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    BF3 is pissing me off (xbox360)

    And which games ? I would do that without any problem with my MW3 but never with BF3, It's lot of fun for me instead of MW3
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Guys, what about you and loong range sniping ? I have feeling that there must be something like aim assist or something, coz everytime i shoot for long range even from SV98 it's almost everytime headshot. I also tried to aim at long ranges to aim alot above head and little less on the same range...
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    If PC Gaming Isn't Dead, why are game makers Favoring Consoles?

    Why people makes threads like that ? We are all gamers, it doesn't depend if console or PC, so why must we fight ?
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    Origin automatically added BF: BC2 to my account?

    Well as Sycraft said : You registered BC2 key on EA account so then you must have it also on your origin, because it's in your account. It's simple.
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    Your favourite recent release

    Guys who voted ''Other'' could you tell us which game is it please ?
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    Finally picked up Portal 2 on sale.

    I can't say, because these aren't like two episodes of 1 game, these are just 2 totally different games with same story and main game idea, but everything else is lot more different. When you'll be asking for story P2 is winner for me, although it continues first Portal, this part of story is...
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    Possibly Dead GTX 560 Ti

    Contact Evga or store where you bought it and request help/reclamation
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    GTX 280 chirping noise after starting Furmark

    Well I'm using my GTX 275 Twin Frozr OC for years now and when I played Battlefield about 3 weeks later (I played about 40 minutes) and I felt lot of warm air around my computer I was like What ?? So I quit game and looked on temperature, 109 C xDD that was really WTF moment for me, I didn't...
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    GTX 560 Ti now, or wait for 6xx?

    From what I read and heard first releases of series 600 should be end of 2011 - Q1 2012 but until the cards will be ''good enough'' for buying and don't be $1000 bombs can take even a year. So you should need to take that you'll have your 600 series in about year. Consider if it's good for you...
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    2gb card for 1920x1200 gaming?

    But still it makes lot of power with dual cards.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    This is what I do after each patch, everytime some new patch comes out my game just stops working so i must always wait for some solves.
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    MW3 on xbox.

    I got many times spawn knifed and stuff (sometimes I just feel that I have enemy tactical insertion inserted in my ass) Still better than BO I was spawn killed/trapped in BO much more than in MW3 only problems I think are small maps like Dome where I just get killed 3-4 seconds after spawn...
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    That small triangle is.... very small I never noticed that, thanks, now I don't need to report players through support anymore.
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    BF3 Co-op thread?

    Thanks, and yeah SG-553 is from CO-OP for engineer. I heard that it has almost no recoil and you can do 3-4 shots at almost same place at any range.
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    BF3 weapon damage chart

    I more like M249 with grip,supressor(or extend mag) and IR than any combination of attachments on 240B, maybe I just can't play with it, really don't know. And also I can't wait for M60E4 because I was beast with it when I played on my friedns account.
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    Your favourite recent release

    Still didn't play Skyrim so I can really say, but for now it's BF3
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    Finally picked up Portal 2 on sale.

    Just enjoy the story and wait for most epic ending I have ever saw in a game or movie...
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    Need advice. Which GPU to keep?

    That sounds like a good plan, well i was thinking about something similar with my old card so I'm happy that someone else would do the same thing :-)
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    GTX 590 or Crossfire 6970

    Yang88she, this is yours ? I want this at home too :D
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    GTX 560 Ti now, or wait for 6xx?

    It depends how much you need new card... if you don't need it much and in near future you should wait for 600, but I would prefer buying 560...
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    BF3 weapon damage chart

    Thank you for the chart, helped me alot.
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    Skyrim :(

    Go on noob server in BF3 and get team killed many times, then there should be some teammate that will flashlight you into face in action and sure your pilot will destroy helicopter with you inside. Then after sweet ragequit enjoy Skyrim, If you'll have some urgent to play BF3, repeat first step.
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    Gabe Newell isn't worried about piracy, and responds to Ubisoft's "95%" quote

    You are wrong, Beta was open but free users had only 1 map with one mode and limited time...
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    Need a name for bussiness Thoughts??

    Facepalm, but you are totally right, I vote for ''Business'', or ''Cool Business'', maybe ''Cold Business''.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Weird. I hope they'll do something with it.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Yeah BF3 compared to BC2 is big step up. At the start I was little scared that it will be like BF2, not like BC2 but they took the best of both games and made BF3 which is amazing.
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    Gabe Newell isn't worried about piracy, and responds to Ubisoft's "95%" quote

    Really ? I though he is full of dedication to users.
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    After latest BF3 patch. Stuck at "Loading Level..."

    The simpliest thing you can do is removing BF, browser plugins + Origin and then reinstalling...
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    EA Origin Sale - Batman: Arkham City

    100% Digital download.
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    2gb card for 1920x1200 gaming?

    I totally agree with Greene420 for little more money you can get more than good.... this will last you alot longer with alot effect.
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    wallpaper websites

    Your wallpapers with sunset are amazing. Continue doing good job like this.
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    Finding faces in photos

    My friend was doing something similar with picasa so it should be good way.
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    Building my wife a new rig, convinced her to play BF3

    Man, this is best wife I have ever heard about. Never let her go away. She is so amazing.
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    PC gamers can't stop complaining

    ''Perhaps it will only take 12 guys three months to port the game to PC'' So that's why is each second PC port total unbalanced fail.
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    Dead Island $24.49 @ CDKeyDiscount

    Nice image xD sometimes I feel the same.
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    going from geforce to radeon

    What made you think about radeon ? It was mentioned many times here, but you should stay at nvidia.
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    My 5760x1200 Wallpapers

    The woman is completly made by you ?
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    The 25 Worst Passwords On The Internet

    Tried to login onto my friend's email using one of these 25 passwords.... Succes in 4 of 10 friends for me xD This is so dumb.
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    Looking for new Nvidia card, what brand?

    I buy only nvidia cards of Evga and MSI Twin Frozr (now using GTX 275 MSI Twin Frozr OC) and I really recommend these two to everyone. I'll be going for 560 Evga in near future (maybe after Christmas) Never had problem with these.