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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    My fave was probably the Diamond Viper V770 (Riva TNT2). Upgraded from a Riva128ZX which had image quality that was an atrocity. Following that I'd probably say the GeForce 9600GT. Was a pretty good bargain at the time.
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    Can you install a Ryzen 3600 into a powered on computer socket without damaging it?

    Definitely lucky! I think the biggest risk of hot plugging in something that wasn't designed for it is the potential for CMOS latch-up which can be destructive.
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    Your CPU progression

    Man. It's been a long time 8086 IBM clone hand me down Pentium 133 my brother got to program on Celeron 300A. This was around the time I started reading HardOCP and Arstechnica and yeah it was running at 450Mhz (My favourite build of all time) Celeron 1000A Pentium M 730 Acquired cheap on Ebay...
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    AMD RYZEN 7 2700 $204.99 NewEgg Ebay

    Smoking deal. I picked one up months ago at $229 and it's been a great value.
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    ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 570 4G (ROG-STRIX-RX570) $99 @Amazon

    I bought one 45 minutes after cage posted it was showing as 99.95. Still not a bad price at 130 though.
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    I down sized to RAIJINTEK STYX with Ryzen 1600

    I have the ITX version of this case (Metis plus) and I really like it. The little window fits a bit better with the smaller form factor. Kind of wish they'd update the Styx with either a larger window or solid aluminum.
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    $130 Radeon RX 570 with two free games

    There's also an ASUS RX 570 with a promo code: EMCTUUU29 Seems to have that same 2 free game promo as well.
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    WTB looking for old pentium2/3 slot 1 Alpha heatsink!!

    Man do I feel old, I think I used to have one of those cooling a Pentium III 750E Oh my god I found it:
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    ASIC Miners and Cryptocurrency

    Yeah they can't catch a dedicated chip for mining but at least it wouldn't be useless when a hard fork happens. I haven't been keeping up on crypto mining much but I recall they do preform pretty well compared to GPU's. Just yeah.. cost those damn things are expensive :O
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    ASIC Miners and Cryptocurrency

    I'd like to see FPGA's make a comeback.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper TIM Application

    1. Diggin the Zer0 hoodie there. 2. Got a kick out of how you emphasize the H in "white" and "whole" 3. Great article. Made me rethink how I shouldn't half-ass my TIM application. Gonna use my wHole ass next time.
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    Reviews for AMD’s APU Ryzen 2400G are in.

    Apparently "sale ends in 2 days" on those product pages. What a load of bollocks. Just noticed the Ryzen 2400G is sold out currently.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Flickering? Put It in the Freezer

    A one year warranty seems kinda BS on a $1500 device. But I guess that's where they sell extended warranties.
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    Ryzen 5 1600 - Ryzen 5 1400 Boxed CPUs

    YGPM and bump bump.
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    Caseking to Sell Core i7-8700K with 99% Silver Heatspreader

    Talk about gilding the lily there.
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    NVIDIA GeForce Prices Skyrocket as Cryptocurrency Miners Snap up Supply

    Man I was wondering what was up with prices. I just bought a GTX 1060 3GB off of B&H Photo for 180 shipped, I looked a week later and the same cards are pushing 200.
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    Enermax Revolution SFX 650W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Though I do wonder what sort of setup in could pull near 650W in a SFF build. Not complaining at all mind you it's a good power supply at a fair price and never hurts to have a bit more wattage on tap.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

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    AMD Ryzen Oxide Game Engine Optimized Code Tested @ [H]

    What no Crusher demo? :P
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    RIP Jeff :(

    RIP Jeff :(
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    Ryzen 1700 Delid Video...Solder Baby

    Yeah I was just going by the video, it sorta looks like a seam halfway down the die though it's hard to tell under the left over solder. So that must mean their 4-core solution is either going to be a full 8-core with half disabled or it's own production run.
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    Ryzen 1700 Delid Video...Solder Baby

    So it looks like the 8-core is a two chip solution? I'm not surprised but it's interesting. I suspected it would be.
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    Ryzen 5 launching "soon"

    Sure hope not. Though I'm not considering an APU at this moment in time, if they do perform pretty well I'd like to see them this year. I too am more interested in either the R5's or the R3's. That six-core model is looking tempting.
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    Clock Speeds and Pricing Leaked for Entire AMD Ryzen Lineup

    I've been wanting to build a small form factor PC for a while. Ended up waiting to see what Ryzen can deliver. If this thing is anywhere near Broadwell for these prices...
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    MSI AM4 pron

    Damn would of been nice to see some ITX boards.
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    are you going to abandon intel for ryzen?

    Same here, I'm hoping to see some good ITX AM4 boards as I was looking to build a new small form factor gaming PC. I almost went with an i5-6600K but I figured I'd wait to see what Ryzen can offer in price/performance.
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    MIT Made Muscles Made Of Nylon

    Maybe Ghost in the Shell's vision of the 2030's isn't as far fetched.... :O
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    Verizon To Disconnect Data Hogs On Unlimited Data Plans

    I'm sure verizon in the terms of service have redefined what the word means. Leave it to lawyers to redefine words. :P
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    Biggest Pay Gap In America: Computer Programmers

    I believe this is relevant here:
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    Rosewill Quark-550 550W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    In the past Rosewill has used reputable OEMs like Superflower for their original Capstone line.
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    Clueless Gamer Super Bowl Edition: "Doom"

    I think I'd of preferred them playing Brutal Doom.
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    AMD has officially announced "Wraith", their new stock cooler

    Not bad for a stock cooler. Those other boxed coolers were pretty noisy under full load.
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    G3258 Successor

    Seems like Supermicro has unlocked the BLCK for all Skylake SKU's on one of their H170 boards. Wonder if other manufacturers will follow suit on some of their boards?
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    AMD Goes “Made in America”. 14nm Greenland news.

    Good to see some companies doing business again in the States.
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    HoloLens Is Headed To The International Space Station

    Glad I wasn't the only one.
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    Bigger isn't always better, IE: syringes and suppositories. That and I like my PC's to not require a forklift to haul to a lan-party.
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    771 to 775 mod

    Oh shit that's pretty clever Polara, modding the CPU instead. Sort of tempted to try this out on an aging system now....
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    Asus M4A785-M and 960T - not turbo-ing

    You know I used to have this board paired with a Phenom II 840T(2.9/3.2 turbo) and I don't recall it turbo'ing either.
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    Kabini test @Anandtech

    I bought the Athlon 5350 and the Asus AM1i-A (ITX) board a couple months back mostly to play around with. The BCLK on this board can be modified. Got it up to around 2.5Ghz before the PCI-E or iGPU started to freak. Would be fun if AMD released a K version of this CPU just for giggles...
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    Need a powerful, yet small server PSU...

    May this work? SeaSonic SS-500L1U 500W