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    What is your favorite web browser?

    chrome on windows safari on the macbook
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    OSX Mavericks? Anyone upgrade yet?

    all seems normal on my mid-2010 macbook pro so far. I like the safari 'power saver' feature that stops flash advertisements from playing unless you click on them.
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    18h flight macbook air

    Beijing to London is 12 hours max and usually only 10 or 11, not 18 hours lol.
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    iOS 7 Discussion

    I feel that iOS 6 (while being 'outdated' by hipster-design-nut standards) at least felt cohesive, tight and fast. The experience was consistent across all applications as well and was one of the reasons I've always enjoyed iOS over android. (Though I'll admit my android experience is from many...
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    on freaking fire [H]ot. 3570k 169.99 @ MC

    dang - I bought one of these in-store at microcenter about 2 weeks ago. Will they pricematch?
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    Fractal Design Gallery

    How'd you get the wiring so neat? I can't figure out how to route it in my core 1000. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough...
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    New build, SATA 6gb/s hard drive horrible read/write speeds

    Hah, indeed. Well the toshiba drive failed later in the day. Wouldn't book, clicks of death. Rubbish. I took the drive back and bought an SSD instead. Much happier. :)
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    New build VERY slow - SATA HDD Read/Write issue?

    You are correct sir - I should have known it. The HDD refused to boot last night after a day of use. The drive in question was a 1TB SATAIII Toshiba DT01ACA100. Upon further research lots of other users reporting bad compatibility with Windows 7 and this drive, not to mention bad reliability...
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    New build VERY slow - SATA HDD Read/Write issue?

    CPU is showing at 3.4ghz in windows and BIOS. PSU is
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    New build, SATA 6gb/s hard drive horrible read/write speeds

    So I just threw together my first 'new' build in a decade or so on a spur of the moment thing with a bunch of stuff I found on sale. Intel core i5 3470 3.4ghz MSI B75MA-P45 mATX mobo 8GB Corsair Ballistix Toshiba 1TB 6gb/s hard drive Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit All the parts went...
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    New build VERY slow - SATA HDD Read/Write issue?

    It was in ACHI mode as far as I know. Looking at the settings now, that's what it's set to. I'll try to dig up another HDD to test and see what happens. I bought the drive yesterday, hopefully a return is possible if it's a bad drive.
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    New build VERY slow - SATA HDD Read/Write issue?

    So I just threw together my first 'new' build in a decade or so on a spur of the moment thing with a bunch of stuff I found on sale. (on a budget...) Nothing fancy, just hoping to play a few games I've missed over the last few years. Intel core i5 3470 3.4ghz MSI B75MA-P45 mATX mobo 8GB Corsair...
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    Any Suggestions for an Ultra Rugged White 4S Case?

    I have the otter box. The rubber part wore out after a while and a few port covers ripped off. Check out the griffin survivor, seems a bit nice but it is also huge.
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    WASD / ESDF Question For PC Gamers

    i only use ESDF because it was the tribes 2 default.
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    Lion release?

    Nope, they took all the customizability of spaces away. I've been hitting Command-downarrow all day because I used to have my email in a space down there. Can't do that anymore. Only spaces to the right. I guess I can eventually get used to things - It's just frustrating!!!!
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    Lion release?

    c2d 2.66ghz 4gb - no discernible difference really.
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    Lion release?

    Yea, I was used to a certain setup with certain apps in certain spaces - for many years. Also you can't just drag things around to new spaces. Now that the vertical component is gone, I feel like they removed some useful functionality. I know I'm bitching and moaning here, but why are they...
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    Lion release?

    so basically I can't really control spaces in lion? I can only "fullscreen" apps into their own space, and it's always to the right? Ugh. Many years of muscle memory is being abruptly messed with. Lame. Am I wrong here?
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    Macbook Air 13" + SC2 gaming

    eh, I don't know any specifics. But it's not like you doing something super disk intensive like major video editing etc. I doubt SC2 will wear your HDD out. Though, I am no expert on this....just my 2 cents.
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    What lens spends the most time on your camera?

    Old but trusty Nikon 18-70mm
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    Valve: no new engine anytime soon

    eh, it may be old, but I still like the way it "feels".
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    Anyone still big on flight sims?

    What kind of job does one play helicopter sims at?!
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    First Tribes: Ascend screens are out!

    I believe it's unreal tech of some sort... I dunno - the last tribes made on unreal tech just didn't feel right. I miss the good ol' torque engine...
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    iMac, or Mini for Portal 2?

    I play portal 2 just fine on my 13inch 2010 macbook pro - The mac mini is about the same guts as my macbook pro (nvidia 320m) so it'll run portal OK, just not that great at the higher resolutions of a desktop monitor. (I run it native on my mbp's screen, 1280x800) I imagine that the one of the...
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    Portal 2

    runs great on my 2010 13in macbook pro with 320m at 1280x800. Looks decent and plays well.
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    Anyone still big on flight sims?

    I believe Microsoft disbanded the whole flight sim team...
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    Post your workstations 2011

    meh, whenever he wants to pack up and move to a new pad, just fold up and go. certainly easier than trying to reconstruct a no-longer manufactured ikea desk with no instructions...
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    Sound options on the Mac Pro

    Unless you want a special interface for recording, the built in sound will be fine for gaming and vent.. It won't have all the input/output options and sound modeling features of say a creative X-fi or something. If you are an audiophile type, that's another story too. Then you'll want to...
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    TRIBES....... ENJOY!

    haven't heard of this, looks tight
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    Natural Selection

    they have a lot of issues with the netcode at the moment - so gameplay is super rough. many people are misconstruing framerate issues when much of it is netcode (though fps issues do exist)
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    Natural Selection

    what does "goin OG up in here mean"
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    Best simulators? Flight/Driving?
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    Post some of your favorite gaming moments!

    3 to 4 hour games of natural selection mod for HL1. sniping people on the vehicle pad on katabatic in tribes 2.
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    Macbook Air Personal Experiences thus far?

    any pics of it? I'm just curious of seeing it's size in actual use
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    Tribes MMO coming

    wow....I hope this isn't lame. I didn't think T:V was too bad.....but nobody really played it.
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    DCS:- Warthog (A-10C)

    woah, this looks ridiculous.
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    DCS:A10 Warthog - Prepurchase and get into Beta!

    because these don't sell a lot and cost a lot to produce.
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    wow. thats crazy.
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    2 Ghz Intel Core Duo (yea it's old) 2GB ram no ext lcd or anything (1280x800) it didn't run well.....although maybe under bootcamp it would be fine. I've played old games like half life 1 and Jedi Knight II without much issue under bootcamp on the gma950.
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    it runs terribly on my gma 950 in my macbook...