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    Need a list of computer parts made in the US

    For DRAM, Crucial/Micron is probably more American than Patriot Memory. Like Corsair, Patriot buys memory chips from various foreign manufacturers. They just do the testing and final assembly on PCB's in the U.S. Micron does have some international fabs, but many of their memory products are...
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    HDD in Compaq went bad. Can't boot to new HDD. Help!

    Are you attempting to use a "Compaq" Windows recovery disk? If not, you can ignore the rest of this post. What size is your new hard drive? Is it similar to what was offered at the time the computer was purchased? Where I work, we have a bunch of Compaq notebooks from year 2002~3 or so...
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    SLI Under 400$

    I thought BF2 wouldn't run on the Geforce4 Ti series, or did they fix that?
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    Dead CPU or mobo?

    Interesting, I had no idea a memory stick could short power rails. I did try a different slot and a different stick. I will try to see if something is stuck in one of the slots although I find that quite odd when I didn't even touch the insides of the computer before it wouldn't boot. After...
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    Dead CPU or mobo?

    Thanks for the suggestions, I guess I'm looking at a bad PSU or mobo right now. I am using the bare minimum needed to POST at the moment: CPU+HSF, single stick of RAM, video card, mobo and PSU. Since the mobo's lights only flash once then turn off, I assume CPU or RAM are not at fault...
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    Dead CPU or mobo?

    Running desktop system in sig with Antec Smartpower 500W. Yesterday, I tried to overclock my Venice CPU to 2.4GHz using "300MHz" mem divider, 3X HTT, and Vcore's from 1.4 to 1.5 but it wasn't quite stable in Windows. So I gave up and set it back to the 2.2GHz, "333MHz" divider, 4X HTT, and...
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    Very Loud 9600xt Fan

    If your budget is tight, I found the Evercool VC-RE more than adequate for cooling my brother's Asus 9600XT. Check your own 9600XT for capacitor clearance around your GPU. It should fit the vast majority of 9600XT's though. SVC has the Evercool too, so go with whichever comes out cheaper shipped...
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    using external hdd constantly

    My experiences are based upon a 160GB 7200rpm 8MB cache Maxtor inside an AMS Venus USB/firewire external enclosure. 1 and 2) Sustained transfer rate of USB 2.0 probably still limits the benefits of 7200rpm and cache size for external use. But as you noticed already, brand new 5400rpm drives...
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    My new budget system, any suggestions?

    Most video cards are PCI-express x16 interface. But since current video cards are unlikely to saturate that much bandwidth, the earlier SLI boards divided that bandwidth in half, allocating 8 pci-express links per video card when in SLI mode. The SLI X16 now gives each card full 16 lanes. That...
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    My new budget system, any suggestions?

    A NF4 SLI X16 eats up a lot of the budget ~$700. If you go with a plain SLI mobo for ~$100 or even less, you could shift the money instead to move video to 7600GT and RAM to 2GB. For example, you could instead get: EVGA 7600GT: ~$190 before $15 MIR...
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    Bringing PC to the airport...

    I flew out of Detroit on an international flight with my Biostar iDEQ SFF as a carry-on. For airport security, I just took the SFF out of the bag, and placed it in one of the plastic tubs just like they do with laptops when running them thru the x-ray machine. TSA didn't give me any trouble...
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    Upgrading Vidcard on a 4 year old machine

    I had a 1.4GHz Wily system, man that CPU blows ... I didn't know better at the time. The only video card upgrade for that system was a GF2 MX400 to GF4 Ti4200. You might want to mention what games you intend to play and how much RAM you have too. Depending on those factors, you may just want...
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    nVidia buys ULI

    Forbes also mentioned the Acquisition. Darn, and I was looking forward to the Uli M1697 (anandtech review) as a budget Socket 939 chipset for friends and relatives upgrading in the coming 3~6 months or so.
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    Complicated upgrade decision-Ram? Video? CPU?

    If you do decide go with a new CPU/mobo, your 9800Pro is still a pretty good card. A 6600GT is faster, but not by far. So if you keep the 9800Pro, just get a mobo like the ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 which has both AGP and PCI-E Is that 1GB RAM that you currently have PC3200?
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    One of the nicer mATX Ive seen

    Hardwarezone's review of the case They didn't really like the reverse mobo mounting, but the build quality is solid for the price range.
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    Help me build a budget rig for my GF

    If you plan on using a 20-pin power supply (but hopefully from a reputable company), the ASRock GeForce 6100 board for Socket 754 is interesting for its features. All the other GeForce 6100's out at the moment seem to have 24-pin connectors. $65 shipped at Newegg Out of stock at the moment...
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    Interested in building a gaming PC...

    I agree with KoolDrew that you will want a better power supply, something ATX 2.0 and 24-pin compatible. But if you really want a bundled PSU, here is a case with a decent ATX 2.0 power supply. It will run most mid-range systems, just don't plan on using the same PSU if you want SLI or...
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    Computer: On teh Cheap - comments and advice welcome

    There are a couple of Socket 754 with PCI-E for around $68 shipped at Newegg. Biostar Geforce 6100: Asrock Geforce 6100: These have onboard video, that probably...
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    Good place to buy small hardware?

    I have purchased smaller items from SVC and Jab-tech before. They ship by weight as far as I know, and I think some items can be shipped USPS which is sometimes cheaper. Directron might be good too. Also if you check resellerratings higher rated stores, stores like FrozenCPU, Xoxide and...
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    I think the 9NPA+ is a good value for its price. I was choosing between the Epox and the ABIT AN8 Ultra, but overall I'm satisfied with this motherboard. It has plenty of overclocking options, which is probably why it is quite popular. My box came with some useful extras like white rounded...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Ergotron Neoflex LCD stand at for $47 shipped. If you can find a valid 10% off code, you can knock a few more dollars off. It should work, since basically all LCD monitors these days are VESA compatible. Specs say it works with 100 x 100 mm VESA FDMI mounting or 75 x 75 mm VESA...
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    here's my wish list

    You will want a better power supply than the one that comes with your case ... check out the power supply forum for something to suit your budget. A Xclio 450W may work for your setup.
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    USB 2.0 not working?

    Did you try updating the USB controller drivers under device manager? Worked for me when I was getting 1.1 speed with my 2.0 thumb drive.
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    NF7-S and DDR400 RAM

    Your Barton 2600+ is 333MHz FSB right? Now you can overclock :)
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    Epox EP-9NPA+ Vcore?

    CPU/HTT set at 9x245 = 2205MHz. CPU-Z Vcore fluctuates between 1.35~1.39V with Vcore set to "-0.1V" in BIOS. Bios Vcore shows about 1.37~1.39V. Idle temp of around 37 deg C and load 43 deg C in a Kingwin KT-424 case with stock AMD heatsink fan + Arctic Ceramique. Epox default Vcore when...
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    Epox EP-9NPA+ Vcore?

    Thx for the reply Karaya1 Yesterday, I changed auto to "-0.1V" so that in CPU-Z it shows 1.38~1.4V. So far seems stable still at 2.2GHz, I will Prime stress the system tonight.
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    Epox EP-9NPA+ Vcore?

    Any other EP-9NPA+ owners out there? I received my EP-9NPA+ and Venice 3000+ E3 (ADA3000DAA4BP, YBBLE 0524EPCW) yesterday. For the CPU voltage in BIOS, I read that the 9NPA+ will bump up the voltage as it sees fit if you leave it on "auto", so I set it to "off". But in BIOS, the Vcore will...
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    Recommend me some computer parts for a computer under $400

    Mikhailtech Basic System Guide They aim for $400 in their guide. And since you already have a HDD, you can go for a better case/psu (quality PSU being more important), faster CPU (maybe Sempron 64), or better memory (although the PQI they recommend would probably suffice for a...
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    Panaflo fan not being read by mobo.

    Normal Panaflos don't support RPM monitoring, the BX versions do though.
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    WTB: Antec Solution SLK1600

    If you are looking for just the case and have Compusa near you, you can get a black or beige CS200 which is basically SLK1600 without PSU for 24.99 + tax. You'll have to add your own fans too, but I don't think the SLK1600 comes with them either. I used a CS200B and added a 300W Fortron 120mm...
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    Looking to save on a comp for friend going to college

    For WinXP, check if the school he is going to sells Student versions. Because my school signed some contract with Microsoft, I am entitled to one OEM copy of WinXP Pro at my school for $15. At some other schools, it's even cheaper.
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    WTB: Audigy 2, DL DVD burner, Athlon 64 939, SATA, more...

    Not an Antec case, but any interest in a black Kingwin KT-424? It currently holds my brother's PC but he really doesn't need such a nice case. I'm in ZIP 48105 btw.
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    FS: XFX Geforce4 Ti4200, SLK900U

    last bump :)
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    FS: XFX Geforce4 Ti4200, SLK900U

    bump ... ZIP 48105 (Ann Arbor) if you want to pick up locally to save on shipping
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    FS: XFX Geforce4 Ti4200, SLK900U

    1. XFX Geforce4 Ti4200 128MB AGP4X --- $50 shipped *SOLD to local buyer* Notes: a) Card was used with two different motherboards. DVI doesn't work with VIA KM400 but does work with nForce2. It's really odd though, a friend's Ti4200 DVI worked fine in the KM400 so I have no idea what's...