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    Pair of 18 TB Seagate Exos Enterprise (refurb) for $432

    Down to $390 now
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    WTB: '95-'04 Toyota Avalon. $150 finder's fee.

    Aren't crown vics bench seats?
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    FS: NEW Macbook Pro 16 + Ember coffee mug $1,900

    Don't get a purple bed, have one, hate it.
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    SH Script in OSX to Open and Close Program?

    Trying to set up a command file that will open a program, wait for X seconds, and then close the program. Ideally, I am trying to create a loop that will do it for a specified number of iterations. Any ideas? I've got a test file that works great at opening one instance of a program (just a...
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    WTB laptop Max. $150.00 shipped.

    I have a Dell E7240, i5, 8gb, 256gb SSD. Let me know if interested
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    WTB: Radeon VII or Vega 64

    Would need an air cooler or AIO LC design, no custom loops in this build unfortunately
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    WTB: Radeon VII or Vega 64

    Looking for one of the above two cards to build a hackintosh setup. Let me know price shipped to 85254 through pp. Tons of heat under max347. Thanks guys
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    US Navy just patented a very compact fusion reactor.

    No, we won't. Water separation requires more energy than can be produced from the hydrogen.
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    Stop Paying For Anti-Virus

    Finally, an anti-vaxxer PC thread. sub'd.
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    FS: z370, 9400, 16GB RAM Combo

    You may want to check out the NFC S4. I've also built out a node 202 and was happy with it (you could put it in a backpack for mobile VR usage).
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    FS: misc parts + peripherals (sfx psu, mouse, keyboards)

    Wow, what a cool PSU- didn't know they made them that beefy in SFX
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    FS: Inexpensive desktops and a laptop

    3 more machines to list today, and then we are onto a stack of Sun Ultra SPARC units and some ancient servers.
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    [WTB] Ryzen iTx Motherboard + DDR4 + SSD

    Haswell combo here-
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    FS: Inexpensive desktops and a laptop

    Added a couple more, still more to come
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    FS: Inexpensive desktops and a laptop

    Dell sold- will get some more stuff up tonight when I'm home.
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    FS: Inexpensive desktops and a laptop

    ttt- added one more, 4 more incoming
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    Sold 1080ti new owner has black screen

    Not a W10 issue if you can't get the POST screen to show with the video card. If the CMOS was cleared, how did you pass back into windows? There should be a fault that prevents boot without hitting F1/2. If it didn't do that, CMOS may not have been cleared. What card was in the system prior...
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    FS: Inexpensive desktops and a laptop

    Heat under max347, fee-less payment via Venmo, Google, Amazon, Zelle, and Paypal preferred. Local pickup definitely an option to anyone in Scottsdale/Phoenix (85254 for anyone calculating shipping costs). Trades: 1150 itx board for a 4570 DDR4 ram 3000+ AM4 chip ~1050Ti/1060 GPU
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    Sold 1080ti new owner has black screen

    Getting to the windows login screen, as in you can see the image and then it goes black? Or as in, you here the Windows chime?
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    Sold 1080ti new owner has black screen

    1. Clear CMOS 2. During boot hit Del/whatever the enter BIOS key is 3. See if it dispays BIOS When installing a new card, the first time it boots it likely won't display anything until after POST- so we need to confirm that the motherboard is seeing/using the card before jumping to a WIndows issue
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    Microsoft Updated its terms of service

    Press Shift+F10 to bring up the command prompt on the first screen of the OOBE. Type CD x:\windows\system32\oobe (with x being the drive letter where Windows is installed, for example c:\windows\system32\oobe)and hit Enter. Type msoobe and hit Enter. Reboot Now you don't have to agree to any terms!
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    WTB: 4 SATA spinners from that drawer

    Use HWMonitor to monitor temps instead?
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    Delivered but "Stolen"

    In the first situation you are not accepting liability and in the second you are. Stop looking at it from the seller's standpoint and look at it from the buyer's view. I thought the same way as you until I did this.
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    Delivered but "Stolen"

    Yeah, you said two different things. Wrong. Right.
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    Delivered but "Stolen"

    It's not a 'try', its the expectation reasonable people have when they buy something online. They aren't paying you to locate the item and bring it to the post office, they are paying you to have the item. While you may disagree, you will be disappointed by literally any online arbiter should...
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    Delivered but "Stolen"

    That's exactly my point- they make it right because they are the seller. They don't ship it and tell you 'tough luck' after it leaves their hands.
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    Delivered but "Stolen"

    You have the same thought process if you buy something from Amazon, they show it as shipped, and you never get it? Didn't think so. Exactly.
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    WTB: parts to build a desktop (high school workload)

    Ive got a full Ivy bridge i3 system (dell), I could do $100 on, let me know if interested
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    The Death of Overclocking is Nigh...(we knew it was coming)

    Haven't seen that happen yet
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    FS: Note 9, RAM, PSU etc

    Pm on psu
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    Apple to get rid of butterfly switches.

    Nah, I have a dislike for Apple that probably rivals most on these forums, but the Macbook and the iphone are both solid pieces of hardware.
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    PC passes PS4 to become Ubisoft's top revenue generator

    We are just upset that the console peasants ruin everything.
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    FS: Sans Digital TowerRAID TR8M-B *Price Drop*

    You guessed it- another price drop, would like to get it out of the garage.
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    EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra - $500 shipped USA

    I wonder how many times this thread will get bumped before getting locked for playing with everyone's emotions.