and can't afford to fix or replace it...
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    Small Canadian Town Gets 1,000 Mbps Broadband

    Awesome! Now those people in that town can email each other at gigbit speeds. Too bad they have copper ADSL connecting the ISP to the rest of the world.
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    Nvidia Announces New Ship Date for Shield

    Call me crazy, but in the age of small inconspicuous devices like tablets, phones, DS, PSP, and such, this thing is going to be a flop. It looks like something from 15 years ago to be honest.
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    A Map of the Entire Internet, 1977

    Funny, the network in my home is almost more complex than that was.
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    Clean Your Damn Computer!

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Video Card Review @ [H]

    It's been a while since I upgraded my video card. Looking like it might be about time. The 780 appears to be a great value for the performance. :D
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    Home Wi-Fi Routers Are Easily Hackable

    Not on the list??? Your router just wasn't tested.
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    Woman Sues After Date Stabs Her

    Yeah, you can't make anything safe for dumb people!
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    Receiver audio configuration question!

    One solution to your problem is surprisingly simple. It doesn't involve your receiver, the inputs, or anything else for that matter... Go out and buy a Logitech Harmony One remote. Once you program the remote (with your PC) all you have to do is press a button and the inputs, outputs, audio...
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    theater in a box with powered sub woofer?

    Very true indeed. Start with a decent mid range receiver (7.1, 7.2, 9.2, etc) with internet streaming capability and then buy speakers. Start with the L/R Fronts. Then move to center. After a few months or so you can buy those surrounds. The Polk Audio Monitor line is a great set of...
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    theater in a box with powered sub woofer?

    Even the Bose Lifestyle 28 I have doesn't hold up to a mediocre dedicated speaker system. You can get HTiB but be mindful as the others have mentioned here. If your room is bigger than 10x12, you need big speakers to get the clear, hard, and loud response you are looking for. I know this...
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    How do I convert HDMI to Composite/S-Video?

    He is right though. The same question on "Google" is quite helpful. I'm a smart dude with Google access... LOL
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    Need Help, strange request.

    Yeah, you are wanting to do two separate things on two separate outputs by two different people at the same time. Possible, but not at all feasible or easy. You can only have one mouse control at a time. You can run Microsoft VM, but that's a whole other world and complexity.
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    Cool Photo of the Day

    It would be nice if you could download the pic in less that TEN DAYS!!! Why is their bandwidth only 25Kb/s?
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    Security Tip of the Day

    That's priceless. In today's age, passwords can be a real pain. I use a MS Excel 2010 sheet with my logins, passwords, and notes. I have password protected the file and being 256-bit encryption, I feel pretty safe.
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    Need help with surround speaker placement

    Thanks for the reply. I have a second floor, which is a pain for running any wires due to the 2x6s. I though about in ceiling speakers at one time, but I really enjoy the performance of the dipole/bipole speakers too much to get rid of them (especially since they are only a couple of months...
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    Need help with surround speaker placement

    Need some help guys. I am getting ready to buy a home and the living room only has three walls (great room layout). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or experiences with their surround speaker placement of my Polk Audio FXi A6s when there is no side wall on one side. Here are a...
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    ECS Motherboard Shield Concept

    That will make it ten times harder to clean the dust out... ...but it looks nice :confused:
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    My new Home Theater Setup

    Man that is a nice rack system. I went to their site and noticed that the weight capacity is only from 150 - 185 lbs max. I have a 50 lb receiver and an 81 lb amp. Planning on a second 81 lb amp and that takes the weight way above 200 lbs. I guess I need to look at stationary heavy duty...