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  1. grim4593

    Any way to power one 4 pin (molex) device from TWO PSU's?

    You probably could go that route to step up the voltage but at that point the design is starting to get complicated. Maybe instead you can purchase a 12V DPDT relay and wire it up like the below. If PSU 2 is off, the relay is not activated and the fans run off PSU 1. If PSU 2 is on, the relay...
  2. grim4593

    Any way to power one 4 pin (molex) device from TWO PSU's?

    I looked around a bit and didn't see anything obvious like a dual power supply joiner. Depending on how far you are willing to DIY it you could get a couple of 4-pin molex extenders and a couple of high current diodes (15A is likely overkill, maybe something smaller would work) and then Y them...
  3. grim4593

    The current Logitech RMA process

    The last time I had a double click issue they had me go through the same steps as Vile to check the software, firmware, and also that click registering website. The didn't make my record a video but they did have me report the results back to them. After that they processed the RMA immediately...
  4. grim4593

    Games crashing on spinner storage drive

    Definitely look into the SATA cable. I have experienced similar issues due to a bad cable.
  5. grim4593

    Beneath - first person horror game

    I had a friend that would love this game. Around Halloween he tends to stream horror themed games - if it is out by then.
  6. grim4593

    WTB: Surface Pro

    Not sure if it helps but Woot looks to have Surface deals right now. Link
  7. grim4593

    RESOLVED 01/31/23: Windows 11 "Turn Off Monitor" Strange Behavior - Monitor Comes Back Before Computer Available for Tasks

    Darn. Now that you mention it I used to have monitor lag with my LG OnScreen Control program too.
  8. grim4593

    RESOLVED 01/31/23: Windows 11 "Turn Off Monitor" Strange Behavior - Monitor Comes Back Before Computer Available for Tasks

    By default Windows goes to sleep after a period of time - I think somewhere between 5 and 15 minutes. It is possible that after you turn off your monitor the PC goes to sleep and then when you wake it up the monitor turns on first and then the PC takes some additional time before it is...
  9. grim4593

    Is it possible to (non-permanently) write protect an ATMega32U4?

    They aren't actually fuses in the electrical sense - they are more like circuit breakers that can only be turned back on during reprogramming. Link I just looked up QMK and VIA - It might not be impossible to do what you are asking but in the best case it sounds like it could be a very deep...
  10. grim4593

    Is it possible to (non-permanently) write protect an ATMega32U4?

    The ATMega32U4 can be set up with two memory segments; one for the bootloader and one for the application code. The write protection can be applied to either of the memory segments independently. According to the datasheet errant memory corruption can occur if the MCU is at brownout voltages if...
  11. grim4593

    Please help us [H]. Disheartening looking for a new phone for the wife and I.

    Why not something like the Motorola Edge? I just bought one a few days ago. 8GB ram, NFC, and wireless charging. No SD slot but it has 256GB internal storage.
  12. grim4593

    Any zen 4 owners have super long boot times?

    A minute tops?
  13. grim4593


    I use Firefox sync between my desktop, phone, and tablet. Works great.
  14. grim4593

    Why I will probably buy 7700X instead of 5800X3D or even 7800X3D [please tell why shouldn't I]

    i just purchased an identical setup this week and have been very happy with my upgrade.
  15. grim4593

    Best advantage of running IP Passthrough on main AT&T router/modem with Fiber and using your own router ?

    With Comcast you cannot change the DHCP address sent out to LAN clients. If AT&T is the same that could also be one advantage of running your own router.
  16. grim4593

    USB Flash Drive Generation - does it improve transfer speeds? Need a fast one!

    If speed is really your goal I would suggest getting a SSD and putting it into a latest gen USB-C enclosure. If all your target devices support Thunderbolt you could even get a Thunderbolt SSD enclosure and get get nearly the maximum speed out of it.
  17. grim4593

    OneDrive Nonsense

    This happened to me too. I didn't realize it until yesterday that my files were under "C:\Users\username\OneDrive\Desktop". I uninstalled OneDrive and everything still works so...
  18. grim4593

    need help identifying a capacitor

    Based on this link the 72A is likely a lot code: I did some parametric searching at Digi-Key at this link which would be a good starting point: If you had a set of calipers...
  19. grim4593

    DIY external M2 Nvme Case decisions.

    One of the problems you might have is that a M.2 TB enclosure connected with USB-C won't work on a PC that doesn't have a TB port. Unless someone knows of an enclosure that falls back to USB 3 if the PC doesn't support TB?
  20. grim4593

    Who here is keeping their 3 series and skipping 4 series nV cards?

    I just got a 3070TI. The 4080 is too expensive and frankly nothing I do really needs the power. Will probably keep it until the 5000 series.
  21. grim4593

    4K Monitor question

    Windows 11 does allow you to set a custom display scale if you click on Scale to open a submenu instead of selecting from the drop down. Unintuitive interface...
  22. grim4593

    Fall is here

    Is that a high of 76 and a low of 30? Where do you live?
  23. grim4593

    Open Source Cloud Software

    I have not installed it personally but I have accessed and used others Owncloud. They have a free community edition that seems feature complete or enterprise if you need support.
  24. grim4593

    Is Windows 11 really bad?

    Its fine.
  25. grim4593

    How much does the SSD matter for gaming?

    It depends on the game. The more modern the game is the more likely it makes a difference. Due to ever increasing texture sizes and higher levels of detail new games are 100+GB and that information has to be loaded in real time. For example, Star Citizen is practically unplayable on a magnetic...
  26. grim4593

    Where are the cheap home 2.5G switches?

    II was going to pull up a counter example so I went into my Amazon orders.... and saw that I paid $130 for mine. Why did I do that...
  27. grim4593

    Surface Pro

    I have a Surface Pro 8. It is a great little device if you want a fully functional windows device in a tablet form factor. You don't have to worry about programs being "battery managed" and closed in the background. Although it is expensive I suggest getting the surface pro signature keyboard as...
  28. grim4593

    Let's talk side displays!

    Disappointing yes, but nothing some 3M dual lock can't solve.
  29. grim4593

    2FA Authentication for SSH in FreeBSD using FIDO Webinar

    One item of note, in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file if you set it to AuthenticationMethods publickey,keyboard-interactive:pam (note the comma) you can require both key AND 2FA. I have my server set up to require key+2FA or password+2FA. You can even require a password, 2FA, and key if you wanted.
  30. grim4593

    2FA Authentication for SSH in FreeBSD using FIDO Webinar

    In a similar vein I have recently used the two articles below to enable 2FA for Debian SSH logins:
  31. grim4593

    Let's talk side displays!

    I have a no name 1920x1080 13.3" portable monitor that I bought for this purpose a few years back. It fits a VESA mount on back so I just connected it to another set of monitor arms and use it as a side monitor next to my main. It works well for my usage - normally I put chat or movies on it...
  32. grim4593

    Data Merge & Combine Operation Costing

    I agree with LukeTbk - Make sure you are using software that doesn't halt on errors. I usually use FreeFileSync or Robocopy for that type of task which also lets you resume if it gets halted part way.
  33. grim4593

    Data Merge & Combine Operation Costing

    Not the same industry - but for my automotive test lab at work we charge technician time and machine time. Technician time would be for hours actively spent setting up or working on a test station based on the average of the fully burdened hourly rate of our technicians. Machine time would be an...
  34. grim4593

    Laptop 4K Screen - Will running it at 1080p look odd?

    Why would you want to run the screen at less than native? Windows has a setting for scaling for menu interfaces and text. You can set it for 125% so everything is larger without sacrificing resolution and/or dealing with aliasing.
  35. grim4593

    Would you trust an eBay Windows install?

    No. If its OEM, factory reinstall it. If no pull the Windows key and reinstall.
  36. grim4593

    Mic and Headphone suggestion for 2 gamers in same room

    I use the Steelseries Arctis 7 and I bound one of my side mouse buttons to F13 and use that as a push to talk key in Discord. I also bound the thumbstick buttons on my Xbox controller to push to talk in Discord too since you can bind multiple keys in one of the advanced settings. Once you get...
  37. grim4593

    What is your Go to file manager for Android?

    I use CX File Explorer. It supports Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, SMB, SFTP, etc. I've used it for years and it works great.