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    Affordable ($300 or lower) phase-change found!

    Also...CPU's arent getting more power consuming. these units are designed with the average consumer in mind that wants cold at a reasonable cost. Sure, they may not be a 3 stage cascade...but you don't need that anyway. Besides, with AMD and Intel fighting the power consumption war, I'd be...
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    *** The Official [H]ardForum Top10 Database ***

    How's about this for a 32M run? I'm loving this cedar mill. BTW....this was posted at the same speed with no changes :cool: For those who don't know I'm BB's bro and we've been racing with some Dice tonight...proved to be pretty productive :p
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    CPU Bottleneck?

    An increase in fsb may help with memory bandwidth and overall gaming 'feel'. I know fsb was always a killer bottleneck on my intel rigs. Either way, your system is very nice indeed.
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    BitchBreaker's new FS list!

    bump for an awesome trader and some good deals :)
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    WHY?! (another dead card thread)

    if you dont know the difference between a premanufactured part defect, and the work of BB, you're already in bad shape. If he couldnt build anything, is that why chilly1 had him come 2000 miles just to help him? which...btw..he built 12 SS units, and a -111*c cascade there, and not one complaint.
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    BB's HUGE FS list just intime for Xmas come and stock up! doesnt get much better than this..
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    BB's HUGE FS list just intime for Xmas come and stock up!

    bump for lots of great deals
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    BB's HUGE FS list just intime for Xmas come and stock up!

    ygpm on one of those raptors....
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    7800gt problems with fear, hl2 : lost coast

    I think it may be a sign that you're a troll ;)
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    P5WD2 Prem & DDR2 800

    It just means the chipset can run it, and no, you cant run 1:1 ram/fsb with a p4 630 at ddr800 without massive cooling :p However, you can run a divider with the ram faster than the fsb, but its usually better to run 1:1 and lower the latency of the ram.
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    Ghost in the Machine? my printer seems possessed.

    After the 1st time a printer smiled at me...I'd kick it in the ink cartridge and run like hell.... that is some very weird stuff indeed...
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    Wirelessly Connecting 2 WGR614

    hey demingo, im gonna wirelessly connect my foot to your ass if i dont get my money or a hard drive! ya god damned troll!!!!1
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    New Single stage build up! BitchBreaker pwn's it again.

    Yea that shits be mine :D mmm my 3.2es will be a LOT MORE than happy to have that kickass vapo on it, cant wait for some -55*c action! Watch out for BB's cascade, it's gonna be one cold mofo.
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    Processor Dead?

    Try re-clearing the cmos, a few times. Sometimes that happens to me.
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    Overclocking a Dell XPS Gen4 650 3.4 to 4.5ghz EE!!

    only thing being, will it do that speed on stock voltage?
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    FS/FT Nforce 2 ultra Mobo

    I had that board, it was awesome. OC features like crazy, up to 2.15vcore, 3.2vdimm, and 2.0vagp.Its THE AXP oc'ing board. I even had a 1300mhz Duron at 225mhz fsb on it! Rock stable board, ran awesome.
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    Project Stackers - High End Builds, Comparative Testing & First Mod! (56k Warning)

    Careful...make sure you use a firewall...don't want his new comp to catch a binary tract infection :eek:
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    OC'ing XP-M woes

    when you set the multy to 8.0, you got 1066mhz because that multy is the FSB multy, not the systembus multy. 8*133 = 1064. In order to get ~2200mhz you need a multy of 16 with a fsb of 133. EDIT....what he said... :p
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    OC'ing XP-M woes

    Maybe he's thinking 6x systembus instead of fsb, which would be 6x400 = 2400. But need a 12x multy to get 2.4ghz
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    Question: Why Are Some People So "Negative" About Water Cooling?

    I went for watercooling because, A) I'm po', and want the most out of my components, and B) I like my hearing as well. I had a tornado/swiftech hsf combo was painful, and the load temp was still higher than i wanted. With water, 1 120mm 1300rpm fan on the rad, i'm at 27* idle and 36*...
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    s939 HTTx multi ??

    Make sure after 220 fsb you lower your HTT multy to 4x, and after 250 fsb, 3x, or you will have stability issues. Keep HTT less than or equal to 1000mhz.
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    bump for bastard PSU's!
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    what converted you to AMD?

    They came to my door with pretty pamphlets :D Naa, I just wanted to try somethin' different, and I liked it.
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    How to dampen pump?

    Try using the thin grey foam they ship mobos on, worked for me.
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    FS/FT CPU's and more.

    bump for one FAST celly!
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    Good Temperature Monitor

    go to the intel site and download Intel Active Monitor, worked good for me back when i was on the other side :p
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    Hero Status to you if you can answer this...

    Possibly the video card is damaged? You said it died while running 3dmark, which would lead me to believe that its all in the x800. Try the x300 for a while and see if you have any problems.
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    Socket A mobo combo FS/FT

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    POST YOUR AMD XP-M O/Cs here!

    Lets see how far you can go with a 12.5x multy there Stang_man :p
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    *** The Official [H]ard SuperPi Challenge ***

    lol you got somethin right :p
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    POST YOUR AMD XP-M O/Cs here!

    I'd bet MaMMa's OC would spank Stang_Man's ;)
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    POST YOUR AMD XP-M O/Cs here!

    Did you buy that cpu new or used? If you bought it used, it sounds like its on its way out :(
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    POST YOUR AMD XP-M O/Cs here!

    Try reseating the cpu? How long were you overclocked, how far, and what voltage?
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    100% random hardlocks - even after replacing everything

    I'd try a different hard drive, thats about the only option left, and I have had a hard drive cause lock ups, right before it started causing random BSOD's then finally it just stopped altogether and gave me the click of death. :(
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    FS phase change gear and compressor!

    Bump for one hella sweet compressor :)
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    How many people....

    Oh...geez...yes, dont fold on a computer unless its stable :eek:
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    How many people....

    I've had lots of different expreiences with prime, just the other week I was trying out different things, and noticed the settings that had given me week + uptimes would fail prime after about 5 seconds, and an overclock that would cause me to bsod in about 3 hours passed prime for just as...
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    1/4" ID pump?

    The Mag pump might be a bad idea, seing as its 250gph, or about 1000lph, that seems like a LOT of pressure to be feeding through 10mm line.
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    1/4" ID pump?

    Best bet for a 1/4" system is to pick up one of the Eheim Powerhead Compact 300 pumps, theyre about $13 or so, and the Adaper Kit that lets you use 1/4' line is under $10. :)
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    Friend got DSL, now computer is acting weird. I'm stumped.

    I also wouldn't use the software sent by the ISP. With the correct Lan drivers, you should be able to get online without ever having to install any ISP software.