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    Failing Abit IP35 Pro Need help with a replacement

    Well honestly I have read a couple of reviews on different gigabyte boards and they were not too stellar (not saying they are bad), But for less than $100 there are some ASUS and MSI boards in stock at the egg, and i really dont like buying used on FS/Trade. Trouble is dont know which model...
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    Failing Abit IP35 Pro Need help with a replacement

    Well, my abit IP 35 pro is failing and I need a replacement. I am not sure which way to go as I am on outdated hardware and there is not a lot in stock for these 775 socket mobos. Can someone please recommend a good replacement? See sig for specs.
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    Need help just might have made a mistake

    OK How do I go about getting it. Also does that include 64 bit version? I don't think I would want to game on win7 with just 2 gigs but if I can get win7 for 50-60bucks I might send word to the family and put in a request for some ram for my birthday next month.
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    Need help just might have made a mistake

    Thanks for the input guys. I did panic though as I went most of the day without any responses and I called and voided the order as it had not shipped yet. I did order the 1GB version in its place. Much thanks defaultluser for getting to the bottom of that. I think I will be fine though with...
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    Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

    I'll take some :)
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    Need help just might have made a mistake

    I ordered a 2GB HD 6950 off the egg yesterday and just stumbled across something I was completely unaware of. I am still on XP and according to this the 2 GB of Vram is going use up all my address space leaving me with no system memory...
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    EVGA Problems please advise

    Actually I have seen several threads on different forums with similar problems with evga. Also two of the RMA'd 8800's were tested on another computer and gave the same result. I am pretty confident that they bad cards but as I am sure you know with PC's, sometimes the problem is well hidden...
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    EVGA Problems please advise

    I am having some problems with EVGA and I was wondering if someone might provide any insight. I have been through 5 RMA's with EVGA to date. The first 4 were for an 8800gtx, and of those 4, the first 3 were bad right out of the box - got blue artifacts on the screen in windows and could not...
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    mixing memory need help

    Yes both run at 2.2v - thanks
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    mixing memory need help

    Was wondering if anyone could tell if this will work well before I try. I currently have 2 gigs of corsair pc8500, and I'm playing a stalker mod that chews up memory. I happen to have a spare stick of cruicial ballistix pc6400 and thinking putting it in to help ease the burden. Will this work...
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    A8N32-SLI Deluxe mobo

    Have any one had trouble with the Asus Beta bios 1409
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    Help new phone emergency

    Was wondering if anyone can give any advice here. My phone was just stolen along with my ipod so i need to get something to replace them. What i need is a phone that can serve as my ipod/mp3 player as well. My biggest concern is cost. I am currently with sprint /nextel, and my plan is about...
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    Help video freezing - any ideas?

    Dont suppose you know how to test if the PSU is going bad? I might have made a breakthrough though. I have alot of devices running through one outlet on the wall, TV, my rig, laser printer, plus a hefty cyberpower surge protector. I just tried turning everything off except my rig and the...
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    Help video freezing - any ideas?

    My cpu is fine w/ orthos (20 min), problem has worsened though. Cant even get into windows with a set of drivers loaded. Had to go safe mode and uninstall them. SOS ...........
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    Help video freezing - any ideas?

    Well any games I play are causing lock ups and ati tool causes them as well. My gpu and cpu temps are fine. No OC on gpu, and did an orthos stress test on RAM for 10 minutes no prob. My GPU drivers were installed twice in safe mode w/ driver cleaner. Any ideas as to what gives? PS this...
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    Help 360 setup for a friend with 24"dell

    Thanks dawza, Almost there, lost me on DAC & TOS (whats that?) and the sound part. Other than that I think you are saying all he needs is a 360 basic package correct?
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    Help 360 setup for a friend with 24"dell

    Was wondering if somone here can help. Have a gamer friend who's rig is way too old and he does not have the cash to upgrade to anything decent. I suggested he give in and get a 360 but he would have to hook it up to his dell 24 inch monitor. The monitor was one of the first 24' dells to be...
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    Need Direct X 10 and 30" Monitor Advice

    I did a quick run with Fraps and I can say that the FS number are accurate. I ran from 29 to the mid 50s FPS @2560x1600 (max settings no AA) depending on the area. I would not want to play at that res though because overall it is not nearly as smooth as if I scale it down to 1920x1200. You...
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    New Red Faction game confirmed!

    I hope they they ditch anything related to red faction 2. Red 1 was great, but red 2 was a complete dissapointment from story to gameplay.
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    1680x1050 for FEAR E.P. on

    start/shared documents/monolith productions/fear/settings.cfg. Change the .cfg to a .txt file and input the values for your resolution then change it back to .cfg. That is how it works in XP. Dont know vista but it cant be that different.
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    Vista or XP for BSHOC & Crysis

    Well I just found out Crysis has been pushed back to 11/13 release date (it was 9/11 for a while) so I have a couple of extra months. I think I will stick with XP for bioshock and if I miss out on alot of DX10 features I can always replay after I pick up 2 more gigs of ram and vista.
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    Vista or XP for BSHOC & Crysis

    Might consider that but I dont want to spend my money on vista unless I will get the value out of it. This is pure gaming use. BTW Think comparing XP to 2K might be a bit harsh as I believe a majority are still on XP. I think after crysis that will change though.
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    Vista or XP for BSHOC & Crysis

    Well I have just ordered the last of my upgrades (new ram/mobo/q6600) and I am faced with one last dilemma. I have been chomping at the bit waiting for Bioshock & Crysis (1&2 months left till release) and wondering if I should make the jump to VIsta for these 2. Something tells me although I...
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    New Computer Recommendations

    I have ordered 1 system and a laptop from Cyberpower and had no trouble with customer service. I actually had a few issues by my own fault and they handled them quite well. They dont always have the best selection of parts but are better than dell and are competitive in price. BTW If you...
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    Thermalright IFX-14 heatsink @ svc

    Why no legit reviews? You would think someone would want to review this behemoth.
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    Need help picking a mobo

    Another vote for Abit IP35pro. In the market for one meeself!
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    Wipes tears of joy from eyes. Barcode: 22211 157050 260 S/N: BX80562Q6600SLACR Ordered 7-25-07 Shipped 7-27-07
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    As you guys (ncix orders) get the info post order date and ship date plz. Suspense is killing me
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    Just placed order @NCIXusa. rep confirmed that they still have B3 in strock as well as G0 so it is still luck of the draw!
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    *Official* Quad Core Overclock Thread

    Please share where you are getting the g0's from. :D
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    Intel Q2 2007 Financial Results...

    Vanguard technology index funds (VGT) - get intel, apple, google, and a bevy of others. Buy and hold long term and you cant go wrong. Tech should be back on the rise.:D
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    Intel Q2 2007 Financial Results...

    Investing in intel to pay for your CPU upgrades... priceless!
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    E6850 or Q6600???

    IMHO the future we have been speculating on from the moment dual cores first hit the market about 1.5 years ago is finally here, at least the beginning of it. You see this with Anands Lost Planet benches, next month Bioshock, then Crysis, all multithreaded where more cores will benefit. I say...
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    Calling all stacker 830 owners

    Mechatronics 120mm - G1225S12B
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    Calling all stacker 830 owners

    I have the stacker 830 and I am have been having trouble with the side fan mounting clips. It seems like the mounting brackets are squeezing the fans when they are put in and casing the fan blades to hit their own casing making a grazing sound. Anyone have this problem or know if anything can...
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    Case fans for 3D Aurora 570

    I am in the market to change my fans too. These are the best I have seen yet from a noise/airflow ratio - 33dba/ 70cfm. You have got to be careful because alot of fan makers will outright lie on how much air and noise they put out. If anyone has these fans or know of any that are better that...
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    Friendly reminder overclocking can be bad

    Probably has more to do with the card itself than overclocking, although I sure OCing does speed up the process of degredation. The 7900's were notorius for this. I dont remeber this happening in geforce 6, 7800, or now with 8800 series...
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    8800GTS/GTX & 2900XT Owners: What monitor are you using?

    Dude - if you are going to use 30" monitor you owe it to yourself to have at least 1 GTX. See sig
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    Crysis running on 8800 and Peryn

    Let us all join hands and pray for a miracle, penryn to be released before Crysis hits. Either that or the current quads can come close to it at same clocks. :D
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    *Quality PICS* 8800 ?

    Those GTX's look more like 512mb with the dual slot coolers...???