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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    I will have to disagree my method is tested and I was able to tame dinos very quickly. The last time I tamed was 2 weeks ago and stimberries do wake him up but they do raise hunger after about half hunger the stimulant will also cause the dino to be more hungry. Are you playing on a modded...
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Taming has many tricks to make it go quicker. I was able to tame a Pterodactyl in 30 mins and this can take up to 1 hr 1/2. The trick is to have Narcotics - Stimulants (only use once he is more then half tamed) Narco Berries and Stimberries. 1st we need to starve the dino while keeping...
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    I have a 970 and have sky off or low and on med settings. Then depending on the server you join the fps will be different. A public server might give you the worst performance but if you find a private server with less people on you should be at about 50-60 fps on 1080p. A public server will be...
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    There is no sli support as of now but with the amount of updates it might be very soon. Extremely fun game and in my opinion much more fun then rust.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    That's the only complaint I have about this game. Too many updates when running your own server. Some times I'm updating my server 2-3 time a day. It's a good thing though they are really going to polish this game up.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    If you are having low fps make sure to put sky on low or turn it off. I have an i5 w/ 970 4gb and on med I get a nice 50-60 fps. Also I'm running my own server that runs super smooth because we are a small community with just 1 base. I'm sure if you are joining public servers with buildings...
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    ARK: Survival Evolved Going live on my private server if you want to check out our fort and dinos. We are still early in the game so come ask some questions and hang out. I will say this game is way more fun to play compared to watching it live.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Yeah I noticed that as well with the small and big tress. The small tree's by the beach are OP. I still prefer to get into a wooded area with some Dinos to carry wood and farm away.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    You will be fine Cagey this game is so much fun and its been optimized a ton compared to release. I was getting like 30-40 FPS not even 1080P on MED setting with a 970. Now my 970 gets 60 FPS on high graphics and 1080P. Come join us Cagey!!!
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    The Peaceful Farmers server is not really about PVP and this game isnt really about PVP either. Sure it can happen but this game just has so much more to offer then a pvp session or what you are suggesting that we should take advantage of other newer players. That is not what we are about we...
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Amazing game I dont really care about graphics right now they can always be made to look pretty. The game has such an addictive feel to it that you can never be satisfied and there is always something challenging ahead that you must prepare for. Some times preparing is the hardest part! Either...
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    H1Z1 - New SOE Game

    Hackers have all been dealt with which is amazing! The Dev team is doing a great job! They are hardware banning them fools... H1Z1 has some of the best zombies and zombie killing compared to any other Survival game I have played. They did in 2 weeks what took Warz 2 years. H1Z1 zombies are not...
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    Looking for a new multiplayer FPS

    You gotta remeber that there are a TON of great Arma 3 mods. It seems to me like you are looking for quick action like TDM type of game. I know people will cry for suggesting Infestation: Survivor Stories is a great for that. They have small maps called Strong hold and some are Dev servers...
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    Deep Silver Weekend Deal on Steam

    1st we have the Halloween sale! Last year Halloween sale was fantastic. I'm sure Dead Island will go on sale as well because during the Halloween sale all zombie games and scary games go on sale.
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    3 Years of VPN - $19

    That dude seems legit 8 days a member I wonder what VPN or Spy service he is working for trying to scare people from using VPN and stating they keep logs with no proof!
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    3 Years of VPN - $19

    umm Im interested in what other VPN services have stated that they will not keep any logs? Who are the others? any links as proof ? I did my [H]ard research! They can't give anyone anything they don't have! :)
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    PS4 version 2.0 seems worthy of the number scheme

    OWNAGE!!! I understand what he was trying to say its not that difficult and the 2 other people asking what is his point, obviously are not as smart as the 3rd and 4th times! I purchased a PS4 thinking that I would have all of these now called "updates". I was so...
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    NZXT Source S340 White ATX Case - $59.99 + Free Shipping

    its showing up 79.99 for me! is there a code I need?
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    Custom Glass Desk

    I always wanted a huge surface for my desk since I always felt like you can never have too much. I was looking at high end glass computer desk and they were any where from 1K - 3K. I was able to get a custom stainless steal desk with a custom glass 60" by 24" the brackets are mounted to the...
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    Most Depressing Games

    Infestation : Survivor Stories hands down winner here!
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    Some people might have not heard of this game specially console gamers. Since they were live I put it where everyone can see it! If it was spam they would of closed it by now :) really great show !
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    yeah a 2 hour show that was very exciting.. this game will be so much more then a simple ship space simulator!
  23. N LIVE!!!
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    @Wildace I might get that black hornet looks bad ass! You think they will discontinue selling them?
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    you guys are always talking about buying ships.... Where do I buy them ? and why would I want to? I have never played a space sim...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    This game is going to be fucking amazing! I dont have hope for any other game ATM
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game LIVE!
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    Acrylic Dream

    where do I get this case?
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    browser based games Im not sure how active it is anymore. I had fun stealing materials from smaller
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    BenQ BL2710PT=370$ From Staples

    out of stock :(
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    nvidia 980 8gb release date

    Well no one is going to buy the shit that is out right they better!...
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    Coca-Cola is Adding Wi-Fi to Its Vending Machines

    They forgot to mention the fact that the only way to get the password to their Wifi network will be to buy a
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    Battlefield 4 Tips

    Bad Company 2 server are off the hook. It almost feels like more people are playing BFBC2 than any of the new BF. What does that tell you DICE?
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    Would a GTX 970 be a good upgrade for my rig?

    Yeah why upgrade to a card that is basically not good enough for a recent game "shadows of mordor" ? I wanted a 780 6GB but now that I know for a fact that game will be using more and more V-ram! I would not get anything less than 8 GB of Vram! I feel so bad for the purchasers of the 3 gb 780
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    Warm? 4790k for 279.99 pickup at micro center

    the Paterson store in NJ only has 3.5 sales tax even though the state tax is 7%+
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    Microsoft Frustrated As Ever With H-1B Policy

    There needs to be some kind of law that basically states. If you dont hire US citizens for your american made company. Then you should get none of the benefits from our gov. Why should companies get FAT on our money and extras from our gov if they rather hire out of country!
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    3 Years of VPN - $19

    I paid $40.00 bucks a year for After some hard research they are the only VPN to announce that they will not keep any kind of logs on your activity. I pay extra for my privacy ;)
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    Arma 3 - Yae or Nae?

    Arma 3 is 50% off on the main arma site! Def worth picking up
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    Arma 3 - Yae or Nae?

    I have come to belief that this game is all about Vram. My buddy with a 680 4 gb is getting better FPS than you. My GTX 570 1.2 GB was getting lower FPS than my other buddies 560 TI 2 GB card. I have checked out my I5 usage when Im in altis and the most used is 40%. So I really don't think...
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    Yes! that's what he got a WOW companion for $300.00 + dollars.. Well then a digital ticket is not worth it but I would love to attend one!