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  1. drutman

    Thermal Risk

    4% to 74% explosion range for air/ Hydrogen mix. Coming from a Chemist who worked on PEM fuel cells for the Army this discussion is bonkers, if you are concerned get a combustible gas detector for your PC/home office. This will monitor Hydrogen Sulfide also.
  2. drutman

    Mb temperatures to high ?

    One thing to discuss is that at idle conditions, thermocouple values are erroneous according to an Intel white paper. They claim you should only believe temps when close to thermal limit. If I find the paper I will post it.
  3. drutman

    GIGABYTE RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G - Random Black Screen When Gaming

    Try turning off XMP in BIOS or AMD equivalent.
  4. drutman

    My 5950x failed after only 8 months of standard usage

    All products have failure rates part of the problem is nothing is easy at sub 10 nm scale, I ran an nano characterization analytical lab with an emphasis on XRD and SEM.
  5. drutman

    Just got my first projector - Is this decent?

    They are amazing projection systems I attended a drone military tradeshow and they had an ICBM shootdown simulation powered by a PS3 cluster on four 75 inch back projected screens which were visible inside a fully illuminated event hall.
  6. drutman

    Just got my first projector - Is this decent?

    In the price range they are all about the same, unless you buy a 100K Christie projector you have no street cred LOL!
  7. drutman

    Best/worst computer brands.

    HP laptops tend to overheat and burn up.
  8. drutman

    GIGABYTE RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G - Random Black Screen When Gaming

    What does event viewer show you ?
  9. drutman

    Is anyone using a 12VHPWR Cable Mod cable?

    I use the white cable mod kit for my PSU very well made and worth the expense.
  10. drutman

    3080 HDMI signal dropping out sporadically

    This was PSU issue with me.
  11. drutman

    3080 HDMI signal dropping out sporadically

    What event viewer error do you get? Mine was as follows turned out to be bad XMP profile and faulty PSU. My screen went black and powered down MW 2 tripped it. Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power Date: 3/11/2023 5:07:05 PM Event ID: 41 Task...
  12. drutman

    Platform costs are completely out of control.

    1. Peeps demanding more features and sub 10 nm manufact. processes drive up cost. 2. Inflation drives up cost. 3. Budget boards/parts do not make much profit anymore. 4. AMD cannot sells its products deep discounted from Intel anymore their manufact. costs are high like Intel's are. The...
  13. drutman

    Now is the worst time to buy a new stationary computer?

    1. Upgrade based on real needs not novelty factors. For example when I was running a research nano characterization center I needed firepower for XRD calculations. When I retired the PC waits on me not the other way around. I upgraded from X99 /5820K to 690/ 12700K, unless I run a benchmark...
  14. drutman

    AIO's like Corsair, Asus

    Very true even as a Chemist I recommended Monel Ni.
  15. drutman

    AIO's like Corsair, Asus

    Funny we had a govt contract to study hydrogen fuel cells and we had a expensive glycol cooling system which leaked freq. and we had a visit from a major refinery that starts with the letter E and the first comment he said was " What idiot used this wrong kind of PVC to plumb the entire system?"
  16. drutman

    AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU Review & Benchmarks: $700 Gaming Flagship

    The split is a great option we have one here.
  17. drutman

    Atomic Heart

    I ran the dev copy and the Xbox PC version and the FPS was the same with or without the RT(Dev copy has it). G sync (VRR) is broken at some times it appears.
  18. drutman

    Atomic Heart

    I am guilty of running this and it is smooth at 144 FPS. Will install Xbox PC game pass version later.
  19. drutman

    Atomic Heart

    Runs at max settings on my PC fine, gameplay like a mix between Prey and Control.
  20. drutman

    Intel still recommends using only a grain of rice/pea sized amount of thermal paste?

    More is not necessary better and unless you are running a RBMK(Chernobyl) reactor for a PC void coefficient issues(air bubbles) is not an issue LOL.
  21. drutman

    NVIDIA Readying 10GB, 12GB, and 16GB Variants of RTX 4070

    The question we need to ask is why AMD can do 24Gig on a 7900XT and why Ngreedia gimps us on memory?
  22. drutman

    Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Samsung 980 PRO 2TB SSD PCIe Gen 4 x4 NVMe $139.99

    How do you refurb a SSD ? Everything is soldered on seems like trouble to replace component easier to send to trash bin and replace from a manufacturer's standpoint.
  23. drutman

    Destroyed motherboard while installing. Really?

    Funny we had a MB with a blown off SMD we dropped a bead of solder on empty pad and it fixed it.
  24. drutman

    Advice for home build

    Might want to consider a Intel GPU.
  25. drutman

    Advice for home build

    I would fret too much over CPU choice I went from a 7yr old platform to a 12700k and the only noticeable thing was an increase in min frame rates. I am out of the analytical chemistry/ research profession so I do not care about number crunching. Microcenter had a deal for a Intel I7 12700K and...
  26. drutman

    Rusty Power Supply

    I would trash it and purchase another.
  27. drutman

    Pulsed helium3 fusion in a magnetic bottle, not lasers or same old tokawhatever...

    Greta is a joke she has zero scientific training.
  28. drutman

    Finally got a 3d printer, a modified Ender 3

    Try the isolation bed use foam under the concrete or stone block very inexpensive to purchase. We use mass loaded platforms under our scientific instruments all the time. IKEA sells a very sturdy small table for like 40 USD.
  29. drutman

    Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition $2.99 on Steam

    Plays fast and nice to look at. MP online is DOA on Origin now. Nice single campaign though.
  30. drutman

    Finally got a 3d printer, a modified Ender 3

    Nice setup. Go out to your local Home Depot and purchase a concrete/stone patio tile for use as an isolation bed, those wire shelving units are flimsy. If you want high precision and accuracy the printer cannot vibrate or move.
  31. drutman

    Cooler suggestions needed LGA1700

    Using my 7 yr old NZXT AIO for now got a Deepcool AS500 plus WH for when the AIO goes DOA.
  32. drutman

    Pulsed helium3 fusion in a magnetic bottle, not lasers or same old tokawhatever...

    Ran a research center with Bruker XRD and XRF instruments. Nothing like German Engineering and high price. All of our NMRs at UT Austin were Bruker(600 MHz) or Varian.
  33. drutman

    Pulsed helium3 fusion in a magnetic bottle, not lasers or same old tokawhatever...

    This is state of the art here
  34. drutman

    PG32UQX - ASUS 32" 4K 144 Hz HDR1400 G-Sync Ultimate

    Almost got this 120Hz OLED for PC use.
  35. drutman

    Using DDR5 with XMP profiles on AM5?

    Second that, if I enable XMP my desktop black screens and MW 2 crashes, Intel reps tell me the XMP can be finnicky with games and desktop crashes. I have the 32 Gig GSKILL Trident Z Neo 3600 DDR4 sticks.
  36. drutman

    no signal on NEW gpu

    Does it boot at all? if it does use event viewer and google critical error codes, my 3080 would go to blackscreen low power hib mode and not wake up unless I restarted it. COD would crash always. I got a response from an Intel forum the cause was the XMP bios being enabled so I disabled it in...
  37. drutman

    Would you change anything on this list?

    I am running the AMD version of this RAM GSKILL NEO 3600 fine with a Intel CPU. Only issue is MW 2 COD does not like XMP selected in BIOS game freezes up on AMD and Intel builds.
  38. drutman

    Moving from 5800X3D to an Intel 13900K build. Worth it?

    Only reason I upgraded was Microcenter had combo for 335 USD. No gaming issues at 2K/144Hz with 5820K(2013) and a 3080 GPU. Did load down CPU to 85 % for some games.