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    14TB WD Easystore $200 @ Best Buy

    the crypto currency yes. I run quite a lot of them and haven't had any fail on me yet. Picked them up when they were on sale at best buy a bit before black friday iirc? You can get around best buy customer limits with a business account.
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    14TB WD Easystore $200 @ Best Buy

    chia, though I wouldn't think twice about shucking some to add to my nas, I just haven't needed to yet.
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    Are you kidding me?

    Sir this is christian tech shop, please do not take the lords name in vain. /s
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    Finally got a 3d printer, a modified Ender 3

    You can get better bed adhesion with a brim, and if you're printing with ABS I would recommend putting some sort of container around the printer to keep the heat in. In my printing experience I've found that abs likes to curl if the ambient temperature is under 35C, but I used a glass bed not a...
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    [FS] Onewheel Pint X Powder Blue Plus Extras

    Price lowered bump!
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    [FS] Onewheel Pint X Powder Blue Plus Extras

    bump up the limit to be the top of all the threads to get someone to buy this board or i'll be poor
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    [FS] Onewheel Pint X Powder Blue Plus Extras

    bump me then just buy me so i can get my satisfaction
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    [FS] Onewheel Pint X Powder Blue Plus Extras

    bump up the post bump it up keep the thread a bumpin'
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    [FS] Onewheel Pint X Powder Blue Plus Extras

    Make me an offer! Worst I can say is no!
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    [FS] Onewheel Pint X Powder Blue Plus Extras

    The Pint X has barely been used, I thought I’d have enough free time to use it but I’ve basically never used it. Recently my mother has broken her arm and I’m trying to throw some cash her way so here we are;) There are some very minor scuff marks on the bottom and some more noticeable on one...
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    Bitcoin self custody

    Just use a paper wallet and store it with your important documents? You can generate/print a bunch at once and staple them together so you can tear off each one as you spend from them and deposit into the next one.
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    Need a PSU with an 80mm fan in the end, not a 120/140mm on the large side

    You could use an sfx power supply and use an atx to sfx adapter plate to mount the psu.
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    Big problem since Firefox 106.1 (and confirmed on 106.2) on Windows 7. Not compatible anymore ?

    Sounds like the problem is you are running windows 7, its EOL. Times change, update to 10/11 or if you're not a fan of what microsoft is doing with windows these days take the plunge into linux.
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    Digitaltrends Top 6 Nvidia Cards of All Time List. Agree or disagree?

    I would argue the 8800GT 512MB Is the better pick since it was something like $50 cheaper and basically just as fast.
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    Data Merge & Combine Operation Costing

    You could 'combine' them with drive bender or drive pool pretty easily assuming they are just ntfs
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    nvme to 12g SAS 2.5" enclosure?

    I think you can get U.2 SFF-8643 to M.2 adapters, is that kinda what you're asking for?
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    Backup Solution and File Server

    An older computer running unraid or truenas core is fairly easy to setup and usually less $$$ than off the shelf solutions. You can use urbackup to have a centralized backup solution or just use client side tools like the free version of veeam running on your PCs and backup to your nas location...
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    How can you still use your old 128 and 256 GB SSD drives?

    I'm a big fan of drive bender but drive pool offers the same functionality. You can get pretty cheap pcie > sata adapters if you're really loading up a system. Otherwise I just keep them around to throw into low budget builds for friends/family.
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    Pulled the trigger on a new NAS

    You can always do 10gb from just your pc to the nas :P I don't have a 10gb switch but I have 4 computers daisy chained through x540-t2 nics for personal fast transfers as no one else in the house needs 10gb, just me, my nas, and my servers :)
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    [DEAD] Unreal games deal pack = $2.79

    UT > UT2K4
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    I had good luck with this repo: I had no luck with DKMS or the dpkg route but just building from source worked. You can get the card working without fio-utils but it is a bit annoying to not have those tools available. Here is a link to a zip of the...
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    quick format or Full format of new 16 TB HDD ?

    I would just run a long smart test and quick format, drive bender is pretty resiliant and you can improperly remove the drive + copy over the data on it faster than letting it figure things out on its own.
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    I've successfully installed a 3.2tb on windows 11 for my father's PC using the same drivers I posted a while back. He has no issues with it.
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    I've plotted about 1.2PB on 2x 6.4tb fusionIO drives that had about 95% life remaining when I purchased them iirc. They are both sitting at around 85% now. I used madmax with 110gb ramdisks to reduce writes by 75% for about 800TB, the first 400TB was pre madmax so partial ramdisk plotting wasn't...
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    Any 3960-5960X users here? Need help!

    If you are trying to test thermal pastes you should look into controlling as many variables as possible. You want the tests to be as repeatable as possible. I would highly recommend using a dummy heater over a CPU as many processors scale voltage, frequency, and power draw based on temperatures...
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    Post your hard drive Power On hours!

    Not all of my drives but the longest running of them. The ones with 0's for load/power cycles are SSDs.
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    Drivepool users? Talk some sense in to me, is parity robust enough?

    I used drive bender and snapraid with 2 parity drives in the past. Its performance wasn't great but it worked fine. The problem I had with snapraid was that it wasn't realtime, though I did have to restore data once and after replacing the dead drive it worked just fine. I found it much easier...
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    Migrating SSD from one build to another

    You can use veeam's free windows agent to backup to a network storage location or another drive and restore to dissimilar hardware. I've had great success with it. You can also convert a legacy install to uefi following this guide, though it is a little involved and not just a one click solution.
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    FS/FT EVGA 3090 FTW3

    EDIT: Pending! Selling my EVGA 3090 FTW3. I purchased it off another member here on [H], I'm asking $2000 shipped. I accept paypal FF, for G&S add 3.5%. I am also willing to accept most crypto currencies. I haven't mined on the 3090 at all, I use it for training neural networks but recently I...
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    Help me organize / get my shiznit in gear - about 10 TB+ of data and growing

    I used backblaze until I needed to restore from them. Their restoration features suck (or at least did when I needed it a few years ago) if you have huge folders you want to restore, they limit the size and you have to use a crappy gui to manually select folders/files to restore while staying...
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    16TB for under $50? Not sure if this is legit.

    This is a common scam, the drive will show as 16tb in windows but will actually be a small flash drive, usually 8-32GB, data will write to it like it is working but it will actually just keep overwriting itself.
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    Can I have too many HDDs connected to a single USB?

    Although you are supposed to be able to connect 127 usb devices to a single usb port, many usb 3 chipsets only support 32 devices on a single controller. USB is also limited to a hub depth of 5, any 'active' usb extension cable will have repeater hubs in it, and many 7+ port hubs are actually 2...
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    Pending for deletion

    Hi Kiriakos-GR, Why are you asking the reason behind peoples upgrades and then saying this topic is not for those who upgraded for <insert most likely reasons here>? I had a 4770k, I upgraded it because it didn't keep up with things like video converting, neural network workloads, handling...
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    WD Easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - $200

    FWIW you can order up to 25x of the 14tb drives at best buy for $200 ea if you sign up for a business account. I have a few already and without any airflow over them some of them run at 50C while others run at 34C.