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  1. aztekk

    pc seems to freeze up on certain web page....then i hear the gpu fan kick on and it comes right back

    I'd be worried if I did NOT have this issue using a different driver. That means part of your GDI acceleration is either crippled or being performed on the CPU now, potentially reducing your performance in legitimate functional applications that require it. This is a software bug (or maybe a...
  2. aztekk

    pc seems to freeze up on certain web page....then i hear the gpu fan kick on and it comes right back

    Standard javascript bloat courtesy of default Xenforo config, been blocking that since 2014 on various forums using XF software. Add following to your adblock custom filter config: ||* This blocks the bloated GPU-intensive javascript functions...
  3. aztekk

    Need some tips on burning large directories to disc

    No compression eh? Are you worried about the disc getting corrupted? Because otherwise compression is your friend in these situations, chances are this large directory has a bunch of small compressable files that could fit < 25GB that way. For convenience, you can always mount the partial...
  4. aztekk

    Comcast, beware: New city-run broadband offers 1Gbps for $60 a month

    To protect from MITM attacks by fascist netadmins, you verify remote certificates like you're supposed to with end-to-end encryption. And if the traffic gets blocked then you'll have to modify use a custom SSL stack / other form of encryption. Most SSL-based software will notify you of the MITM...
  5. aztekk

    Siri listens to everything you do.

    I believe he is talking about the Baseband processor chip (glorified modem) which handles all the radio/wifi/yada communication in modern cell phones (eg. Qualcomm MDM9600) and the conspiracy theory that the "spook traitors" have forced Qualcomm, SiTel, MediaTek and whatnot under NSLs to include...
  6. aztekk raises $6.5 million for programmatic in-game ad platform

    Why would anyone pay for cable TV with ads?
  7. aztekk

    Old SSDs that are good

    NAND is NAND pretty much, so might as well go with a consumer MLC drive like the Crucial MX100 256GB, which I have going 5 years in my main computer. But if you're really paranoid about longevity then going for SLC might be a better option, increasing the size also helps (write amplification)...
  8. aztekk

    Partitioning a NVMe drive.

    I don't see how that could be. If anything, leaving some unpartitioned space may yield an improvement in peformance. It's called overprovisioning and it leads to lower write amplification, which is desireable for reducing stress (less program/erase cycles).
  9. aztekk

    Good way to control case fans

    I just have my 2 case fans connected in parallel into the single mobo case fan header, no hubs involved (Y-splitter cable) and I haven't had any issues with this config. It's OK to wire 2 fans this way, 3 and more fans may be pushing the current limit on cheaper boards. And on older boards or...
  10. aztekk

    SSD Write Cycle question.

    I have been using SSD's since 2008 and have not had one outright fail on me yet, but it has happened with USB flash drives on several occasions. I would say that controller failure is the primary thing you should be worried about under normal use, this is what most often kills flash storage in...
  11. aztekk

    NVIDIA GeForce FX Named Best Graphics Processor of 2002

    I have done my share of PSU and motherboard recaps. While recapping an old 5V heavy unit is a good idea in theory, in many cases it's not worth the effort, depending on the make and model of the power supply it may not be the best option. The average PSU's people used in 2001-2005 tended to not...
  12. aztekk

    NVIDIA GeForce FX Named Best Graphics Processor of 2002

    Yes but if you get a consumer grade PSU's the quality aspect will be the difficult part. I mentioned 3 OEM's that I trust for this application (Delta, Zippy, Lite-On) and with the exception of one Antec PSU based on a Delta design there are currently no consumer brands that rebadge their PSU's...
  13. aztekk

    NVIDIA GeForce FX Named Best Graphics Processor of 2002

    K7 = Athlon XP, most of those used the old 20pin power connectors so if you have a 24-pin only connector (non-detachable 4pin) it may interfere with some chokes or capacitors (as was the case with one of my boards, had to swap the 24pin ATX connector to a 20+4pin one from another PSU to use it)...
  14. aztekk

    NVIDIA GeForce FX Named Best Graphics Processor of 2002

    I see that you're still obsessed with the FX series :) (we exchanged a few PM's 2 years ago, if you recall) I'm still running my good old Radeon 9600 Pro in my P4 system, but I've been considering augmenting that with something Nvidia of that period, perhaps a Geforce4 Ti4600... I got a 6800...
  15. aztekk

    MSI Showing Off at CES 2018

    Already covered (in 2003):
  16. aztekk

    When will the miner wars be over?

    This sentiment is one of most insane things I've heard, and I've heard a lot. You're upset at other customers, that they are using their card, which they OWN, a certain way you don't approve of? Newsflash they are the highest bidders and they don't have to ask your permission on what to do with...
  17. aztekk

    Google to Radically Change Homepage for First Time since 1996

    After the javascript bloat got completely out of control, about 3 years ago, I made a script: Pure basic HTML, no javascript, loads and renders pages in <50ms. So no fucks given on my end :) It's also supposed to look a lot like it did in 2002. I may share the method+script with those that...
  18. aztekk

    7700k still the best bang for your buck on the 1151 socket?

    I would direct your attention to the following topic. :D
  19. aztekk

    Ivy Bridge vs Ryzen IPC?

    Then compare performance at specific clock rates and single thread. AMD Ryzen 7 1700 scores 1,756 in Passmark Single Threaded benchmark, where an Intel Core i7-2500 (Sandy Bridge) scores 1,875. Both with 3.7GHz Turbo frequencies. Kaby Lake i5-7600T (3.7GHz turbo) manages to score 2,116 (13% over...
  20. aztekk

    Qualcomm CEO: "You'll See 5G in 2019 for Sure"

    Data caps? Cute. But I'll take my 3G uncapped/unthrottled service any day over some consumer junk advertised as 4G/5G with a 10GB cap or throttling to 128kbps. Though it would be much cheaper than I'm paying now I am sure...
  21. aztekk

    Qualcomm CEO: "You'll See 5G in 2019 for Sure"

    ... but do we need it? I am perfectly happy with CDMA2000. I mostly use my phone for texting and calls, but it's nice to have basic data service for when my DSL goes down and 2G/3G is completely adequate for those situations. I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for something I may use once...
  22. aztekk

    Intel Says AMD EPYC Processors "Glued-together" in Official Slide Deck

    +1 for EMIB, that would be what I was referring to, I don't know why he figured I was advocating adding more sockets. I stated adding more dies onto an interposer in the classic way is not scalable since 2005, and we need new technologies to overcome the complexity and performance issus with...
  23. aztekk

    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    I consider the usage of TIM between the die and IHS an advantage. After delidding you can run it bare die to achieve superior cooling than having a chunk of metal between the heatsink and the die. It's your choice, unlike with a soldered IHS which is much more difficult/impossible to delid in a...
  24. aztekk

    Intel Says AMD EPYC Processors "Glued-together" in Official Slide Deck

    I really hope not, soldering (more PC than gluing?) dies onto a flip-chip package is hardly the most efficient way to increase core count. If you do this to combat the thermals of a die then eventually you will run into a very hot package with potential to compromise solder balls akin to Tesla...
  25. aztekk

    Hard Drive Cost per Gigabyte

    Set your rate limit in the router to 3.2Mbps and you don't need to think about it anymore. Yes, it would take you nearly 2 days to download the game, but imo it's worth it for the peace of mind of knowing you will never be going above your data cap. Of course if you want to continue using the...
  26. aztekk

    Cox Argues That Pirates Shouldn't Lose Internet Access

    Cox won't disconnect them... but they will institute a low data cap for everyone which partially gets rid of at least the biggest file servers aka the "big fish". Anyway both are smart financial moves for them, no matter how you feel of them. I don't understand why everyone is so determined to...
  27. aztekk

    Cox Expands 1TB Data Cap to More Territories

    That indeed depends on whether your current habits can accomodate the switch to a lower speed internet. In reality 3.2Mbps is still an adequate speed, eg. you can stream youtube's 720p videos in realtime. And I think there is 2 kinds of people in the world: those who know what "VCR" and "VCD"...
  28. aztekk

    Cox Expands 1TB Data Cap to More Territories

    Is the cap not enforced on a monthly basis? From what I've heard about these mobile and broadband useage caps, they are all monthly, in other words your stats get nulled at at the beginning of each month. If this is the case, then even if you use your internet 24/7 at the speed of 3.2Mbps you...
  29. aztekk

    Cox Expands 1TB Data Cap to More Territories

    Let's play the devil's advocate... What I see here is an "unlimited" 3.2Mbps connection, I would use it as such anyway (I'd cap my speed at the router). Obviously it's unfortunate the ISP's are deciding to go this route but consider the fact that today roughly 9.4 million Americans (3%) are...
  30. aztekk

    Germany Wants to Regulate a 24-Hour Livestream as a Broadcaster

    Germany... the promised land of over-regulation, the country that brought us great things like light bulb, vacuum cleaner and thermometer bans and RoHS solder (which accounts for 100% failure rates in certain electronics). I'm not surprised they are still at it. They can do whatever the hell...
  31. aztekk

    The Fight Over Email Privacy Moves to the Senate

    For those interested: Video of house floor proceedings: Download link: Debate on H.R. 387 starts at 05:44:43. I think some of...
  32. aztekk


    I really don't care for the whole fanboyism stuff, I've used processors from all major companies since the mid-1990s (x86 or otherwise) and these days when I get new hardware, I simply buy what performs best for my use cases vs. price. What I need right now is 4-8 cores with the best single...
  33. aztekk

    1st Ryzen CPU Review Leaked

    WOW64 used to be an emulator in the Itanium days but on x86-64 it actually just switches the CPU back and forth from native 32-bit mode and 64-bit to execute the correct instructions, this is what allows 32-bit software to run just as fast on an x64 OS. I read somewhere you are a programmer too...
  34. aztekk

    1st Ryzen CPU Review Leaked

    Actually Firefox has officially provided 64-bit binaries for Windows since version 42. Thus I said "until recently" ;) In my opinion 32-bit software support is extremely critical, as you said most applications are indeed 32-bit and will likely stay that way. Software that is still developed...
  35. aztekk

    1st Ryzen CPU Review Leaked

    Moving away from x86 would be the dumbest thing they could possibly do. It isn't a legacy feature like the x87 instructions, 32-bit x86 programs are actively developed and up until recently even major browsers provided 32-bit only binaries. Also with the exception of H.264 and HEVC most high...
  36. aztekk

    1st Ryzen CPU Review Leaked

    "One of the biggest changes that Intel plans on making with this new core design is removing some older/unused SIMD and Hardware reminders, removing full x86 backwards compatibility but creating a more streamlined power friendly CPU design. " Did they learn nothing from Itanium...? I think...
  37. aztekk

    are you going to abandon intel for ryzen?

    Firefox's latest version still works on XP/2003... although I use Firefox 28 because I don't like the changes they made after 29 with the Aurora GUI and default font changes. If browser compatibility ends and I need a new browser, I'll just compile Firefox myself, no big deal.
  38. aztekk

    Why not buy premium, expensive motherboard?

    I always go for the cheapest ATX motherboard that has the amount of expansion slots I require. That's it, the only functionality of the motherboard for me is to house the CPU and RAM and provide expansion slots. I don't care or have need for any extra gimmicks, like M.2 drives (which I don't use...
  39. aztekk

    AMD Ryzen 8C/16T Cinebench R15 & Fritz Chess Scores

    The leaked benchmarks are closer in line with AMD's prior statements on Zen's performance (before the Blender demo) regarding IPC improvement over FX + SMT benefit. As such I see a little credibility to them in that sense. We can't know for sure. For some it is.