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    Overclocked GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU outperforms desktop RTX 3090 Ti

    The MSI 4090 laptop that PC World tested saw about 10% better Octane performance than the average desktop 3090 gets. That's incredible performance for a laptop.
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    Intel’s Arc A770 Nearly 3x Faster than AMD’s Radeon RX 7900 XTX in Hogwarts with Ray Tracing

    I don't know why TechSpot decided to keep that line in there. According to their own plot, that line is completely false. The latency is actually LOWER than with all DLSS turned off. For Cyberpunk: Native (no Reflex): 101.5ms Native (with Reflex): 63.5ms DLSS3 Quality: 62.6ms DLSS3 Performance...
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    Amazon Preparing to Offer Home Internet

    I didn’t realize that US companies were the only possible option for launching satellites.
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    Amazon Preparing to Offer Home Internet

    Yes, and? Satelites launched not from US soil can still overfly the US.
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    Amazon Preparing to Offer Home Internet

    These aren't geosync sats. The government can block only the radio usage and only while the sats are above their borders.
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    First Consumer PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD Gets Tested, Makes a Lot of Noise

    They would still hit the same bottleneck since those assets would need to be loaded into VRAM before use anyway. That means hitting the same slow SSD that wasn't limited by the bus to begin with.
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    First Consumer PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD Gets Tested, Makes a Lot of Noise

    56% of systems in the Steam Survey have 6GB or less VRAM. 37% have 4GB or less. Over 82% have 16GB or less system memory. It's going to be a long time before game developers make assets so big that faster SSDs become useful for their games. Sure, developers could move towards streaming more...
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    Corsair officially announces new RMx Shift PSUs (side-positioned connectors)

    In a high power build in a typical Corsair case, I think this would actually fit worse than a traditional PSU. I already run into trouble closing the doors on water cooled 2-GPU 5000D builds (not a problem on air cooled ones though). That's just going to be made worse with the side connector...
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    "How We Test: CPU Benchmarks, Misconceptions Explained", aka "why you don't want to be GPU-limited when doing CPU testing"

    This is true only if you buy the fancy new GPU and then play at low settings. If you bought that new GPU because, I dunno, maybe you didn't want to play at low settings any more, then that old test data isn't going to tell you squat.
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    "How We Test: CPU Benchmarks, Misconceptions Explained", aka "why you don't want to be GPU-limited when doing CPU testing"

    TL;DR: "When there is zero difference in the real world, we can pick certain unrealistic hardware and settings combinations in order to create one so that we have something to write about." That's not exactly news.
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    Massive Intel Arc GPU Driver Update Claims 10% to 77% Gains

    "If you want to run the most demanding game at the highest possible resolution using the highest possible settings while getting maximum frame rate, you need to buy top end hardware." Uhhh.... yeah. If you want Ferrari performance, you have to buy a Ferrari. That's kind of how things work. It's...
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    Intel cutting employee and executive pay

    On that list, only Apple and Nvidia have really innovated in the last decade. Of those two, Apple ran into exactly the problem of an activist shareholder attempt to shred the company's future in exchange for short term gains [for the shareholder alone]. Nvidia is a bit different because the...
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    Intel cutting employee and executive pay

    It is difficult for a large publicly traded company to innovate. Innovation involves a lot of short term loss in order to bring home long term gains. Shareholders demand gains yesterday and get upset when they have to wait for today. They are free to jump off of the innovation ship and return...
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    The rumored RTX 4090Ti/TITAN

    I wouldn't run only 4x360 rads on that machine.
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    The rumored RTX 4090Ti/TITAN

    In addition to AI workloads, there's also 3D rendering. I encounter plenty of models which use 21GB and this often doesn't leave enough room on a 24GB card for the AI denoiser to be used. That creates a gigantic performance hit compared to the same model being able to use AI denoising on a card...
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    The rumored RTX 4090Ti/TITAN

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is at least partially done as a way to keep the card from competing with the These Totally Aren't Quadro Cards Quadro cards. It'll be difficult to squeeze two of these into a box by nature of forcing that to be an 8 slot solution. The 2-GPU rigs that I've been...
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    The rumored RTX 4090Ti/TITAN

    As a render card, this would be a monster that's worth the price of admission.
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    Thunderdolt's Freebies Thread

    Backpack still available.
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    Intel misses Q4 badly, Q1 guidance is abysmal

    ^^ THIS ^^ This is why Intel's consumer business is retracting. Our computational capabilities have increased 10-fold, but the general population's computational needs haven't increased in a decade. This makes for super slow upgrade cycles. On top of that, 98% of the screen time that used to be...
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    Need help - I RMA'd my 2080 Ti XC2 Ultra with EVGA and have been given the choice between a 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra, or a 3070 Ti XC3 Ultra. Which one?

    For myself, I would choose performance that I'd use over VRAM that I won't. YMMV.
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    Solid State Cooling on Display at CES

    That's actually a pretty neat way to move air.
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    Need help - I RMA'd my 2080 Ti XC2 Ultra with EVGA and have been given the choice between a 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra, or a 3070 Ti XC3 Ultra. Which one?

    I would go with the 3070 Ti. It is appreciably faster on today's games and that gap will grow with tomorrow's games due to increased reliance on the RTX hardware. Something is wrong if you're seeing those games use that much VRAM. GTA V should be under 5GB (6GB at most) and Halo Infinite should...
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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    Spend some time looking at the builds people show off on reddit. Half of these guys couldn't put together a NUC if it arrived already built. As long as you're using components that actually comply with the law and aren't made of literal garbage, there is zero risk of actual fire. Smoke and...
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    Corsair AX1600i 1600W Digital Titanium ATX Power Supply - For Parts Only!

    So literally the exact opposite of OP's claim?
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    Apple launched the M2 Pro and the M2 Max

    Looks like yet another company with ray tracing capabilities that leave AMD stuck in 2005.
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    Corsair AX1600i 1600W Digital Titanium ATX Power Supply - For Parts Only!

    That is pretty out of character for Corsair. I suspect that you haven’t been given the whole story by your friend. Either that, or he really just didn’t want the extra $200 he could have had by selling the supposed B-grade replacement - which would have paid for a BNIB retail 1600W T2 unit from...
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    Corsair AX1600i 1600W Digital Titanium ATX Power Supply - For Parts Only!

    Why sell instead of utilizing the 10 year warranty?
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    GPU Warranty Moral Support (Appreciate suggestions / thoughts)

    Often, defective parts discovered within 30 days of purchase are handled by the original retailer. I'm not sure if MSI is this way, but many brands operate like this. This would be my recommendation. I'm guessing you got this from the store next to Trader Joe's. Since they're a specialist B&M...
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    Ubisoft cancels three more games, issues dire update

    Clearly, this has nothing at all to do with consumers getting tired of paying $70 for a steaming pile of betaware that wasn’t going to be fun to play even if not for the embarrassing litany of bugs. “We specialize in selling digital excrement and consumers are beginning to say they’ve eaten...
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    Corsair 1000D

    They're choked pretty hard. With fans at fixed RPM, I see about a 5C difference in coolant temp under load when the front glass isn't installed. It wouldn't be as bad if the side panels didn't have the aluminum extensions that reach out to the same plane as the front glass. If you ran 2x480 +...
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    Corsair 1000D

    Isn’t that what the 7000D is supposed to be?
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    Major flaw detected with AMD 7900 XTX vapor chamber cooler

    That's not the aurora borealis, that's just me trying to get my KDR above 1.
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    Nvidia Super Resolution coming in February.

    Nvidia often does these things as tech demos while simultaneously releasing the associated API for developers to implement as they see fit. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they do here.
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    Corsair 1000D

    I've been told that this case was a source of conflict within the company. A higher up wanted a flagship case and decided that it should be a two-system streamer case even though that's not what the market wanted. There was a big rush to get the case out in time for an arbitrary deadline, and...
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    Corsair 1000D

    It can be done at 35mm and under if you're running Push-Pull in the front. If you're running push-only in the front, you can go much thicker but just how thick will vary by rad (both front and top due to the end tank clearance). That said, keep in mind that the top rads in a 1000D provide a...
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    HandBrake 1.6.0 Debuts AV1 Transcoding Support for the Masses

    My apologies for the stupid question, but what is your source for the shows? Was there a BD release of them? Or is the source material all stream-quality? Among other shows, I need to re-watch Andor. I'd love to do that from a much higher bitrate source like BD if there were such a thing.
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    AMD's RX 7900 XT cards allegedly support unannounced DisplayPort 2.1 connectors

    I, for one, am happy to hear that AMD upgraded their 60fps* card from a 120hz connector to a 240hz version. This is basically like putting a 300mph speedometer on a Camry. *27fps in RT titles
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    AMD 7900XT and 7900 XTX Reviews

    That's not what it says. It says that it has a 21.5% gap over a stock 4080 FE after OC+UV. That's not a 21.5% boost from its own stock settings.
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    AMD 7900XT and 7900 XTX Reviews

    This shows a 6.7% OC gain in Heaven and 8.5% in Cyberpunk (12% compared to reference).