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  1. J

    Sold! Company of Heroes 3 PC Code - AMD Rewards redemption - $25

    Sent you a PM. I’d be happy to buy it.
  2. J

    God of War: Ragnarök

    Amazon apparently can’t fulfill my launch day preorder until the 17th at the earliest. Guess I will be cancelling that and just buying a digital copy.
  3. J

    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    I got one all the way to checkout, but the nearest store that allowed pickup was 200 or so miles away. As much as I’d love to drive to Montana with snow in the forecast, I had to pass.
  4. J

    Did the Intel 2.5gbps problems ever get solved

    Doesn’t the linked article state that the B3 revision corrected the issues? I just ordered a four port card using the i225, so I really do hope it has the B3 revision on board.
  5. J

    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    The 1600P2 looks like a great deal as well, even if it is 30 dollars more than the 1600P+. I have been really happy with my 1000T2 (much quieter than my original 1000G2 that didn’t have the hybrid fan mode). Might be worth it to go for the “older” series for peace of mind. Wish I could justify...
  6. J

    Xbox series X

    Best Buy said they shipped mine for delivery today, but there’s no tracking info and nothing showed up. 🤔 Ordered an OLED from Costco back when their sale started at the end of October, and that has also disappeared into freight-shipping world. Hopefully either/both actually arrive at some...
  7. J

    5800X/5900X motherboard pairing

    Zero problems with my MEG ACE here. Very similar to the Unify if I recall correctly.
  8. J

    Xbox series X

    Just placed one with Best Buy as well. The post in hot deals for three years of live ultimate for relatively cheap pushed me towards ordering one. 😛
  9. J

    PSA: Measure Twice - Order Once

    Seriously! I’m so happy I ordered a BH8 before they closed shop. The horizontal motherboard negates my concerns about weight, and there is plenty of room! Wish I had ordered a second to save for a rainy day...
  10. J

    Half Life: Alyx

    I was finally able to order a Rift S straight from Oculus last night. Won’t ship until April 20th, though.
  11. J

    New PSU

    I just stuck an EVGA 1000 T2 in my system and it is working great. I ordered it from EVGA direct, and between the sale they had going and an affiliate code discount (which you can find by looking through their forums) it came to something like $171 shipped including tax. I upgraded from an...
  12. J

    AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Reviews - 16 core beast

    The 3950X looks great. I am extremely impressed by the amount of performance it offers, and look forward to the reinvigorated competition between the chip makers that will surely follow. I am happy with my launch-week 3900X for now, but it is certainly good to know there is an upgrade path if I...
  13. J

    How do you cool your 3900x?

    I thought that was largely debunked by a few posters on Reddit (I know not a great source, especially since I don’t have a link) who simply rotated a D15 on a test bench and basically found no difference based on the orientation of the heat pipes. The NH-U12A is certainly a great cooler...
  14. J

    How do you cool your 3900x?

    I use a Noctua NH-D15S with an extra NF-A12 fan added to the front (clears my ram that way). It works just fine for my relatively light use. I did set a custom fan curve to keep the fans right around 800 RPM unless things get really hot, as the stock fan profile on my board ramped them up and...
  15. J

    AMD's Ryzen 3000 Boost-Fixing BIOS Leaks out

    There’s no longer an option to select amongst XMP profiles (used to have two to pick from, now just one). Thankfully the one that is there seems to work fine. Also had some weirdness with setting fan speeds in BIOS at first (one of my CPU fans won’t go as low as it used to), but otherwise works...
  16. J

    AMD's Ryzen 3000 Boost-Fixing BIOS Leaks out

    I installed in on my X570 ACE and performance seems to have returned to roughly what it was with the launch bios (after decreasing the last few releases). A few quick benches with the "leaked" bios installed are below. The only thing I did was enable XMP and adjust the fans down to ~40% to...
  17. J

    FS: G.Skill Sniper X 32GB DDR4 3600MHz (2x16GB)

    FOR SALE: G.Skill Sniper X 32GB DDR4 3600MHz (2x16GB) 19-20-20-40 Asking: $125.00 shipped SOLD Payment: Paypal Manufacturer specifications page: I purchased this RAM just over a month ago for my 3900X...
  18. J

    Post your Zen 2/2+ memory speeds!

    Swapped out my Sniper X for some Trident Z Neo. In case anyone is interested how the mid-grade Neo stuff works (2 x 16GB 3600MHz 16-19-19-39 geardown on) with the default XMP profile, here's a benchmark: In comparison to the cheaper Sniper X: Not sure why it's showing unknown for my...
  19. J

    Post your Zen 2/2+ memory speeds!

    This RAM (32GB Sniper X 3600MHZ 19-20-20-40) is coming out next week for a slightly better set (32GB Trident Z Neo 16-19-19-38). Between the two sets I could have bought one of the really good stuff for less, but it's too late for that now! I'll probably sell the Sniper X for cheap since I only...
  20. J

    3200 or 3733 for upcoming Zen 2?

    You just got me to toss another $210 at my build. I’m not one to manually overclock ram, and the CAS20 on my current RAM was just bugging me! I really hope I enjoy the 2 nanoseconds I gain.
  21. J

    X570 Chipset Fans...

    My MSI X570 MEG Ace never turns the chipset fan on (with the exception of while booting). I set it to “silent” in the BIOS recently, but it stayed off when on “balanced” also. That said, I am not running much of a load through the chipset, so YMMV.
  22. J

    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    I am mostly happy with my build. Like almost everyone else, my stock boost numbers for the 3900X are lower than expected (especially for a single core). However, the temperatures really aren’t that bad, and I have set my fan profile to not start ramping up until 65 degrees Celsius (which made a...
  23. J

    RTX 2080 Spontaneous Reboot Crashes From Certain Games...

    It is anecdotal, but I had two Corsair HX850 go bad on me (the original and the RMA replacement). It took a few years in between failures each time. Conversely, I have an AX850 (bought to replace the HX850 while waiting on the RMA) and it has been flawless (now in a family member’s computer).
  24. J

    SFF - Best cooling configuration. 3 Noctua options

    I asked him to send me a picture to show you how it looks and will post it if he comes through. We never tried to use the fan clips on top (instead just using the intake mount with screws). Perhaps that’s why it worked? I don’t recall any resistance when we put it back together.
  25. J

    SFF - Best cooling configuration. 3 Noctua options

    I put together a system with my friend that used the original FTZ01 (with the disc drive) and we had no issues fitting a NH-L12S. We chose to mount the second Noctua fan to the case lid. It doesn’t line up perfectly but it did seem to cool an i7 8700 pretty well.
  26. J

    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    Still pretty happy with my 3900X build. Ran Cinebench R20 to make sure I'm scoring in the proper range, and everything looks pretty good!
  27. J

    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    Tried shutting off gear down, but my system failed to post. Guess I am stuck at 3600 CAS20 for now. (Unless I learn to manually tweak things.)
  28. J

    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    Thank you for the tip! That looks to be the cause of the issue. I’ll try it when I get home (and hope that my non-QVL ram still works).
  29. J

    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    Finally got all the parts in and put the system together. I ended up buying a D15S, which allowed me to keep my 4790K system with the D14 as a backup (without resorting to a stock Intel cooler or ripping apart my ITX PC). The Good: System seems very fast and it booted up the first time (a...
  30. J

    Paper Launch for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Best Buy keeps popping up with the ability to order: That said my order from 7/7 (when it did not day “getting more soon”) has yet to receive tracking info.
  31. J

    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    I set out to do a "simple" upgrade from my existing 4790K system, but I got the upgrade bug and ended up ordering the following: 3900X MSI X570 MEG ACE 32GB 3600MHz DDR4 (2x16 G.Skill Sniper X with terrible timings) Sabrent Rocket 2TB NVME SSD (PCIE 3.0) Zotac RTX 2080 Ti Amp Extreme Core (got...
  32. J

    Paper Launch for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    If that was sold by Amazon directly I might have cancelled my Best Buy order!
  33. J

    Newegg has the new stuff live now

    Snagged a 3900X from Best Buy. After how fast Newegg went I'm just ordering from wherever:
  34. J

    TCL 65R617 65-Inch 4K TV Is $719 at Amazon

    I picked up a 55R617 with the 15 percent back for using an Amazon Prime credit card when the price briefly dipped below 520 dollars before reward points. It’s not perfect (dim corners, some DSE) but I am still very satisfied for the price I paid. Makes a great placeholder TV until HDMI 2.1 and...
  35. J


    I am actually looking forward to this next console generation. Hopefully they target at least 60FPS and have robust VRR support on compatible televisions!
  36. J

    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 417.71 WHQL Has Been Released

    Maybe it changed, but I thought G-sync just shut off once you exceeded 144hz with that monitor. It doesn’t limit your frame rate to the max supported monitor refresh rate by itself. Which is why they suggest using a frame limiter or Vsync (through the control panel not the game) to avoid...
  37. J

    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 417.71 WHQL Has Been Released

    You sure it’s not turning on by default? I have that Dell monitor and it likes to automatically enable itself whenever I install the Nvidia drivers.
  38. J

    FS: Sold Out

    Nice price on the 1060's. PM sent! (EDIT: Ignore the PM. My case is too small!)
  39. J

    Absolute best display for lawyer (price irrelevant)

    When I was in law school I loved reading text on my Retina MacBook Pro. It was just easy on the eyes for me with the way they scaled things. Now I am a public servant stuck using two ancient Lenovo screens. Has anyone tried a 5K iMac for document review? I wonder if still has better scaling...