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  1. mrgstiffler

    Anyone playing Firewatch?

    It's closer to 4 hours but it's worth every single penny. For $9 it's an absolute steal.
  2. mrgstiffler

    Life is Strange

    Firewatch is on sale for $9 right now. You could play that.
  3. mrgstiffler

    Corsair TX850M PSU & Type 4 Cable Kit Luck Draw!

    I use a Corsair case, PSU and watercooling for my main system. Have for a while and will keep on doing so. Great products!
  4. mrgstiffler

    Razer Announces Lancehead Gaming Mice with "World's Most Precise" Sensor

    I need at least four thumb buttons. Anything less is a non-starter.
  5. mrgstiffler

    Mass Effect: Andromeda Pre-Loading Has Begun

    I thought the same thing. Tann's voice isn't right for a Salarian either. Kumail is up there on my list of favorite comedians too.
  6. mrgstiffler

    Mass Effect: Andromeda Pre-Loading Has Begun

    It took about three hours but it's starting to feel like Mass Effect. I've been a little annoyed at some of the changes they made. I keep telling myself that I've put hundreds of hours into the original trilogy so anything different feels off but isn't necessarily bad.
  7. mrgstiffler

    Mass Effect: Andromeda Pre-Loading Has Begun

    Mass Effect is my favorite franchise of all time but I'm only halfway through Horizon Zero Dawn. Way too little time.
  8. mrgstiffler

    YouTube Announces Streaming TV Service for $35 per Month

    Biggest problem with all the TV streaming services is a lack of sports channels. This has me seriously considering dropping TV service. They're just missing three sports channels that I watch regularly.
  9. mrgstiffler

    Razer Naga Chroma $39.99 at Best Buy

    Damn good mouse. I have the wireless version and love it.
  10. mrgstiffler

    Just finished Uncharted 4

    The pirate storyline made the game for me. It kept me playing nonstop.
  11. mrgstiffler


    The War Stories are so damn good. I'm on the Australian Runner one now. Definitely glad I decided to buy it. Was $45 from GMG.
  12. mrgstiffler

    How many of you think VR is the next "BIG THANG?"

    VR feels like the next motion control/Kinect. It works great in tech demos but not so good for AAA games.
  13. mrgstiffler

    Toshiba 4tb hdd 15.99

    What went wrong with that one?
  14. mrgstiffler

    Six Months With The Steam Controller

    I liked the controller quite a bit when I used it but the domed buttons kill it for me. Played one match of PES with it and my thumb was too sore to play any more. They need to level them a bit or go completely flat like the PS4 controller.
  15. mrgstiffler

    4K Xbox Scorpio Targeting 6TFLOPS, 1.5 Times Faster Than PS4K

    It's all rumor so far but if it holds true it changes what a console has historically been. It's more of the mobile device route where things are backward/forward compatible but people with newer devices get a better experience. Microsoft and Sony see people spending $200 every two years on a...
  16. mrgstiffler

    4K Xbox Scorpio Targeting 6TFLOPS, 1.5 Times Faster Than PS4K

    Not really. Smaller process, more efficient design. They could end up with 4x speed and lower power/heat. XO uses an AMD GPU and all the rumors say AMD is focused on power efficiency these days. So it actually makes some sense.
  17. mrgstiffler

    Homefront: The Revolution (aka Homefront 2)

    I've heard this from a lot of people. It actually sounds REALLY good to me. I think I'll get it when it gets below $30.
  18. mrgstiffler

    Dell U3415W discussion - 21:9 UltraWide (3440x1440)

    This monitor is almost exclusively 60Hz. Very few people get it to 75Hz without frame skipping.
  19. mrgstiffler

    Quantum Break

    Finally got my PC code. They really fucked that up. I already finished it on Xbox. Going to play through it again on PC with the opposite choices.
  20. mrgstiffler

    I am officially hyped for Quantum Break! Coming April 5th, 2016.

    Yeah, the more you upgrade the better the game gets. Giant Bomb didn't seem to understand how to use powers. Jeff's job is to play video games but apparently he's terrible at them: Giant Bomb Quantum Break - Streamable. Compare that to someone who actually understand how the game works...
  21. mrgstiffler

    I am officially hyped for Quantum Break! Coming April 5th, 2016.

    Just finished it. VERY good story. Loved the live action episodes. Generic gameplay. Blurry graphics. Will play a sequel.
  22. mrgstiffler

    Final Fantasy XV

    I played the Platinum Demo and got to the point where you're transformed into a truck and canceled my preorder.
  23. mrgstiffler

    Verizon To Proceed With Yahoo Bid, Google Weighs Offer

    I really don't like companies that own the means of communication also owning the content. Similar to Comcast and NBC.
  24. mrgstiffler

    Quantum Break

    There's a difference between a bad port and a bad platform. Bad ports have been made on many platforms, especially Win32. UWP isn't the issue you should be complaining about it. It's lazy developers who don't care about their work. EDIT: Or asshole publishers that don't let the devs do their job.
  25. mrgstiffler

    Quantum Break

    I haven't any any issues at all with UWP. Really only two big problems are lack of v-sync and lack of multi-GPU. Both are being fixed.
  26. mrgstiffler

    Quantum Break

    It was if you pre-ordered on Xbox. I'm not sure if it still is. I played Act 1 on Xbox last night and will hopefully be playing the rest on PC today/tomorrow.
  27. mrgstiffler

    Quantum Break

    On XO the live action episodes are 75GB. PC episodes are 4K so I can definitely understand them not wanting people to download all of them when most people will only see a tiny portion of that (they're basically like choose your own adventure).
  28. mrgstiffler

    Quantum Break

    Just finished episode 1. The game itself is pretty generic but the story and the live action episode is pretty damn solid. Really wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.
  29. mrgstiffler

    Final Fantasy XV

    I downloaded the new demo on PS4. I'll check it out after work tomorrow. The first demo had terrible framerate issues. Wasn't too thrilled about the combat system either. I'll definitely give it a full go. FFXIII's combat didn't click until after 20-30 hours and I ended up loving it.
  30. mrgstiffler

    Final Fantasy XV

    They're not even going to evaluate a PC version until after it's out on consoles.
  31. mrgstiffler

    MSI Announces Fully Modular Motherboard Supporting Intel & AMD

    I don't think MSI understands how April Fools day is supposed to work...
  32. mrgstiffler

    Far Cry Primal

    I just hit 100% yesterday. These new modes sound pretty cool but I don't think I want to play through it again. I would like some more content, though.
  33. mrgstiffler

    iOS Night Shift Probably Won’t Help You Sleep Better

    I've been using this 24/7 since the first build they added it. I can't say that it has much affect on my sleep but it really helps with eye strain.
  34. mrgstiffler

    Far Cry Primal

    I've done all the collectibles and achievements in FC3 and 4. I haven't decided if I'm going to do it all in Primal or not yet. 100% completion will definitely take some time.
  35. mrgstiffler

    Pictures not working

    A lot of pictures aren't showing up. Looks like they're links to external sites like imgur.
  36. mrgstiffler

    Far Cry Primal

    You really can't see the jaggies when the game is in motion. I play at 3440x1440 so not using AA helps with performance.
  37. mrgstiffler

    Far Cry Primal

    Yeah, that was in a place that people normally wouldn't even see. The game really does look pretty good. Uncompressed because JPG looks like shit:
  38. mrgstiffler

    Far Cry Primal

    Don't drink and mammoth. I rode this guy right off a cliff.
  39. mrgstiffler

    Far Cry Primal

    If you hadn't seen that post you would have no idea about this. I did everything in FC4 and I don't recognize the landscape in Primal in any way.
  40. mrgstiffler

    Measuring the Performance of Each Game will Necessitate...

    I can definitely say that getting rid of the FRAPS overlay gives me more enjoyment out of a game. With it up I'll wonder why I'm only getting 50fps and I'll try to figure out what I can do to get that up. Without the meter I'm just playing the game and having a good time.