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    Looking to build CCNA/CCNP Lab at home, will these work?

    If I lived in the US i'd go for one of these as they include the T1 WICs and cables.
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    Looking to build CCNA/CCNP Lab at home, will these work?

    Out of those, i'd avoid the 3512 and 3524. 2960G would be nice, 2950 are fine for L2 studies. If you're looking for a L3 switch then at a minimum i'd look for a 3550.
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    Internet service??

    100/40 - $50 per month, Sydney Australia
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    This is surreal: We are getting fibre to the home!!!

    I got FTTH connected yesterday. Went from a 2500/800 ADSL2 service to 100M/40M service. It was unreal to see things load in an instant :)
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    Hey guys please help me with this stupid router problem

    Can you change the connection method on the Modem to Bridged and then use PPPoE on your Cisco/Linksys?
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    VOIP sip registration issues

    What router are you using in front of the ATA? If it has SIP ALG try disabling that.
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    Post Your Home File Server Specs

    HP N40L 8GB RAM 64GB SSD 4x 2TB Hitachi
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    (How) Can I make use of multiple NICs?

    I use one connected to a mirrored port on a switch to listen to all traffic for packet capturing, the other connects to an access port for general use.