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    I take back anything bad I ever said about PS3

    I completely agree with the above. I have the 47" version of the Westy posted above. Motorstorm looks so awesome in first person mode, it almost gives me motion sickness. After joing Netflix, the Blu-ray portion of my PS3 is finally getting a workout. I can't believe how much better BR...
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    PS3 Owners Only please How much have you spent on games/bluray?

    As far as games, I have Resistance and COD3. Talledega Nights (free w/ system) and Kingdom of Heaven for movies. 47" 1080p Westinghouse = nice. Looking forward to some awesome BD movies and quality 1080p games next year.
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    PS3 impressions. Let's hear what you think!

    Fight Night Round 3, due out Dec. 5th, also has support for 1080p. I didn't pick that one up for 360, so I think I'll get it for PS3 to check out some 1080p goodness other than the F1 demo and Talledega Nights. Hopefully, developers will find a way to have more upcoming games support 1080p...
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    PS3 impressions. Let's hear what you think!

    With the proper setup, the PS3 REALLY shines... i.e. 1080p LCD at least 42" or larger, 5.1 surround, proper viewing distance. All these people saying it looks like crap at EB/Gamestop/Best Buy etc. need to see it play on something other than a 20" LCD at Gamestop. So far, (I was one of the...
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    10 reasons to wait for PS3 @ IGN.

    Both of these sets rule for IQ, but the HP Pavilion MD5880n is the victor. Next year we will see sets from all of the major players that do 1080p input via HDMI. I think it's awesome that PS3 is going to support 1080p over HDMI, not only for BluRay, but for games as well. It's great to see...
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    10 reasons to wait for PS3 @ IGN.

    #1 - Blu-Ray Now, this, this, is the absolutely fricken huge. I was going to buy a Blu-Ray player the moment I Could anyway, but getting one mostly subsidized by Sony sweetens so much I will wait for the PS3. $500 or less for high definition DVD? Who cares if the games need that much...
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    SW Battlefront 2 (release date tomorrow?)

    I played for about 3 hours last night and it runs and looks great. Space combat rules. Being able to play as jedi is also vey cool. The Episode 3 content is cool as well. I'm glad they included a nice long singleplayer experience for those times when the servers are full of nothing but...
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    SW Battlefront II or COD 2? Why?

    I own both and they are both great. I couldn't really choose one over the other. I don't like having to play CoD2 in 1024x768 to get smooth FPS, but it still looks and plays awesome. Battlefront 2 on the other hand runs fantastic in 1600x1200 and is quite fun. The robust multiplay of...
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    COD2 Slow

    One thing about forcing DX7 mode is it may limit some of the advanced features of DX9 - i.e. smoke effects, etc. I don't mind running in 1024 since the framerate skyrocketed after switching from 1600. It seems to be running at 60 fps or better with all of the intended effects. IMO 1024x768...
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    SW Battlefront 2 (release date tomorrow?)

    I preordered it for PC from Gamestop and it is supposed to be there at 9:00 PM tonight for pickup. Their automated phone service informed me of this via a phone call last night. This was news to me, as it is not supposed to be on sale until Nov. 1. The message also said to come dressed in...
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    COD2 Slow

    To get CoD2 to run butter smooth on my ststem, I lowered the resolution to 1024x768. Mind you, this is not the res of 1600x1200 I previously enjoyed on last year's games (Half Life 2, Doom3). These new proprietary engines are hell on system resources! I also lowered the resolution down to...
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    Nintendo DS or Sony PSP?

    I have a PSP and love it. As one poster stated earlier, it's awesome to have that kind of power in a handheld. I have Burnout Legends and Wipout Pure and they are both awesome. The movie-on-the go factor is also very handy, especially now that UMDs have caught on so well. The video quality...
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    OMG - Q4 Rocks - Looong Post

    Quake 4 to me is very well done. Last night while playing, it made me realize just how much I love the DOOM3 engine. The shadowing and lighting really make for an imersive experience. What I really love about this engine is how damn good it runs on my PC. 1600x1200 is the resolution my eyes...
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    Got Quake 4! First Impressions

    For those wondering about performance on a 6800 Ultra: it plays wonderfully in SP. Haven't had the chance to play MP yet. I'm running it in HQ at 1600 x 1200, no AA and it is super smooth. Just like DOOM3, I'd rather play in 16x12 w/ no AA than in 1280x1024 with AA. Just a preference I...
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    Corsair COOL Water Cooling

    I have the Corsair COOL for LGA 775 and it makes a huge difference in my cooling temps. I went from a Thermaltake Tower 112 with a 92mm Vantec fan which was getting temps of 60C idle and 70-75C load. I dealt with those high temps because it was nice and quiet. Temps with COOL are now down to...
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    Good starter kit? How about Corsair?

    Ditto here on the colors as my theme is black and green as well. My rig is finally complete and the Corsair looks great on my Lian Li PC65B.
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    Good starter kit? How about Corsair?

    I got mine for LGA 775 installed yesterday. It's awesome so far. A snap to install and performance is great. It's whisper quiet, too. My temps with heatpipe/aircooling on this Prescott were 60C idle and 70-75C load. With Corsair's setup they are now 41C idle and 49C load. I certainly can't...
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    **The Ultimate Cooling Battle: Air VS. Water** Which Do You Prefer?

    I just finished installing my Corsair Cool watercooling setup yesterday. I must say that it is waaaay better than any aircooled setup I have ever tried. As you all know, Prescotts run hot as hell and ever since I built this P4 setup last July, I have been battling noise and heat. I tried many...
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    I Didnt know Corais WC kit was jsut a Swiftech kit with paint?

    Will do. I probably won't get to install until Saturday, but am anxious to see for myself too. It sure seems to be a quality kit from just inspecting the parts.
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    I Didnt know Corais WC kit was jsut a Swiftech kit with paint?

    My Corsair kit for socket 775 should be waiting for me when I get home from work. I will post my impressions of this kit soon. It has to be better than 60C idle and 70C+ load from this damn hot Prescott like I'm getting with my current aircooled/heatpipe setup.
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    Lian Li 65 and watercooling question

    jhzero1984, Have you looked into Swiftec's H20 120 rev.3 or Corsair's Cool setup? They should suit your needs nicely. I have the same case that you do and have a Corsair Cool for socket 775 on order, but it is taking forever to get here. What's nice about these systems is you can mount the...
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    Corsair Cool Water or Swiftech H20-120F

    I ordered Corsair's COOL kit for LGA775 and am expecting it to come in sometime next week. After a few days evaluation, I will post my thoughts/impressions of it. They (Corsair & Swiftec) seem to be identical except for the paintjob, so judging by recent reviews (Madshrimps, LegionHardware...
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    Which Geforce 6 series do you have?

    Evga 6800 Ultra PCIe @ 450/1100
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    WOW, BFG 6800 Ultra OC PCIe in stock

    Since you have already ordered the SLI board, the X850 XT PE will do you no good if you plan on running 2 cards on that mobo in the future. You are correct that ATi does not support SM3.0 in their cards at this time, but their next release after X850 series is supposed to. As far as brands of...
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    What was your first video card?

    An ATi Rage 3D 2 MB back in February 1996. My first REAL 3D card was a 3DFX Voodoo 1 purchased in October of 1997 or thereabouts. Man, playing Quake 1 using Glide was awesome (at the time). :D
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    BFG 6800gt PCI-E picture???

    Same here, except with another Ultra. Hopefully we'll see nforce5 this month.
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    WOW, BFG 6800 Ultra OC PCIe in stock

    Cool beans! It's good to see these things finally becoming more available. I figured with the introduction of nforce4, nvidia would start cranking them out. I'm just waiting for nforce5 to pick up my second Evga Ultra. Should be sometime this month. Hopefully the nforce5 will have less...
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    WOW, BFG 6800 Ultra OC PCIe in stock

    At Tigerdirect of all places! A bit steep at $619, but it's a BFG. Looks like February really IS the month for 6800 series PCIe card availability. Now get your butts moving and complete that rig for those who are hunting...
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    6800Ultra scores in SLI

    Nice. How about some '05 scores?
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    6800 Ultra's PCI-E In Stock @ $655

    I will vouch for gameve, since they made the whole process painless (except the $600 part). Not to mention making it possible for me to buy a PCIe Ultra last October. Anyway, I ordered the card on Wednesday and got it on Friday so no complaints from me. I did pay the extra two bucks for them...
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    6800 Ultra's PCI-E In Stock @ $655

    Evga is asking MSRP $599 for a PCIe Ultra at this time.
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    Evga PCIe 6800 GT & Ultra in stock @ gameve

    I have been able to hit 450 without any artifacting or weirdness. I use Half Life 2 and Doom3 as tests. The newest version of Powerstrip (build 488) does a nice job. Previous versions obviously had issues with PCI Express cards. I am hesitant to go much more than 450 as it is very stable...
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    Wierd smells (i.e. the smell of frying PCB) is never a good sign. Look closely for blackness around all resistors and capacitors. It's possible that mobo is fried. Does it even try to POST or is black screen all you get? If not the mobo, fried AGP port or 9800 Pro, maybe? :( Although since...
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    Evga PCIe 6800 GT & Ultra in stock @ gameve

    Ditto, although mine was an Ultra. Just a heads up to those who are searching. I'm waiting for Nforce5 (next month, supposedly) before I get another Evga Ultra. Should be less gouging now that several e-tailers are getting them in. $610 really isn't bad, considering a month ago gameve was...
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    Evga PCIe 6800 GT & Ultra in stock @ gameve

    Heads up to those looking for your SLI goodness! $489 for the GT and $610 for the Ultra. Not too much over MSRP considering Evga wants $599 for the Ultra from their website, which STILL says "Backordered". Get 'em while their hot!
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    6800GT pci-e

    Coolbits or Powerstrip. I don't know about the Evga 6800 GT PCIe, but there have been several Ultras that shipped with 425 core stock. Bonus!
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    eVGA Geforce 6800 Ultra PCIe Stock Speeds?

    I'm just going by the stock clock on the Evga PCIe Ultra I got from gameve back in October. I know that was fairly early to actually find an ultra PCIe in stock, hell, I even wondered if Evga sent some early samples to gameve, but slapped them in a retail box. Anyway, both Powerstrip and...
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    Took the Markup plunge and got a PCIe 6800Ultra

    Mine was $612 from gameve in mid-October. They have since marked them up from that to $679! I don't regret my purchase at all. In July I had a new LGA 775 P4 3.4, 1 gig of Corsair XMS2 667, and virtually brand new everything, but couldn't find a PCIe Ultra for 3 months! I know there are...
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    6800 Ultra PCI-E ($599) vs. 6800 Ultra AGP ($499)

    If the price difference is only $200, I'd say go with PCIe. Futureproofing is well worth it when two years from now you want to upgrade your vid card, but alas, no decent AGP cards to be found (theoretically). Everyone laughed at the industry's supposed transition from AGP to PCIe, what with...
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    evga 6800gt PCIe *IN STOCK* at gameve

    The 6800 Ultra PCIe I got from them back in October was stated to be OEM, but when it arrived, it was in an obviously retail box from Evga. No games included, but from my past experiences with retail video card purchases, the pack-ins are usually pretty lame anyway. Congrats on finally getting...