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  1. jtm55

    What game made you a PC Gamer?

    Hi All For me it was Silent Hunter Commanders Edition
  2. jtm55

    Are you camping out / lining up for an RTX 4090?

    Hi All Never Have & never will camp out to purchase ANY PC Part.
  3. jtm55

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Hi All Deliver Us The Moon
  4. jtm55

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I'm now using a Avant Prime Programmable Keyboard & a Elecom Large size Trackball Mouse
  5. jtm55

    What kind of keyboard/keys do you prefer?

    Hi All IBM Model M Buckling Springs for me is the Keyboard of choice
  6. jtm55

    Facebook Parent Company Meta loses record $230B in one day.

    Hi All Unfortunately, you're probably right.
  7. jtm55 Status Quo is No Mo

    Hi All Thank you for addressing this Kyle. Your article confirmed what I believe is happening in the Hardware Review Industry while also confirming that MSRP is going to be removed . I wish it wasn’t so, but as you explained, the handwriting is on the wall.
  8. jtm55

    Notebook Review and Forums closing 1/31/2022

    Hi All Sad news. Seems to a be trend now. Tech Websites that provide good information leaving. It's unfortunate.
  9. jtm55

    What game have you put the most time into?

    Hi All It's between IL2 & DCS
  10. jtm55

    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    Hi All I believe this post pretty much describes the current situation
  11. jtm55

    How many games have you refunded?

    Hi All None, I've enjoyed all the games that I have purchased
  12. jtm55

    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    Hi All I think that this falls at the Retailers feet. I don't believe more laws are needed. The Retailers have to act on behalf of the Hobbyist/Gamer who these products are intended for.
  13. jtm55

    What are scariest characters in games?

    Hi All, Alien Isolation for me has to be the scariest game I've played. As previously mentioned, the atmosphere is phenomenal. It truly captures the 1979 Alien movie atmosphere. I highly recommend playing it on Nightmare with headphones in the dark for a truly immersive & intense experience.
  14. jtm55

    After Ampere Launch Survey

    Hi All I'll be waiting to see what Big Navi has to offer
  15. jtm55

    Bizarre, but Awesome (Maybe?) Case

    Hi All Raijintek also has this
  16. jtm55

    Is 4K UHD worth it on a laptop?

    Hi All, I think its personal preference. the only way to know is try it out & see for yourself
  17. jtm55

    Intel Acquires Killer NIC

    Hi All Sad but true
  18. jtm55

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Hi All Borderlands 3
  19. jtm55

    Gamers Nexus tackles the question: Which is better, liguid or air cooling?

    Hi All I believe if you have a case with good airflow, you can use a air cooler to good effect. See my system as a example
  20. jtm55

    what do you do with old video cards

    Hi All I give them away with the exception of my GTX 8800 which is My favorite graphics card. This card was Awesome for a very long time. For me at least it has sentimental value
  21. jtm55

    4K, 60FPS Footage of New York City in 1911

    Hi All, I think the point being made is that we fully understand how Skyscrapers are built. No one knows for sure how the Pyramids were built
  22. jtm55

    The most important PC games of the decade

    Hi All This list is completely subjective. Each of us here potentially has their own list. We just don't have a magazine to publish ours
  23. jtm55

    Newegg to start charging sales tax to eight new states starting July 1st

    Hi All I stopped using Newegg quite some time ago. I either use Microcenter or B&H Photo
  24. jtm55

    America and Canada Ground All Boeing 737 MAX Planes

    Hi All Here's a article that I believe details how this happened. Apologies if already posted
  25. jtm55

    Microsoft Announces DX12 Support for Windows 7

    Hi All I remember the huge debate as to Microsoft’s ability to implement DX 12 in Windows 7
  26. jtm55

    Borderlands 3 Could be Revealed at PAX East 2019

    Hi All I for one can't wait for information as to when BL 3 will be released. I have all 3 games, an while the a lot of folk didn't like the Pre-Sequel I thought it was fine.
  27. jtm55

    Los Alamos Wants To Slam a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid

    Hi All That doesn't seem like a wise course of action to take
  28. jtm55

    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    Hi All I'm definitely getting one
  29. jtm55

    Merry Christmas!

    Hi All Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year
  30. jtm55

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Hi All Kerbal Space Program
  31. jtm55

    The Steam Autumn Sale Has Commenced

    Hi All I couldn't in good conscience add to my current backlog of games waiting to be played. So with great difficulty I refrained from adding to it
  32. jtm55

    Data Breach at Marriott International Affects 500 Million Starwood Customers

    Hi All It just keeps on happening. Unbelievable
  33. jtm55

    noblechairs HERO Series Office and Gaming Chair Review @ [H]

    Hi All I was debating purchasing this chair however, I went with the Secret Labs Titian . It's a fabulous chair It supports my 6' 4" 240lbs quite well.
  34. jtm55

    Netflix Cancels Marvel's Daredevil

    Hi All Well it looks as though I'll be cancelling my NetFlix account
  35. jtm55

    For the First Time Ever, the World Champion of StarCraft II Is a Non-Korean Player

    Wow! I didn't know that. Now I understand
  36. jtm55

    For the First Time Ever, the World Champion of StarCraft II Is a Non-Korean Player

    I wasn't aware that Koreans are dominant in that arena. I've been out of touch when it comes to gaming for a bit as Family & work takes up the bulk of my time now
  37. jtm55

    For the First Time Ever, the World Champion of StarCraft II Is a Non-Korean Player

    How is it important what ethnicity said player is.
  38. jtm55

    Invite Police Officers into Your Home with Apple Watch’s Auto-911 Feature

    Hi All I wonder what possibly could go wrong with this new feature