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    Most Americans Find the Cost of Cable TV Is Too Darn High

    I cut my "cable" nearly 10 years ago...
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    Motorola Partners with iFixit to Sell Mobile Repair Kits

    Honestly, I'm not apposed to having my phone repaired by the manufacturer IF the price is reasonable and the repair process is simple and fast to initiate. The problem being, most manufacturers overcharge for repairs and/or don't repair phones that aren't covered by warranty issues. With that...
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    Microsoft Boosts Office 2019 Price by 10%

    It's called humor, try it sometime... And Google probably does a lot more than you realize once you start using their APIs.
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    Microsoft Boosts Office 2019 Price by 10%

    Does your company require the use of Microsoft Word? Have you thought about switching? :) I agree, if you're looking for a workers that are competent with Microsoft Office, then the resume should reflect a certain amount of competency in Microsoft Word. Our company is partial to the Google...
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    Dying is Against PayPal's TOS

    My wife's father passed away a couple of years ago and left us with a huge eBay/PayPal mess. The death was completely unexpected; he had hundreds of orders from eBay that we could not fulfill. Instead of dealing with eBay and PayPal on their terms, we were lucky enough to find all his login...
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    Tesla Is Assembling Model 3s in a Giant Tent

    Considering that Tesla has only been in business for only ~14 years, it's pretty amazing what they've accomplished in such a short amount of time. By comparison, Ford and Chevrolet have been in business for over 100 years ago and they still haven't released a worthwhile EV (IMHO). I just hope...
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    The New Old Pencil Trick for 8th Gen Intel

    That's what I did with mine. You could literally bridge the gap with solder given the right temperatures and some flux. Back then, I had a nice station because I was previously "modding" playstations for a friend that was selling them on the blackmarket. Some of the early mods required some SMD...
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    Engineer Gives Interview After 28 Core Debacle

    I can't wait to hear what the Führer at Intel has to say about this...
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    James Cameron Explains How Avatar Sequels Will Revolutionize 3D

    I can't watch 3D movies. Anytime there's motion, or a scene with lots of depth in it, the picture gets blurry. My eyes become tired having to focus and refocus on the content; I'm constantly having to look away. The last time I watched a 3D movie, I simply removed my glasses and watched it...
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    Edge Beats Chrome Again in Battery Life, Brags Microsoft

    Just download the corporate/full version of FF or Chrome to a flash drive and you'll never have to worry about using it ever again :)
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    Amazon Banning Shoppers Who Return Items Too Often

    Our company does about $3k - $6k worth of business with Amazon each month. I would probably estimate our return rate at 2% or less overall, but there are months it's probably closer to 20% - 40%.
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    Nintendo Changes Repair Policies After FTC Warns Them About Warranty Stickers

    It's primarily about the sticker, for now. Hopefully it will evolve into the "right to repair" option for electronics... PC manufacturers use to do this. They use to put a sticker across the case or screws that said "warranty void if removed". There's a lot of legitimate reasons to open up a PC...
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    NY Govt Wants Its Cut

    Shouldn't it be the owners responsibility to follow the laws and/or report taxes to the federal government? Airbnb sends a me tax statement at the end of the year. If I make more than $20K a year, Airbnb files a W9 with the federal government. Hell, Airbnb even collect a local "occupancy" tax...
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    NY Govt Wants Its Cut

    I do agree that larger property owners/investors should be held accountable for hotel (like) taxes and regulations if they own and operate large amounts of vacation rentals. However, I do not agree that Airbnb or Homeaway should be held liable or accountable for this unless they are the property...
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    NY Govt Wants Its Cut

    But that's where you fail to understand what Airbnb and HomeAway are. They aren't hotel chains. They dont own or rent vacation homes (to my knowledge). Their websites are nothing more than a web portal for property owners and users to communicate with each other and/or conduct business. Their...
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    NY Govt Wants Its Cut

    If you had tens of million of dollars tied up in newly developed property (that you couldn't sell), wouldn't you be trying to recoup the original development/purchasing costs "the fastest way possible"? I know I would. It costs a crapload of money to maintain a high rise building. As for Airbnb...
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    NY Govt Wants Its Cut

    We do pay taxes! I pay city taxes, county taxes, transit taxes and a ~30% tax on every penny I "make" off of our vacation rentals. I probably pay more taxes, percentage wise, than the average person. Furthermore, I have to depreciate the structure's value and pay an appreciation tax when or if I...
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    Own an Android Phone? You Might Not Get That Loan

    If you don't understand how credit works, Google it. There are thousands of websites devoted on establishing, repairing and/or improving credit scores. Credit is a huge determining factor for ALL business risk, not just unsecured purchases. Businesses use credit scores for almost everything...
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    Own an Android Phone? You Might Not Get That Loan

    Hmm, I have an 822 FICO and own 3 houses. My debt to income ratio is less than 10%; maybe I should switch from Android to iPhone... This algorithm seems a bit odd to me...
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    Windows 10 Lean: Microsoft Working on Cut-Down Version of OS

    Why is this named "Windows 10 Lean"? The OS is still packed with 100s of megabytes of useless crap. If all they remove are some drivers and useful system tools, shouldn't it be called Windows 10 Crippled?
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    Get a Robot if You're Tired of Putting Together IKEA Furniture

    Let's see how well it does on a PAX wardrobe or a Hemnes dresser... I stopped buying Ikea furniture years ago because their "quality" kept declining. Ikea went from using semi-dense particle board to chip dust sandwiched between 2 sheet of binder paper.
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    Video Released of Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

    If you pay attention to the vehicle's trajectory, It appears that the driver, or the automated system, attempts to swerve slightly right just before impact. Unfortunately, in this case, swerving to the left may have been a better choice. Even with a human driver behind the wheel, there's a very...
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    You’re Paying Too Much for Your Smartphone, Says MediaTek

    Carrier locked phones, dealer incentives/subsidies and "no interest" consumer financing keeps our flagship prices artificially high. Manufacturers and Carriers collude together to ensure that you aren't buying a ~$1000 smartphone outright, but instead subscribing to a 24 month commitment of...
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    Microsoft Wants You Using Edge, Whether You Want to or Not

    So, they want us to stop using Windows Mail now? Got it...
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    No Office 2019 Without Windows 10

    At work, we're forced to use Office because one of our major reporting applications is in bed with Microsoft and, it only works on Office 2013 or greater. For personal, and our small businesses, we use Google Docs and Sheets exclusively. Once you start digging into scripts and such, it's amazing...
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    Pop Music Now Sucks According to Science

    I agree, modern day pop is absolutely horrible! I would rather listen to the sound of nails screeching down the chalkboard than listen to that over produced/computerized crap they call "pop"! Also, is it just me, or is the modern day country music just as bad? I'm a classic/old rock lover...
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    Stupid People Should Not Own Drones

    I feel the guy's pain. Luckily, it's only a $100.00 "toy". Last year, I took my Mavic Pro up to a secluded ice lake in the middle of winter. I had a predetermined flight path setup in Litchi to circle the lake, take some slow videos and return to a designate spot. I carefully calibrated the GPS...
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    Amazon Updates Fire TV’s YouTube App to Redirect Users to a Web Browser Instead

    Haha, these pissing matches are so petty! Why can't these mega-corporations just set aside their problems and focus on making money instead of trying to control their interests. Afterall, Amazon makes money off of Google's sales and Google makes money off of Amazon's use of Youtube. Who makes...
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    Toyota Will Electrify Entire Vehicle Lineup by 2025

    Until the price of electric vehicles and/or replacement batteries come down to an affordable level, I'm not interested. Electric vehicles have very little "savings" over fuel efficient gas burning vehicles. Batteries still need charging and electricity still costs money (granted, much less)...
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    Disney Sues Redbox, Hoping to Block Digital Movie Sales

    Yes, Disney is super greedy! My wife works with disabled children and adults to help acclimate them into society. The majority of her clients are very low income and can't even afford to go to the movies. Until a few months ago, she had an agreement with the local town theater to bring her...
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    Amazon Merchants Continue to Find Ways to Cheat

    IMHO, could care less if their reviews were fake or not. If were truly interested in making their reviewing system "legit", all they'd need to do is calculate product ratings and show, by default, reviews based of off verified purchasers ONLY. Instead of having a button to...
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    Face ID Tests Show Varying Results for Twins Using Facial Recognition

    Will it do facial recognition in the dark or when I have the phone at an angle (i.e. not directly in front of my face)? How well does it work for women with and without makeup. Will it continue to work when I'm lazy and/or decide to grow my mustache or beard out? So many questions that were not...
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    Netflix Executives Address Price Hike

    Netflix is still a bargain. Honestly, if they want to charge a couple more bucks a month to leverage better content, I'm OK with it...
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    2017: The Biggest Decline in Pay Television Subscriptions Ever

    But, but, how will they ever afford a new store, or 2, on every city block? Also, how will they ever afford to buy up all those sports arenas and/or advertise on EVERY 3rd billboard in the city?
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    Google Pixel 2 Leaks 15 New Features

    Meh, I'm over the Pixel 2 already. Let's move onto the Pixel 3 rumors and speculations. There's no way in hell I'm shelling out ~$1000 for a Pixel XL 2 with 128GB. Same goes for the iPhoneX. I use to purchase flagship phones every year, but now I've moved onto mid/high end phones that do...
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    Roku Skyrockets on Opening Day of Trading, Jumps More than 50%

    I'm a huge Roku fan because I'm also an OTA/cord cutter. Roku's stand-alone media players are "meh", but their TVs are amazing compared to the competition! As they continue to partner with more and more TV manufacturer's, I think that's where Roku will end up.
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    Does your S7 Edge have this problem?

    For the last couple months, I've been in a circle with Samsung's repair department trying to get my in-warranty S7 edge repaired. The phone has been sent in a total of ~5 times and returned with "no problems found" the last 3. I've gone up and down the technical support escalation ladder with no...
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    Google Pixel 2: New Leaks Confirm Pricing, Colors, and Storage Options

    Yay, another $1000 flagship phone for 2017/2018. I guess my decision is made... You know, it's a good thing Chinese manufacturer's are stepping up their game because the big boys (Apple, Google, Samsung and LG) are surely not trying to compete anymore...
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    Google May Be Purchasing HTC's Smartphone Business

    More than likely, Samsung has chosen glass for ease of manufacturing, improved radio reception, scratch resistance and wireless charging capabilities. Also, aluminum isn't exactly the best material for smart phones. I'd like to see more ceramics and carbon fiber smart phones, but the...