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    Hi all, Looks like I have a 42" OLED in my near(ish) future and just have a couple of quick questions. Apologies if this is not the correct place but didn't want to start a new thread.. What viewing distance would be the sweet spot for 100%? Have plenty of space but just need to size my desk...
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    39-49inch+ gsync ultrawide monitor - any deals?

    On sale at Amazon right now.
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    SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB Solid State Drive for $99 @Amazon

    Price is up to $113 now :(
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    Cyber Monday Holiday Online Deals 2016 Compilation List

    Pretty sure he was just trolling and didn't actually report, but then..
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    Thanks for the heads up but have no use for a 960..
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    Shows ~$600 for all variants for me. Portland. Boohoo. Also for future reference - do I need to be Prime to do buy from Prime Now?
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Hrm, thanks for the tips. Fiddled around with color settings, nothing seemed to work. Gave it up for a bad job and decided to live with the washed out colors - I don't work from home all that often so oh well.
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Any tips for improving image quality at 30Hz? From my Mac (DP-HDMI converter) at 60Hz my 48JS9000 looks pretty much perfect, but from my work laptop (miniDP-HDMI converter) at 30Hz the colors look awfully washed out. I can live with the slight input lag - I just basically type a lot all day with...
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Whoever needed to go from DP to HDMI for their Mac - this is what I use:
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    Dell 43 Ultra HD 4K Multi Client Monitor – P4317Q

    I think you guys are missing the point - Dell is marketing the 'multi-monitor' aspect of this, which is a big deal if your work involves looking at 4 screens at the same time (brokers traders coders and what not) - you can do it at 1080p without bezels, but is probably useless if all you want to...
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Here they give a 40" HD with the smaller ones, and a 40" 4K (6000 or 6600) with the bigger ones. What do you mean "the same"? They are similar in that they both can be used as monitors but performance of the 7000 doesn't quite match up to the 9000.
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Long story, but my HMDI source (Mac Pro) does not include audio (video only), though it does have an optical (TOSLINK) out. If I hook up my source to my speakers (Samsung soundbar) using a TOSLINK cable, how do I get the TV (48JS9000) to recognise that HDMI 1's audio is being sent directly to...
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    Where are 4k 3840x2400 16:10 monitors???

    To the OP - out of curiosity what do you do? I frequently work with a number of word docs and PDF files open at the same time and I've learned over the years to adapt to however much screen real estate I have. Sadly we have standard 1080p monitors at work so I either have to alt-tab a lot or...
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    Problems with Apple Studio Display (17" CRT)

    Out of curiosity how much did you pay for it?
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    New Mac Pro Experiences

    If anyone cares - I wound up getting a refurb 2012 Mac Pro tower with a six core W3680 processor and 32GB RAM. Upgraded the video card and added an SSD and I now have 80% of the performance of the nMP at half the cost (somewhat generalising but you get the idea..).
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    Advice needed: Large format 4k screen size, 40" vs 48"

    HA5, that is very useful. It confirms my own research (sample size of one!) that 40", while nice, isn't as wow as 48", which is the upper maximum, and 44" (well, I looked at 43") is the perfect size. I actually considered a Sony 43" but just wasn't all round as great a monitor as the Samsungs...
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    2016 Samsung 4k TVs

    I sucked it up and purchased from Adorama at $1379. Still a good deal though, cheaper than Amazon and definitely much cheaper than the equivalent 2016 model.
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    2016 Samsung 4k TVs

    As far as I can tell only 55" and up are available on Amazon. I bit on a 49JS9000 - given the current 'clearance' price I can't imagine a 2016 model can offer better value, no matter how great the response times are.
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    So in the end I pulled the trigger on the 48js9000 from adorama on eBay. Figured the 40 wasn't that much of an upgrade over my current monitor, and not much point waiting for 2016 models since they're 55" and up and won't be discounted. Gets here in a week or so, can't wait!
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Apologies for the ramble- I was one of the earliest adopters of the Philips 40" 4K (had a Seiki 30Hz one before that) and have overall been very pleased with it. Have been studiously avoiding this thread and other similar ones for fear of catching upgraditis. Unfortunately while randomly...
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    New Mac Pro Experiences

    Back to the original topic - if I were in the market for something like this now (but didn't need one right this instant), I should wait a couple of months to see if there's a new model on the horizon right? December 2013 and January 2016 is a very long time in between upgrades.
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    Something for the kids - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Kids Edition 7"

    Damn, just bought a LeapPad Epic for something like $120 a few days ago.
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    2015 Macbook

    I installed Windows 10 on mine just for the heck of it, but realized I haven't booted into it since I did it.
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    Sennheiser open-air headphones hd600 $249, hd650 $299

    Can't see it for both hd600 and hd650.
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    iPad Pro preorders start Wednesday 11/11

    I'm not an artist nor anything like that, but I do dabble in composing / arranging music from time to time. I'm hopeful someone comes out with an app that will allow scoring using the Pen. That'll be interesting for me. Also I use my iPad Air to watch tv / movies at night before bed. Don't...
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    Clash of Clans

    Am in halfway chill clan - 2-3 wars a week (usually a days' break every war or two) and as long as you get your two attacks in and try you're fine. We're doing pretty well though, war log makes for nice reading so that is nice. Got bored of farming walls at max TH9 so hit the upgrade button...
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    Fallout Shelter

    Tried Fallout Shelter when it was first released, wasn't convinced, but recently reinstalled it and tried again. 28 dwellers now and just unlocked training rooms so its one huge slog at getting dweller's stats up. Got a few good ones in lunchboxes so that helps, have sent them out exploring...
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    Digital pricing

    I will admit I am from time to time guilty of buying back catalogue games at full retail. It often unfolds like this: - Sitting on the couch randomly scrolling through <insert console>'s digital store - "Hey, this game looks cool. Must play it now". - Pay full price, play for 2 hours, never...
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    New 4K and 5K iMacs

    Ugh been thinking very hard if I want this or not. Currently on a 40" 4K screen which is decent but not great. Trying to decide if going back to 27" is tolerable.
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    New 4K and 5K iMacs

    I don't have the exact numbers, but consider two configurations in isolation - 5,400rpm drive and fusion drive. The fusion drive is $100 more than the 5,400rpm drive, let's say $1,200 and $1,300. Now, simple marketing and advertising logic dictates you should price at $1,200 and offer the...
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    Microsoft Office 2016 PC/Mac for $9.95 (for Qualified School/Work Emails)

    Just bought (work email worked for me), thanks OP for heads up. Was toying with purchasing 2016 for Mac so this made the decision a no-brainer.
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    New 4K and 5K iMacs

    Assuming I'm fine with 1400p at a decent frame rate, which GPU is 'good enough'? The 380 / 390 / 395? Nothing more intensive than WoW / Starcraft II.
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    [H] Forza 6 Players

    Okay so I generally like more arcade-y racers and dislike too technical / unforgiving ones. I liked Horizon2. Is it safe to say I should stay away from this?
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    Going on vacation, need some Vita RPG recomendations.

    Any of the Persona series. They're all pretty good.
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    Is Apple making an 'iPad Pro' with a stylus?

    I don't really want to join the argument / discussion, but I'd just like to point out of many of Apple's fans, price point is pretty much irrelevant. If Apple builds it they will buy it. Which if course does not apply to the corporate market which may be a market segment that Apple is going...
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    2015 Macbook

    Rose Gold rMBs maybe??
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    2015 Macbook

    Yup, only new iPhones, iPads and AppleTV. Nothing at Macbooks or MBPs.
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    32gb Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked $130 Free Year Prime

    So someone has like 100 years of Prime???
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    2015 Macbook

    Good news, but myself (and I'm pretty sure many others) would be pretty pissed that a newly introduced laptop we purchased ~3 months ago is now no longer state of the art.
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    32gb Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked $130 Free Year Prime

    The frequency of sales on the Fire Phone (has been $159 + free Prime a couple of times in the last few months, though this is the lowest its been) seem to suggest that a newer model is in the works?? The fact that it is now OOS seems to point to that as well..