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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    Too bad Crimson breaks a bunch of games like Fallout 4. I did notice a pretty decent bump in performance, but I just went back to 15.11.1 because the new Crimson suite made my audio skip on everything and it made Fallout unplayable. I can't wait for them to fix the issues it has, because I'm...
  2. M announced free membership today

    This site is fucking satan! It is entirely designed to make you want to buy everything at once, and then some more. I need to forget that this place even exists because I need a new CPU, water cooler and GPU for my rig so this can get real expensive real fast...
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    WTB: AMD FX8370

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    WTB: AMD FX8370

    I'm in the market for a new CPU to finally upgrade my 1075T before Star Wars Battlefront comes out. I know some people here upgraded to the 9570 when it came out. Looking to pay $130 shipped, but feel free to shoot me an offer.
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    Corsair Hydro Series VGA Cooling Lucky Draw

    1. No I don't currently, but yes I would. Never knew this was a thing. I love my current Corsair CPU cooler so I'm sure the bracket for them would be equally as easy and good. 2. Shit ya I would, less time involved with builds. Older age makes me less interested in spending hours and hours of...
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    FS $125 Dell eGift Card for $110

    No one shops at Dell and wants to save some money? TTT
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    FS $125 Dell eGift Card for $110

    Willing to entertain offers!
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    FS $125 Dell eGift Card for $110

    Bump! Offers anyone?
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    FS $125 Dell eGift Card for $110

    Hey [H] I recently bought a TV from Dell and I got a $125 eGift card with it. I'd like to get $110 for it since I don't see myself buying anything from them in the next 90 days so I'm offering it up to you guys. Save yourself $15 on your next purchase. I will just send you the card number and...
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    M0rph's WTB/WTS Extravaganza

    Found a windows serial, bump for being back from California. I'll add the laptops and photos over the next few days.
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    M0rph's WTB/WTS Extravaganza

    This is my current list of things, but I will be adding more after the weekend when I get back from my trip. I have LOTS of laptops that I need to sell, some have everything, others are missing HDD or power cable. I'll get pictures up next week. WTB Section Windows 7 Ultimate X64 serial -...
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    Nexus 6 speculation

    In all fairness lollipop is actually shitty on battery life from my experience. I would assume the N5 they were using was running KitKat and that might be an explanation for the difference in battery life. As of now I am waiting for the Verizon release anyway so hopefully some more apples to...
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    Nexus 6 speculation

    I don't think this list can possibly be correct. I find it very hard to believe that no store in all of Las Vegas (which has a population of over 2.5MM) will have these available on launch day, but stores in rural Georgia will have stock?
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    WTT CS GO Bayonet fade FN for R9 290x

    Damn nice knife man. What is that 90%+ fade? We should definitely play some MM sometime. GLWS and free bump for you.
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    Nexus 6 speculation

    I just want this damn thing to be released already. My VZW GS4 is having major issues with crashing/rebooting with the new NG6 update. I am going to try and fix it tonight by reverting back to NC5, but I've have about enough of "updates" breaking my fucking phone. I talked to a Verizon rep this...
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    64GB Samsung EVO Class 10 microSDXC w/ SD Adapter $35

    In for one. Thanks OP.Apparently I had an Amazon gift card on my account too so it was only $15! :D
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    Steam 2013 Thanksgiving sale is here! runs from November 27 to December 3

    Shit...I'm in for Terraria and Skyrim at these prices. Looks like some people aren't getting christmas gifts from me this year lol.
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    Smoking [H]ot! Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite $15 on Amazon

    Great deal if you don't already own these games. All of them activate on steam according to the Item Description. Can be found Here
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    [WARM] BF4 Premium + $5 Credit

    I preordered BF4 Ultimate and I'm probably going to buy this as well since BF3 is probably the only game in the past 5 years that I have gotten any amount of replay value from. Also no one is forcing you to buy the DLC packs, but if you want them getting premium is the obvious option since it...
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    AMD Spent Up To $8M On Battlefield 4 Deal

    Lolwut? The new AMD card has been proven to be better than a Titan and is much cheaper as well. On another note the GPU forum is below this one. This seems like a steal of a deal and with the new Raptr partnership AMD is stepping up their game on the software support end.
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    Valve Teases Steam Box Console Debut with New Website

    I'm curious to see what the interface will actually look like. This could potentially be a home run for Valve. I know for damn sure that I would buy this and put a machine in my room so I could play more casual games while in bed, and if they add media streaming it would be an added bonus. I...
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    WTB: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Steam codes

    Nobody has an extra key for either of these laying around?
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    WTB: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Steam codes

    As the title states I am looking to purchase steam codes for both of these games. Don't know why I never bought them, but the new lady friend wants to play them and so do I. Not really looking to pay more than ~$30 for both of them. Shoot me some offers via PM. I prefer Paypal although I do have...
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    Hitman Absolution + Tomb Raider + Sleeping Dogs for $13.99 (Amazon)

    Awesome thanks, I just picked it up. This a great deal since I have been wanting to play Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs for quite some time now.
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    Hitman Absolution + Tomb Raider + Sleeping Dogs for $13.99 (Amazon)

    Does anyone know if this is 3 separate keys? I already have Hitman Absolution, but I want Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider. Was wondering if I could give the key for Hitman to my brother.
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    Warmish? Dell U3011 30 inch monitor for $899

    Well shit I just bought a U2713...wish I would have waiting a week. Oh well, great deal for someone in the market for a HUGE monitor at a steal of a price.