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  1. OniExpress

    places to find inexpensive 1U servers

    /says to check computer forums //is on a computer forum no, no; i kid. ebay is generally my go-to for this stuff, as much as it does suck sometimes. it's better if you're in/near a major city, because you can save a fair amount of cash not having to ship the heavier stuff. i've still...
  2. OniExpress

    Unsure of what/any upgrades: Help with CPU/Mobo advice?

    Well, my concern with going to an i7 on the X79 platform is that it's basically $700 and up to get the cheapest 6-core with a motherboard. More realistically it's pretty much the entire $1000 budget just to swap out for fimilar specs (minus the necessary sata 6gb/s ports and the possibility of...
  3. OniExpress

    Unsure of what/any upgrades: Help with CPU/Mobo advice?

    As the title (clumsily) states, I'm thinking of upgrading my core pc (Asus M4A78T-E and Phenom II 1090T). Not for any major reasons; by and large it does what I need it to do. I'm especially pleased with the cpu, but if I have one particular fault with the combo it's that the mobo has no sata...
  4. OniExpress

    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 - Cooling and Misc

    Howdy howdy. I'm planning on some upgrades for my current Phenom II X6 1100T (I'm not looking to upgrade the CPU at this time) system, as I'm really not pleased with the original motherboard (low number of PCI x16, no sata 6gb/s, etc) and am currently looking at the Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 as a...
  5. OniExpress

    Recurring Issue - MEB cases

    You mean the other way around, right?
  6. OniExpress

    Recurring Issue - MEB cases

    I say recurring because I'm constantly finding evidence of people asking about them, but never finding solutions or solutions that appear to still exist. It's because of that later bit; the fact that most of my searches turn up years-old dead links; that I'm making a new thread for the issue...
  7. OniExpress

    Nong Shim Shin Noodle Ramyun Noodle 20-Pack $12

    So wait... someone makes a thread about a hard drive, or a computer case, and then someone comes in complaining about the item. 9000 people jump up that person's ass. If it's about a bowl of noodles though, you better watch out OP. Also above: diabetes, how do they work.
  8. OniExpress

    Seagate Barracuda Green 2 TB Internal Hard Drive $69.99

    Too bad I'm losing faith in "green" drives. After 10+ years, I've come to the conclusion that they are generally only good as [insert: annoying] secondary drives. Not bad as just a storage drive (I've only had them fail on me after several years, all in raid 0 arrays), but there's never been a...
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    got to 300k simply be wagging the mouse up and down on one side oft he field. gets 90% of the dogs without even trying.
  10. OniExpress


    got bored before i hit 1k and was wondering the same thing. it didn't seem like i'd be able to fail even if i just started mashing the key rows. it would be cool to design a way to automate word detection.
  11. OniExpress

    2x (two) Gigabyte GeForce GTX 460 1GB Video Cards $324 after MIR

    >>watercool pc to "bulletproof" against the future. you are perhaps clinically confused. buy a $150 card. at such low resolution you will not have any gpu-based bottlenecks for years. and years. and years. on topic: damn, i wish i hadn't just bought snakes. then i could get a nice pair...
  12. OniExpress

    XCLIO Windtunnel ATX Full Tower $79.99 w/ FS newegg

    now $90 + $17 s&h.
  13. OniExpress

    NEC Summer Monitor Refurb Sale

    Ugh, all the large-format displays are only 720. I can never imagine why in this day and age anyone would want a 56" display with a vertical resolution of only 720.
  14. OniExpress

    hot...? Thermaltake Sword M case...$169.99...

    Why yes, yes it is. However out of the two items that I referenced, the Sword is just plain unavailable and the V9 is not applicable. "Coupon code ttcpn-vd5000bna-mem10 only applies to certain store items. None of these items are in your shopping basket." There is this for $49, which is not...
  15. OniExpress

    hot...? Thermaltake Sword M case...$169.99...

    Only Sword I see on the store is this, with is $399. The V9 Black Edition is here, and that's $99. Not sure where you're getting your prices here.
  16. OniExpress

    Sapphire 5870 @ newegg $389.99 shipped

    Honestly? I consider rebates in general enough of a pain in the ass. Also, for 90% of my online transactions I use a pre-paid GreenDot card because I've been screwed over with my checking accounts one too many time. I'm not even positive how Bing CB works, so I don't even know how I'd get the...
  17. OniExpress

    Sapphire 5870 @ newegg $389.99 shipped

    HEY, no worry, let's just keep stupid political crap out of this. Last I noticed, my desktop was registered as independent. Frankly, TigerDirect is cheaper, so I might have to go with them. Then again, I have yet to ever use BingCB and now sure if I want the hassle of starting.
  18. OniExpress

    DeusEx 1+2 $5 on Steam

    DX1 is worth it just for the first level at the statue of liberty. This was one of the first games I had on my original gaming pc. Gonna have to bite.
  19. OniExpress

    XFX 5970 $729.99 - $89.79 (BCB) = $640.20

    That's because it is expensive. Even if you can afford it, $650 for a consumer graphics card is expensive. I love the little bugger anyhow, though.
  20. OniExpress

    Starcraft 2 Beta Key : Free with Pre-Order @ Gamestop!

    Yeah, so I just discovered. Well, time to go shopping.
  21. OniExpress

    Starcraft 2 Beta Key : Free with Pre-Order @ Gamestop!

    ...yes please? [edit: nm, found it] On a related note, I guess it's time to preorder a collector's edition.
  22. OniExpress

    X-Men Origins Wolverine Blu-ray $23 w/Wolverine bust & $50 Gift Card

    Sorry, I don't trust Sideshow Collectibles to have anything "eligible" that I'd want. I've had history with them for years before I ever heard of this forum, and while not a bad group (I've spent hundred there over the years) I just don't think that the $50 would buy me anything particularly...
  23. OniExpress

    Radeon Eyefinity 6 2Gb in Stock

    Just want to say: Going to be buying one or more of these, and if going though an [H] link gets you a cut, I'll be doing so.
  24. OniExpress

    SC2 Beta Inv Available, PM me (must be 2year+ member)

    Dude, you're late. April Fools was over a week ago. Also, it's past Noon.
  25. OniExpress

    Nong Shim Shin Noodle Ramyun 20pk of 4.2oz packages for $13

    Yeah, that's a great idea, except that the nearest decent one is Boston and that's about a 7-hour drive for me. Also why I hate deals on Frys and the like.
  26. OniExpress

    Nong Shim Shin Noodle Ramyun 20pk of 4.2oz packages for $13

    the kimchi noodle bowls are one of my favorites. wish that Amazon wasn't my last resort for finding the stuff, though.
  27. OniExpress

    XFX HD5870 *New Model* $419.99 - 12.5% BCB *Instock at TigerDirect*

    This. If you arn't tweaking the card, the warranty makes it an OK deal. The deal's only good because of the price, the lowered capabilities keep it from being a "great" deal. That being said, I don't need one badly enough.
  28. OniExpress

    Intel X25-V 40GB $99 shipped @ Newegg (Shellshocker)

    This. If I can't find a good SSD on the deal tommorow, I'm not likely to get one until later in the year.
  29. OniExpress

    37" 720P (1366x768) LG 37LH20 $420 Shipped with 12.5% Bing Cashback at CompUsa

    no, it really isn't. if "large" is your only issue then sure, but I doublt this would make a very good TV and an even worse monitor (that res at that size at monitor distance? i'd feel like I was back in gradeschool, size be damned).
  30. OniExpress

    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB OEM 229.49 after BCB

    now if only they were back in stock.
  31. OniExpress

    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB OEM 229.49 after BCB

    Nah, that portion of my comment is more aimed at the people freaking about a 3 month warranty period. The bait-and-switch is worthy of a return if you are pissed, but the warranty itself isn't a huge issue to worry about.
  32. OniExpress

    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB OEM 229.49 after BCB

    Oh no, not missing it at all. Just not the end of the world, imho (then again, it was OOS before I got the change to bite). If you can't talk them into extending the warranty, then you either return the card to buy a separate one.
  33. OniExpress

    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB OEM 229.49 after BCB

    Again in the same thread: this. You don't like OEM warranties? Suck it up or buy an extended warranty. I'm with the crowd that has never had a graphics card die before replacement if it wasn't within 60 days. The only card I've ever had die was about 6 months after I bought it... because...
  34. OniExpress

    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB OEM 229.49 after BCB

    This. :P Deal's dead, they're in the mail, it's a moot thread now. I checked back in the (slim) hopes that it was back in stock, but alas.
  35. OniExpress

    Acer 23" 2048x1152 = $199 + free shipping HOT

    Great price, looks like a decent monitor for the specs/price, but "2048x1152"? That's a pretty wonky res.
  36. OniExpress

    Shell Shocker Hitachi 1tb $67.99 FS

    Limit of 3. :(
  37. OniExpress

    30GB OCZ Vertex SSD $67.74 after rebate & BCB w/free shipping

    final price is $84.99 now, so pretty well and dead. pity, would have gotten one for the hell of it.
  38. OniExpress

    WD Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB SATA 6.0Gb/s $119.00 w/ FS

    That sounds like a pretty good reason in and of itself. Might bite, as I need drives at the moment, but probably waiting until summer.
  39. OniExpress

    Can anyone find a HD 5970?

    *drools* Actually would be a good deal for me; I need one now, and am upgrading later in the year to a desktop to run two cards. 8gb of graphics memory? Yes please. I have to assume that not going with "$666.66" is intentional, but I would find it worth the penny for the moment of amusement.
  40. OniExpress

    OCZ Vertex LE 200GB SSD $799.99 @ Newegg

    $949.99, ain't that a bummer.