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    Post your Workstation 2012

    Hurray for Annexing Spare bedrooms!
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    DOTA 2 Invites

    for those looking for keys, Check they constantly pop up there daily.
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    Project: VMw

    I've settled on which Android Development Kit board to pickup. Having built a few projects with an Arduino before, i'm confident this kit will more than handle what i'm planning for. Android Arudino Dev kit
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    My "Computer Desk"

    Looks great!, Love how your photos are vibrant too. I definitely need to take the time to learn how to shoot pics properly.
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    Project: VMw

    Thanks FrEaKy! Intel 320 120gb SSD's - Best Buy has them for $189 right now, Had $250 in Rewardzone certificates. So at Net $64.00 each I think it worked out great! Also picked up a USB 3.0 motherboard header for the Front Corsair USB 3.0 cable Two 2TB Hard drives. One will be...
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    Project: VMw

    Testing / stripping the modular sata power cable ( sole connection to sata backplane) Mistakes, mistakes. But, lessons learned so all is well. I finally found that cutting the length, setting the wrap on the sleeve first, then feeding it lends for a clean finish. Fan's sleeved All the...
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    Project: VMw

    VMw Overview / Goal: This build is entirely for a VMware Workstation 8 focused system, built on Ubuntu. At any given point there will be anywhere from 8-16 virtual machines in use with varying load / ram requirements so with prices the way they are, expect a lot of ram! As an SSD convert...
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    HP Says Cats Void Your Warranty

    I concur, even more so common were the *smokers* that had their pc's turn that dingy smoke stained color. I once saw a system that actually have a buildup of ash and fluids (guy used to put ash tray right on top of his pc), it had fallen onto the system and seeped through the fan. He didn't...
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    Saints Row The Third 50% off at THQ store Dec 5-6 only

    That's a hot deal, Too bad you can't just get the season pass. :( I would have loved the season pass for a good price.
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    Best Buy 10% off via cybernetnews

    If you're a rewardzone silver member, call the support line (goes directly to a human) and often times if you're nice, they'll call the store and sort it or in exchange give you some free RZ giftcards. I had a phone purchase that went on sale a day later at radioshack, the guy wouldn't honer...
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    Laptop Dock For Motorola Atrix 4G $50

    I'm glad I got in at the $50 price, I was going to pick one up in June, but the $400 price tag was way too steep. It's still pending shipment according to their website, I hope they don't pull a fast one. If anything, i'll use it as a larger screen to stream netflix at my desk.
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    BB buy 2 get third free

    I bought three copies of Skyrim for pc. Not sure why, only needed one as a gift. Worse part is I realized I had $80 in reward zone certificates.. after I purchased. Ah well.
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    [H]ot! - Free H80 with i7-3930 $599 in store Free Corsair Hydro Series H80 with purchase of Either the i& 3930K or i7-3960K Processor. $599 & $1049.99 respectively.
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    OSX in ESXi VM?

    Are you using VNC to connect to the VM via VMware, or are you runing directly to the Host? If directly to the host, are you using the built in screen sharing or a standalone vnc host?
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    Why are Macs becoming more popular for Network/System engineers?

    The VM arguement (why use a Mac with VMs when you can use a PC) is a poor arguement against using a Mac. All of my developers here, Windows or Mac OS X, use virtual machines to complete their tasks. I use a ThinkPad and a Macbook Pro Daily. I am partial to Mac OS due mostly to the OS and it's...
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    MW3: Any HardOCP PC Gamer Reviews?

    Singleplayer: Only played for about 15 minutes, so no real review. Multiplayer: Played for over 4 hrs last night. The rounds are extremely short in Death match. They're still the 7500 point requirement, but for some reason they were anywhere from 5 - 8 minutes for most of the games. Also, the...
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    Not optimum mode. Recommended mode...

    I was receiving this issue with BF3 on my Crossfire setup. (a few posts down) I was able to remedy by dropping back to 11.9's with Cap 4 instead of the 11.10's. I swapped out a few monitors myself (3 different model samsung 24's and a Dell 24") and it didn't improve until yesterday (oddly...
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    Crossfire & Refresh rate issues

    I was able to get the game to properly launch by downgrading to the 11.9's and CAP4. I end up having a decent frame rate drop though.
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    Crossfire & Refresh rate issues

    60hz on an lcd is not the same as 60hz on a CRT, it's actually quite normal.
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    Crossfire & Refresh rate issues

    yeah, I'd switch out my monitors with 4 different models and had same issues.
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    Crossfire & Refresh rate issues

    Hardware: Mac Pro 2009 (2x Quad) 32GB ECC RAM 120GB SSD (intel) Windows 120GB SSD (intel) Mac OS X Samsung BX2440 1080P Monitor Software: AMD 11.10 Release AMD Cap 4 Issue: On the 11.9 I was able to launch BF3 fullscreen at 1080p 60hz (with a 5870). I've got the monitor set to...
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    Question for BF3 server admins/owners regarding game modes

    i'm pretty sure to keep it mix mode you'll have to set the server to the max players allowed (32) vs 64 if your server supports it. Side note, I'm actually surprised my server hasn't been hammered yet. There seem to be plenty of servers out there right now so unless it's a need for you and...
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    Question for BF3 server admins/owners regarding game modes

    Multiplay allows you to switch (or so it appears, i'm greyed out with 64)
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    PC Dedicated Servers for MW3 to be Unranked Only

    Wow that's surprising, are you always low on the results board? I put about 30 hrs into COD on ps3 (according to stats) and in about 20 hrs in I had the option to prestige. I decided I didn't care about that and preferred to keep my unlocked weapons instead. Not sure how you couldn't have hit it...
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    Rage sucks

    I had horrible performance and wanted to toss the game out of the window... low and behold the following fixed it up 1000%. Most of this is a rehash of prior posts, but it's the proper mix that worked for me. If you're using an ATI 5870 or equivalent card, #1. Install the ATI Rage hotfix...
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    Windows 7: Any inexpensive ways to get this legally?

    I doubt they've replicated it, It's probably Technet or Msdn keys they're selling.
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    Do you pay for apps?

    I buy a lot of apps / games. If there is a review and it looks solid i'll buy. That said, there is usually a price threshold for an app or game for me.
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    Atrix Cases

    FYI, If you get an otterbox case, I usually see them close to half off from Amazon.
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    Problem with seller

    For those with issues with their shipments. Please PM me again so we I can address your concerns. I'll gladly provide refunds where necessary.
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    Problem with seller

    I have responded to those with problems via PM. As for being online, I haven't had internet access for quite a few days and decided to figure out how that was possible. I used Safari on a friends mac, [H] was on his *speed Dial page* my assumption is since it's rendering current info, it's also...
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    also violating the NDA : /
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    Late 2009 Unibody 15" MacBook Pro 2.8Ghz C2D 4GB 500GB 5400RPM - $1700 Shipped

    bump for a great laptop - Have you tried craigslist? I've had people pay brand new price for laptops from me : D Here's hoping the [H] crew hook you up with a sale : )
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    I've gutted Storage servers, systems and more... Make Offers for bulk!

    I need to resize those whoops As for the netgear slip-up.. I was going to put up two of my netgear switches lol. I've been up for almost 30 Hrs now so the brains not functioning 100% :) Good catch.
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    I've gutted Storage servers, systems and more... Make Offers for bulk!

    SOLD ITEMS 1x COOLERMASTER CADDY - Locutus 2x 3.5 Seagate 1.5tb - FBR DAVIS 1x Athlon x64 and board - FBR DAVIS 3x Magic Mice - Devast8n 2x Apple Keyboards - Devast8n 1x Bose headphones - Devast8n XBOX SOLD - NOKIA 2x2gb DDR - DuronClocker INTEL CPU and p5b - DuronClocker HP Laptop - Freshmtb...
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    I've gutted Storage servers, systems and more... Make Offers for bulk!

    Fixed it. I'll add more pics of items missing pics.
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    I've gutted Storage servers, systems and more... Make Offers for bulk!

    Not for sale, Sorry. They're going into the HTPC downstairs.
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    I've gutted Storage servers, systems and more... Make Offers for bulk!

    Added more at the bottom.. Some freebies too! I've gutted Storage servers, systems and my closet! I've decided to kill off the rest of my pc's and use vm's on my MacPro. Let's make a deal! Willing to negotiate on multi purchases - NO reasonable offer refused! If you buy a HD, Mobo or card...
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    Dashcat2 Build

    As bad as the internet can be, I'm often humbled by the fact that the [H] forums in general are pretty respectful and often times supportive of the members. At the end of the day, even if you feel you've got little motivation I recommend pulling out a picture of your "Little Dinosaur". That by...