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  1. SomeFknGuy

    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    the board I'm currently running will run up to a 3000 series CPU but the chipset doesn't support the 5ks... I was way too early getting into the Ryzen game haha
  2. SomeFknGuy

    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    I have no desire to be locked back into the AM4 platform. I would like the 'option' to upgrade after the fact if I did so choose without scrapping the entire build, whereas with the AM4 5800x3d I would have to buy a whole new MB, Ram and CPU again. The only thing I could carry over to a AM4...
  3. SomeFknGuy

    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    I've been waiting patiently for the 7800x3d to force me into the AM5 hierarchy. Been running a 1800x since release and I'm finally ready to upgrade. New PSU and GPU already in, just need RAM, mobo, and CPU and then probably jumping over to m.2 drives and I'll be good to go for another 6 or 7 years
  4. SomeFknGuy

    FS: AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 9 7900X & (just added) 7950X

    I wish I could... Real life(TM) has tried to guarantee I can't have any new toys sadly...
  5. SomeFknGuy

    Annoying AF crash error...plz halp

    Ram is 2x16, was previously 2x8. Didn't think about backing ram timings down... I've got xmp enabled and the ram is running at 3200mhz... Will try dropping it down. Trying another random thing...undervolting the GPU. If that fails to change it's behavior i'll back that ram timing down...
  6. SomeFknGuy

    Annoying AF crash error...plz halp

    I've been fighting an crash error for the better part of a year now with an older build that has been driving me crazy... I'll start with specs... Ryzen 1800x, stock clocks stock volts Crosshair6 hero mb 32gb corsair dominator(was previously 16gb G.Skill FlareX) Radeon 6900xt(was previously...
  7. SomeFknGuy

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra thread

    PunkCase metal phone case with a good whitestone glass protector on it. So far so good. I'm a pretty hefty guy myself but I tend to squat and bend down a lot at work, and it flexes enough to put a crack about 2" from the bottom of the phone EVERY time... Went through 3 cases before buying the...
  8. SomeFknGuy

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra thread

    It's current on the android version and i believe, assuming samsung holds to their word, it should have 1 maybe 2 more major versions before it gets written off. As far as camera comparison, it's great. Downside is they are very susceptible to vibrations. I've had mine in the handlebar mount...
  9. SomeFknGuy

    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    you mean like the force boundary at the edge of the galaxy to prevent anyone from leaving? lol
  10. SomeFknGuy

    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    That will never happen. It would take too much creativity for them to come up with 10-12 STORIES per seasons instead of 1 story with a dozen struggle sessions
  11. SomeFknGuy

    WTB:. Win 10 key

    Looking to buy a win 10 key. Home or pro, either is sufficient though pro preferred. Thanks!
  12. SomeFknGuy

    WTB: PS5

    What's the catch? I've hit up every game stop and retail shop outside of the local mall and entered into every newegg shuffle with zero luck. If I can't get one retail I'll bite the bullet and take the rape van approach. Done it with Snap-On tools, I guess a PS5 is a good enough reason to go...
  13. SomeFknGuy

    WTB: PS5

    Looking to buy a disk edition PS5 to replace the gf's dying PS4. Don't really have anything to trade sadly. Hoping someone here might have one they want to re-home. Let me know!
  14. SomeFknGuy

    WTB: DDR4

    Looking to buy some DDR4 to upgrade my current rig. Looking for either a 32gb or 64gb kid. 3200mhz and cas 18 at the most...pref 16 but beggars can't be choosers. B-Die a plus. LMK what you have
  15. SomeFknGuy

    FS: 4x2 HDMI Matrix + Chromecast Ultra + Nvidia Shield Pro (500GB) + Bonus 1TB

    Free BUMP for ya... I love my Shield PRO. Best streaming device I've used!
  16. SomeFknGuy

    Android phone as permenent modem/ hotspot

    Might I recommend signing up for a beta for Starlink? It should, in theory, only get better as time progresses
  17. SomeFknGuy

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra thread

    I'm a fan of my Note20 Ultra but running into a strange issue... I get notification sounds constantly, open up the phone, and there are no active notifications... Anyone had that issue?
  18. SomeFknGuy

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

    I've been enjoying the hell out of COD MW but every match I join I end up with a 5-10 second system hang about 2 minutes into the match and it's even odds whether or not it times me out from the match. Annoying as hell
  19. SomeFknGuy

    Why do use a NAS? Related questions

    I use my NAS as a file dump, plex server, and backup platform for my phone and main PC. Total clients(if you include plex) would be about 12. 8 drive, 5x4tb WD Reds and 3x10tb WD Reds. Total storage after parity, system partition, and "apps" is right at 30TB. The system I'm running now is a...
  20. SomeFknGuy

    Sennheiser vs. Audio Technica. Which headset?

    I love the sound the Audio Technica make. They are great in games and even better on movies/music. Mine lasted almost 3 months before the driver in the left ear failed. It works from time to time but in general is dead. They want me to pay for shipping both ways + repair on it in order to...
  21. SomeFknGuy

    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    I'm enjoying S2 more than S1...but I hate that it's a show about Michael Burnham... They should rename it from ST: D to Michael Burnham on a spaceship or something. I know there are always main characters but every other trek series had a full cast of main characters with full back stories and...
  22. SomeFknGuy

    Volvo Reveals the New Polestar 2 Electric Performance Vehicle

    I was on board until they went on a full spiel about vegan interiors... What if I want a rich Corinthian leather in my $60k car?
  23. SomeFknGuy

    Here Is 10 Minutes of RAGE 2 Gameplay

    Who else heard the AI's voice as Failsafe from Destiny 2
  24. SomeFknGuy

    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    If it's anything like the rest of government. Whoever is the lowest bidder
  25. SomeFknGuy

    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    I'm all for solar. Would love to have a 6-10KW system installed at my current house. That being said...having the state mandate it? That's down right wrong.
  26. SomeFknGuy

    Researchers Explore Machine Learning Powered Avatars of the Deceased

    Pretty sure I saw a Black Mirror episode about the same thing. Then it advanced into phone calls then eventually they created an AI that they put into an android...
  27. SomeFknGuy

    Darksiders 3: Fury's Apocalypse Countdown to Launch Trailer

    This one is on my list! Definitely looking forward to it as I enjoyed the previous two quite a lot.
  28. SomeFknGuy

    FS: 1070 SeaHawk, 1080 Hydro, Corsair PSUs and Pok3r Vortex

    Potentially interested in the HX1000, PM coming your way
  29. SomeFknGuy

    EA’s Subscription Service Origin Access Premier Launches Next Week

    That takes pre-ordering to a whole new level...not sure what I think about that...
  30. SomeFknGuy

    Prime Day 2018 Fuels Amazon Sales to 100 million Products in 36 Hours

    I bought a pretty solid dash cam for 30% off. Been eyeing one for months due to driving around 100k miles a year for work figure it's about time to catch on video all of the retarded stuff I see on a daily basis
  31. SomeFknGuy from Netflix

    I think their test is a little off... I have a 200mbps fiber line and they think I am getting 440mbps... The upload is on point though Even DSLReports thinks I have more speed than I should
  32. SomeFknGuy

    Descent’s True Spiritual Successor, Overload, Is Now Available

    I actually downloaded and installed that not too long ago. It looks pretty good for what it is! Made me definitely wish for another full fledged FS game though