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    Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch In August

    I love the "I didnt have a problem, so there is no problem" mentality.
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    The Autonomous Human Drone Taxi

    Fake as hell. As someone who does CGI, I can spot it really easy.
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    Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5960X CPU & X99 Chipset @ [H]

    Is the 2011-v3 a dead end? I'm going to be buying a new PC soon and have about $1500 to use. I'm thinking Asus Sabertooth X99 and the 5820K. I do a lot of 3D Rendering (3DS Max) so having the extra cores and cache WILL HELP. But from what I have seen, there are only 3 CPU's on the 2011-v3...
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    Internet Explorer’s Successor, Project Spartan, Is Called Microsoft Edge

    If you like music, stay away from Edge. It cant multi-task. I have 8 cores and 8GB of RAM, but Edge fails to play Pandora if its minimized. Windows 95 could multi-task better then this shit. Also, if its loading a slow page, you cant do ANYTHING till its done loading. This is a HUGE step...
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    Italian Eyewear Maker Luxottica Working on New Version of Google Glass

    Maybe this time it will do more then just make you look like a glasshole.
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    Apple Watch Sells Out Almost Instantly

    Scalpers I'm sure will lock up a bunch of these and try to sell them on 3rd party markets for insane markups. Good luck with that!
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    Descent Underground Kickstarter

    It looks like shit. I have seen better ship models come from kids using macaroni and Elmers glue. Then add to that the pure focus on multi-player and micro-transactions? Pass.
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    I Quit: What Really Goes on at Apple

    Sounds a LOT like when I worked at Microsoft. I spent more time in meetings then I did doing any work. We had a daily "scrum" meeting, then 2-3 weekly meetings to talk about the scrum's. Then we had a monthly department wide meeting that we would have a meeting to prepare for. Then we had a...
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    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Released

    Looks like shit. PS2 level of graphics? Really?
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    Windows 10 Delivers Updates Using Peer-To-Peer Technology

    So far I have seen NOTHING but whining about this feature. Lots of un-educated people see this as a way for people to "sneak" viruses into the P2P upload. Thats not how things work. Also they complain that Microsoft should have enough money to host the updates properly. Again, thats not how...
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    Uber Drivers Are Quietly Rating & Blacklisting Passengers

    Good. They can walk, call a Yellow Cap, call a friend, buy a car, rent a car, you name it. Its not like Uber is the only way to get from point A to point B and is an essential service that would cause people great harm without. If they blacklist people that don't deserve it, they are turning...
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    Uber Drivers Are Quietly Rating & Blacklisting Passengers

    I worked as a shuttle driver for over a year when I was desperate for a job. I wish I had something like this! Thankfully were I worked (Microsoft campus) 99% of the passengers were really good and nice! Every now and then you would get someone that would just treat you like dirt, smell...
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    Man Caught Smuggling 94 iPhones Into China

    I hope someone found the 6 Plus he kiestered.
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    Microsoft Releases More Diversity Stats, And They Aren’t Pretty

    As someone who worked at MS for 5 years, yes, it is a sausage factory, but generally thats because #1, its who applies for the jobs and #2, its who is qualified. No worries though, since MS is trying to make it up by employing nothing but contractors from India and then shipping them out...
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    Dumbest. Scalper. Ever

    Just tell us your also a tele-marketer, so you can become the most hated man in the world. Scalpers interrupt supply, create demand, and then charge ludicrous money for a hard to get ticket that's only hard to get because scalpers purchased them all. Die in a fire.
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    Man Buys 99 iPhones To Propose To Girlfriend

    She was smart to dump someone who would dump 85K into Apple products just for a proposal. :rolleyes: Now its time for a YouTube video of someone seeing how many iPhones a .50 cal can get through! Thats money well spent!
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    Amazon Exec: Fire Phone Was Overpriced

    If your going to sell a crippled portal to only your store, at least do it at a subsidized price point and on more then 1 carrier. Amazon doesn't have the following to pull an Apple! :rolleyes:
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    Windows 10 Technical Preview Using Real-Time Keylogger?

    Anyone who has done beta testing in the past knows this already. They use key loggers in order to duplicate crashes so they can replicate the steps in a controlled environment or on multiple computers to see if the crash is just local or system specific. It can also be used to see what...
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    Wireless Charging to Reach PCs, Tablets Next Year

    My almost 4 year old TouchPad is excited!
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    Bombshell Reveal Trailer

    Honestly, it looked like some kids demo-reel. NOT very impressed. Animation was poor. Modeling was poor. No details, no nothing. As a 3D artist, I would of skipped over this guys resume after about 5 seconds of the demo. :rolleyes:
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    Elder Scrolls Online For Consoles Delayed Six Months

    Sadly the UI has already suffered. There is a total of 5! quick slots for abilities. You can swich your weapons and that makes another 5 slots available, but that just slows things down. Also for things like healing, you really dont target. You just spam healz, and it auto targets the lowest...
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    BlackBerry CEO: I Would Take $19B For BBM

    Thats sort of BB's main problem. The old die-hard fans are keeping there 5500's or whatever since they know it (if it aint broke, why fix it mentality). Nobody is really buying the new BB OS!
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    BlackBerry CEO: I Would Take $19B For BBM

    Lets compare the two user profiles. WhatsApp haas 450 million YOUNG users with loose pockets that are willing to spend money. BBM has 85 million OLD users who are corporate big wigs with pockets so tight, they could turn coal into a diamond and there only reason for STILL using BBM is they...
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    Who Makes The Best Hard Drives?

    Man this takes me way back! I built 486 and Pentium computers (dating myself) and swapped out a LOT of hard drives. WD's were always ROCK SOLID. In a month, I would replace 20-30 Maxtor, and maybe 1-2 WD's. The thing is, we didnt sell a lot of Maxtor since they failed so often! Customers...
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    Steve Ballmer Doles Out His Top 5 Management Tips

    The world will do better by ignoring what Steve says. He turned a leading tech giant into a "me too" company by constantly missing trends and following competition instead of leading it. Also the infighting that he founded within Microsoft has created an atmosphere that has killed innovation...
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    Pawn Stars Make A Scroogled Ad

    Weird. I have never seen a chromebook "in the wild" ever. I have seen Surface and RT's, but never once a chromebook. Its funny how people harp on RT for being a "flop" selling only 900,000 units on launch. Yet in 2 years, schromebook has sold a TOTAL of 200,000, and thats including all...
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    How To Fix Your Wobbly PS4

    They spent millions, if not billions into designing the PS4, and nobody had the brains to put the damn feet on the corners? Design FAIL. This is not as bad as the iPhone 4's antenna, since it doesn't hinder its function in any way, but to make such an elementary error is just embarrassing.
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    AMD Revolutionary Mantle Tech Adopted by Industry Leading Developers

    Nvidia had proven time and time again to go out of there way to screw anyone who does not play by there rules. Remember disabling anti-ailiasing on almost all Unreal engine games for anything NOT Nvidia? All you had to do is rename the exe, and anti-ailiasing would "magically" work on AMD...
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    Google's Eric Schmidt Lambasts NSA Over Spying

    His main complaint is that NSA is collecting all this data, and still not able to turn a profit. I mean whats up with that?
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    Apple Sued Over iPhone iOS7 Upgrade

    "His biggest gripe is that the update was automatic, and that there is now no way of reverting back to iOS6. "Apple's disregard for customer preferences"" He must be new. Apple's customer's have no preferences.
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    Surface 2 Starting At $500?

    I dont think its a terrible product. It does what you need it to do, if all you want is Office and web browsing. For what it does through, its out of price due too its eco-system (or lack of). If they could bring the WP8 app catalog into RT, it would be a lot more desirable. Sadly, like I...
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    Surface 2 Starting At $500?

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. The few people who have the RT really seem to like it. If MS would allow WP apps, RT would have a shot. Sadly the RT team and WP team (like many departments in MS) are at war with each other for development...
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    Xbox: We Wouldn't Trade Places With Anyone

    An executive wouldn't be worth much if he was not media trained, now would he? We make fun of CEO's who ARE NOT media trained all the time, now we make fun of those who are?
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    Hynix Suspends Operations After Plant Fire

    Seems like when RAM or HDD prices are rock bottom, some sort of disaster hits that causes the price to spike.... Hummm.
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    Google Blocks Chromecast Streaming Video App

    No worries. The 3rd party dev's only need to code in HTML5, sacrifice 15 hamsters, find the leprechauns pot of gold, and cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring. Its clearly stated in the TOS!!!
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    Iowa High School Delivers 1,425 MacBook Airs to Students

    I remember when Apple would donate computers to schools. Now they sell them with a 30% markup.
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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' Expansion Revealed

    Dead Blizzard. Let me introduce you to a new revolution that's only 10 years old called Normal Mapping. See all those flat boring surfaces? It will fix that and make your game actually look interesting and modern!!! I was actually SHOCKED by how bad Diablo 3 looked. Low rez textures, no...
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    Microsoft Hires Steam’s Jason Holtman

    Once can only hope. The PC has been the gaming industry's red headed stepchild since the 360/PS3. We get a few crumbs and scraps left over after the consoles had there fun.
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    Acer to Push on Chromebooks and Android, less Windows PCs

    Good luck with Chromebooks. Last I checked, Chromebooks COMBINED have sold about 300,000 units over 2 years. Windows RT is considered a "failure" but sold 900,000 in 2 months. I guess you just need to redefine the term "failure"?