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  1. Wrecked Em

    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    I have the unlocked version on AT&T. For the Nov update I used the global version. For the Dec update today, I used the US carrier version. Both worked great, so I'm not really sure what the difference is. The US version did include a radio flash, so I'd be inclined to use that.
  2. Wrecked Em

    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    I'm about a month in on my 6 pro, and it's definitely grown on me. I was originally planning on dumping it for the next thing to come along, but I think I'll keep it for the long haul now. The software integration and ease of rooting have won me over against the dullish screen and poor finger...
  3. Wrecked Em

    Diehard Nexus/Pixel user goes 12 Pro Max

    Pixel 6 is dud also. UI awesome. Screen horrible. How is it that phones have gotten worse in 5 years?
  4. Wrecked Em

    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    I'm a few days in on mine now, and I'm not really impressed. Keep in mind I'm switching from an LG v20 that's 5 years old, so I should not be hard to impress. The biggest gripe for me is that the screen is complete garbage. It just adds a dingy yellow haze on everything. If you tilt the phone...
  5. Wrecked Em

    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    Did you guys remember to add the free pixel headphones to your order?
  6. Wrecked Em

    Amazon Fire HD Tablets - experiences

    I bought a few HD10s last Christmas for $80. There’s a free script you can run that blocks the Amazon ads and installs google play. I also installed a web adblocker. Works great.
  7. Wrecked Em

    Calendar apps have their own syncing service? I’ve never used the calendar myself, so not sure if it fits your needs. Nextcloud is pretty easy to set up though. Costs nothing if you self host.
  8. Wrecked Em

    Diehard Nexus/Pixel user goes 12 Pro Max

    Just picked up an 13 pro max yesterday and am finding it a little underwhelming. I’m coming from a 5 year old V20, so was expecting a drastic difference. Yeah the hardware is 100x better, but it just seems to be more difficult to do basic things with. I haven’t even bothered to swap my SIM card...
  9. Wrecked Em

    I want to get started mining.

    580s are relatively inexpensive but still slightly profitable. I considered paying scalper prices for new cards but, as mentioned above, when calculating the RIO, I subtracted out the immediate gain from just buying the crypto directly, paying off the card took quite a bit longer...
  10. Wrecked Em

    NAS Plex Server OS so easy a Sponge can do it?

    One and done. The license is a little odd in that it marries itself to a usb stick, which unraid boots from. Some don't like it because if your usb stick dies, you need to request a free replacement key, but unraid doesn't write to usb in use, so they should never really wear out. I actually...
  11. Wrecked Em

    NAS Plex Server OS so easy a Sponge can do it?

    If this is a true server, that you won't be using as a workstation on the side, then cough up the $60 for unraid. It gives you linux reliability without actually having to know linux. I switched from Windows Home Server and never looked back. You can install all the popular media server...
  12. Wrecked Em

    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    I was mostly just curious to see if it will even go through. If it burns, it burns.
  13. Wrecked Em

    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    Looks like the wallstreet stepped in and pretty much forced everyone to stop buying. It's plummeting now. $469 to $132 in a few hours.
  14. Wrecked Em

    Dual firewall DMZ virtualized on single hypervisor

    I think the logic is that in order for nextcloud to work, I have to have a NAT rule to open the nextcloud machine to web traffic, that makes it more exploitable. Since it's hypothetically my weakest link, I was trying to move it off of my LAN. I'm not particularly attached to any feature set...
  15. Wrecked Em

    Dual firewall DMZ virtualized on single hypervisor

    Did some more research. Apparently this is called a Fully Collapsed DMZ. Looks like it's an accepted standard setup , but doesn't seem to be very common for home use. Since this is a complicated solution to a problem I don't have, I might need to build up my courage a bit more before...
  16. Wrecked Em

    Question. What to do with what I found as less then ethical behavior and how does this forum respond to it?

    My bet is that someone offered him more than his asking price after learning it had been claimed, and he then made up an excuse to cancel your deal.
  17. Wrecked Em

    Dual firewall DMZ virtualized on single hypervisor

    I recently decided to try out Nextcloud and have been playing around with it a bit. It's currently running on my main unraid box, behind a single untangle router. Seems to be working great. I'm a networking noob, but sort of latched onto the idea of a dual firewall, mostly because wikipedia...
  18. Wrecked Em

    PS5 Release Window Officially Announced

    Not sure if it made a difference, but the Walmart site was hanging like crazy and I kept getting denied. I installed the Walmart phone app, and it went through the first try. Maybe a fluke?
  19. Wrecked Em

    Surface Duo (Christmas 2020)

    Yep, that was the last straw for me. I was really excited for this when I saw it and almost pre-ordered until I realized. I had even convinced myself that I was willing to overlook the missing headphone jack and sdcard. I'm not even that price sensitive in general, but I just can't see...
  20. Wrecked Em

    Password Managers: Bitwarden vs Google Password Manager

    I use KeePass. Totally free, syncs between devices via gdrive/onedrive/etc., but otherwise not cloud dependent.
  21. Wrecked Em

    Least expensive 10gb switch?

    I picked up an Aruba S2500 POE on ebay for $100. My first attempt at 10gb, and it pretty much works perfectly out of the box.
  22. Wrecked Em

    Watch NASA flight ops attempt missions in KSP Not affiliated, and I don't plan on donating. I just thought it might be mildly interesting to see "pros" attempt to recreate actual missions in kerbal space program. Tomorrow at 10pm Eastern.
  23. Wrecked Em

    Samsung's Ditching The Headphone Jack and Furiously Deleting Its Ads That Made Fun of Apple

    Some of us here actually do more than stream Taylor Swift on our Fisher Price fruit phones.
  24. Wrecked Em

    Uber Eats eating restaurant profits.

    As far as I'm concerned, this is between the restaurant and uber. If no restaurants agree, I'll get off my ass and pick up my order myself. I have no reason beyond laziness to use uber eats anyway, even thought I use it frequently. What pissed me off was door dash subtracting my tips from...
  25. Wrecked Em

    Prime Day Deals

    Any room is a bathroom if you want it to be.
  26. Wrecked Em

    Is this a good projector screen or can I get something better ?

    I made my own 11 foot screen out of window shade material, and wood from Home Depot. Cost about $300 10 years ago, but I still use it regularly. I love my projector, but they are definitely not for everyone. A screen that big requires a pretty deep room. I had my room seating set up too...
  27. Wrecked Em

    World War Z: Zombies Are Coming Trailer

    Lol. Probably logical to assume that conservatives would be more likely to be armed, therefore less likely to be zombified.
  28. Wrecked Em

    Microsoft CEO Defends US Military Contract That Some Employees Say Crosses a Line

    Also keep in mind that 50% of their employees weren't born in the US.
  29. Wrecked Em

    Intel Uses Extreme Cooling for Their "Cryoprober"

    Cryoprober? Seriously?
  30. Wrecked Em

    TikTok Settles with FTC for $5.7 Million After Violating Child Protection Laws

    My under 13 kid and her friends use this app daily. I don't see the appeal at all, but she loves it. I keep pretty close tabs on it, and it's pretty simple to keep it locked down to friends only. Personally I worry more about her browsing YouTube, than I do having her use this app.
  31. Wrecked Em

    Kalashnikov Makes an Explosive Suicide Drone

    Detecting even a stationary human shaped object is pretty trivial now days. The counter is to crouch into a ball and roll everywhere, so the drone won't recognize you.
  32. Wrecked Em

    Energizer Smartphone has a 18,000 mAh Battery

    I like how they omitted the headphone jack to keep the phone from being too thick.
  33. Wrecked Em

    Google Duo Is Now Accessible from the Web

    Personally, I'm looking forward to finally getting around to trying this in a few years, then have Google mothball it 2 months later.
  34. Wrecked Em

    Nokia 9 PureView: The World's First Quintuple Camera Smartphone

    12mp photos and no removable storage. Sounds about right for modern phones.
  35. Wrecked Em

    Doug Bowser Named New President of Nintendo of America

    His formal first name is Digdoug.
  36. Wrecked Em

    Police are Using Drones in 911 Calls

    Fortunately current regulations require a licensed pilot to operate them, making it pretty expensive to just poke around blindly looking for targets of opportunity. Until automated drones become legal, at least.