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    Asus motherboard warranty policy

    invoice may be required Instant RMA will be provided for ASUS products that are In-Warranty and are manufactured in the North America region (United States and Canada only). If your product is outside the manufacturer warranty term, you may still complete the web form, but you must upload a...
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    SLI enabled AM4 boards and other AMD board questions

    the x470 gaming plus is a super cheap x470 board that actually uses a similar vrm design as the b450 tomahawk. both use 4+2 vrm but the tomahawk has better vrm heatsinks which would actually make it a better ryzen 7 overclocker than the gaming plus.
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    Does the FGC Have a Favored Pocket Emulator

    mainly 2d fighters. had a dingoo canoo a few years back. the d-pad was decent but the emulators available for that handheld at the time didn't seem to allow you to configure your button layout. it made cps2 games a bitch to play.
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    Does the FGC Have a Favored Pocket Emulator

    yeah familiar with the xd but i was looking specifically for one that fighting game people like. so the ability to play 3d isn't as important as the d-pad quality.
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    Does the FGC Have a Favored Pocket Emulator

    looking for a portable emulator console primarily for fighting games. any suggestions?
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    1155 crossfire motherboard?

    where are you looking?
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    1155 crossfire motherboard?

    not sure where you're buying from but a cruise by ebay, i can see a bunch of asus p8z77 boards for about $100usd.
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    1155 crossfire motherboard?

    socket 1155 lasted through several chipset iterations. so long as you see two pci-e 16 slots on the board, it likely supports cf. amd was much less strict with its lane speed criteria than nvidia. team green demanded a minimum of two 8x speed lanes ( plus a cash payout) to get sli...
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    WTB: Socket 939 Mobo

    have an opty 180 and white pcb sapphire rd580 board. board was new when i bought it and never used. wanted to do a retro ati build but really don't have the time to finish. also have x1900xt, cf card, ram, and water cooling blocks. not asking you to buy the gear, but hoping someone might...
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    2700/2700X or Intel i7?

    i've recently dumped my skylake build for a ryzen 2600x, but in my research for an acceptable am4 board i'm finding that a lot of manufacturers are playing fast and loose with the voltage regulation design. unless i'm comfortable spending $200 on a board, it makes me question if i have an...
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    11 Series Release Date

    an article from my yahoo newsfeed suggests a late august release date citing a leaked email from an nvidia aib partner.
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    soft tubing isn't hip anymore but its still beautiful to me when done with care.
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    I just want a new GPU...

    not really, i've used the evga step-up program a half dozen times over the years. my step-up from gtx 780 6gbs to gtx 980s took better than 6 months because i wanted the blowers instead of the acx models, but as long as you-re within 90 days from purchase to step-up submitting, you'll...
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    WTB: Lian Li full tower case

    have a lian li armorsuit p80 with red yate loon 140mm that has the interior powdercoated green by performance pcs. you can browse my thread history if you want a look at it.
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    Need help overclocking a CPU for a friend

    the gigabyte p43 ud3 is a solid board. i built dozens of systems using it. it routinely oc'd the q6600 to 3.0ghz without significant voltage increases or exotic cooling. the e6400 has a base clock of 266mhz on an 8x multiplier. the board supports a fsb of up to 1600mhz. the fsb of your...
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    Need help overclocking a CPU for a friend

    if you had a q6700 that allowed you to increase the multi, you actually had the qx6700. the x signifying an extreme edition cpu. all other c2qs were multi locked. op needs to take some screenies of bios options and the actual model og the board. you couldn't copy and paste oc setting back...
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    Anyone else not give a single hoot about overclocking

    dexvx, you're not wrong but you're not completely right either. the number cpus and prices within a product stack vary and fluctuate from generation to generation. amd x2 939 socket launched with 5 cpus priced from $300-1000. pentium d launched with 4 cpus from $150-600. core 2 duals...
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    Anyone else not give a single hoot about overclocking

    gains use to be much more significant. t-bred 2200+@1.8ghz to 2.5ghz; pentium d 805@2.66ghz to 4.0ghz; core 2 e6300@1.86ghz to 3.2ghz; core 2 q6600@2.4ghz to 3.6ghz; i7 920@2.66ghz to 4.0ghz; i7 2600k@3.4ghz to 4.9ghz; i7 3930k@3.2ghz to 4.5ghz all were an eye-opening experiences and...
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    Building a new pc

    buy a prebuilt from a reputable integrator. they don't seem to be affected by the insane gpu overpricing.
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    PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX Vega 56 review is up at Guru3d

    the batshitty prices on consumer vega makes me wish someone would do an updated review of vega frontier with the new drivers considering the aircooled version is under a grand and in stock.
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    FS: Chieftec Dragon style full ATX stainless steel black

    its gotta be aluminum instead of steel. i built dozens of systems using these dragon cases and the steel ones were always in a matte finish. can we get better pics up loaded op?
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    Integrated Graphics from Intel G4560 vs Radeon HD 4850 512mb?

    intel iris pro graphics are comparable to nvidia gtx 750s.
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    Best deal on a 1151 right now?

    would be best to know what your absolute budget is. are you choosing that board because newegg is offering a $30 rebate? you'll also have to deal with cf that operates at 16/4 pci-e lane split.
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    RX 550 vs A10-7890K APU (both with 512 sp)

    its absolutely a slower clocked hd 7750. i posted a review of the a10 7850k a few years ago. you can oc the gpu portion of the apu; i think i got it up to 900mhz paired with 2400mhz ddr3, but its still slower than a discrete hd 7750. the video is comparing a gcn 1.0 part to a gcn 4.0 part...
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    RX 550 vs A10-7890K APU (both with 512 sp)

    the gpu embedded in that top end apu hasn't changed in several generations. its still essentially the hd 7750.
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    Oldest CPU pairing with a 1070/1080 GTX?

    its not going to be a hard bottleneck. its about how much of your $500 gpu purchase will be experienced. digital foundry already has plenty of published videos that show a 2500k trailing an i5 6500 by at least 10% at 1080p while in some games the delta grows 20+ frames. that core 2 quad is...
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    What 1080 Ti AIB card are you getting and why?

    i'm keen on an asus poseidon if they change up their black/red color scheme. i may splurge and go with a galax hof edition.
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    Ryzen Owners Thread

    not sure if its been asked yet, but has anyone tried nerfing two cores to see if they can hit higher than 4.2ghz oc'd?
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    reran with the render-er at 100. and got 32.41. not bad i guess? should we be noting our ram speeds, too? it seems to matter.
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    1:04.14 on a 3930k@4.5ghz w/ 16gb 2133
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    Atx Case for New Build

    your build doesnt appear to be very complicated. if you're not water cooling then i see no reason other than looks to go with the large thermaltake, corsair, or phanteks cases. the small thermaltake cases would suite you just fine. if you do intend to water cool then the more expensive cases...
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    Atx Case for New Build

    the 540 supports 140mm fans front and rear. at this point i don't think there's any need to ask us what you should buy, as the amount of hardware you intend to install in the case has not been mentioned. its really all about aesthetics and only you can determine what you like and what you're...
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    Atx Case for New Build

    the size of the v71 and of the other two thermaltake cases are vastly different so at this point it would be nice to know what kind of hardware you intend to build with. the first two thermaltake cases are essentially the same case just with different front bezels. they are pretty much...
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    Atx Case for New Build

    140mm fans typically move more air with less noise. 140mm fans were slowly beginning to supplant 120mm as the standard by which most cases support similar to how 120mm replaced 80mm, but since the explosion in popularity of all-in-one liquid coolers that used 120mm fans, 120mm fan ports remain...
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    Sony: PS4 Pro’s 4K Gaming Is Not Misleading

    really? if you say so. having low standards is definitely a thing, too. cheers.
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Space Pirate Trainer @ [H]

    went to buy a used gtx 780 off a kid on cl just a few hours ago and the address he texted me was to a vr arcade that recently opened up in town. apparently its a business his old man owns and he let me try out this very game. i was totally blase about vr until i gave it a go. man am i...
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    Atx Case for New Build

    you're not providing enough information.
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    Sony: PS4 Pro’s 4K Gaming Is Not Misleading

    whaaa. this thread is about whether one can distinguish the difference between 1080p and 4k. its nice that you enjoy your setup but it has no bearing on the discussion. considering you took the time to post an attack at bankie you must notice the difference, too.
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    Sony: PS4 Pro’s 4K Gaming Is Not Misleading

    im not sitting close to the monitor. i haven't gamed using mouse and keyboard for almost 7 years.
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    Sony: PS4 Pro’s 4K Gaming Is Not Misleading

    ymmv i suppose but i went from a 30" 25x16 to a 39" 4k and my first impression was ehh. then i upgraded to a 50" 4k that can do 60hz and it was...whoa.