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  1. caddys83

    Fandom has acquired GameSpot, Metacritic, GameFAQs, Giant Bomb, and more

    Gamespot... man how the might has fallen.
  2. caddys83

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

    Does anyone know what these red footsteps mean in game?
  3. caddys83

    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    I do like EVGA PSU. Corsair PSU used to keep shutting down my PC during intense gaming and for the longest could never figure out why lol.
  4. caddys83

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

    Just pre-ordered :cool:
  5. caddys83

    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    So is this a Nvidia beening the Gorilla in the room or EVGA CEO taking it personal?
  6. caddys83

    Recommendation for DVD and water cooling

    *Edit* Oops wrong topic. Sorry
  7. caddys83

    That's all folks!!

    Thank you very much!
  8. caddys83

    That's all folks!!

    Any word about this book on Amazon or ebook?
  9. caddys83

    Facebook planning to change its name according to sources.

    Long live MySpace! Bang some fine honeys back in the day :cool:
  10. caddys83

    PC Gaming in a Van

    Dude needs to shave
  11. caddys83

    Snoop couldn't get a 3080 Ti

    Snoop always been a console Kat. He was a heavy hitter on Madden
  12. caddys83

    LG tries to control monitor review

    Down with LG!
  13. caddys83

    Battlefield 2042

    Just pre-ordered the Gold Edition on Origin! :cool:
  14. caddys83

    Battlefield 2042 live reveal today

    I'm ready for the pre-order :cool:
  15. caddys83

    Native M1 Adware making the rounds

    People use Safari? Lulz!!!:joyful:
  16. caddys83

    Happy birthday, Geforce Now

    Happy birthday!
  17. caddys83

    Arecibo Observatory collapses

    Pfft, I brought that thing down hundreds of times in Battlefield 4 :cool:
  18. caddys83

    EA Announces Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

    Metal of honor? Ewww🤮
  19. caddys83

    Sega Pluto Console Prototype Sold

    Jesus $84,000.
  20. caddys83

    Fixing the Super Rare Sega Pluto Prototype

    Man I wish they could access the hard drive
  21. caddys83

    Intel to lay off Bay Area employees

    keep those Commifornia asshole out of Texas!
  22. caddys83

    Atari is building a series of Gaming Hotels across America.

    I got ocean front property I can sell in Oklahoma City for $300,000.
  23. caddys83

    The HOLY GRAIL Of Gaming Monitors? TUF VG27AQ

    Its not even ultra wide. Pfft!!!
  24. caddys83

    Grand Theft Auto 6 rumored for Fall 2021

    This is another badass RPer
  25. caddys83

    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    In for one today 12TB at $179.99 After Oklahoma tax came out to $195.51
  26. caddys83

    Space Wars: Are We Ready for Intergalactic Conflict?

    We need warp drive first. Then we can fight China and Russia
  27. caddys83

    T-Mobile says it owns the color magenta

    Meh...UPS owns the Pullman Brown color
  28. caddys83

    Microsoft workers listening in on cortana/skype calls.

    Whats wrong with them hearing my girl and I having rough sex in the living room? I'm sure some of those neck beards would like to beat his meat.
  29. caddys83

    Samsung's Ditching The Headphone Jack and Furiously Deleting Its Ads That Made Fun of Apple

    Old farts still use head phone jack? Lulz :ROFLMAO:
  30. caddys83

    Texas Is Trying to Block Tesla from Servicing Its Cars

    Time to sink Texas into the Gulf of Mexico. Oklahoma will sure have a awesome beach front tho y'all
  31. caddys83

    Facebook and Instagram Are down

    Where am I suppose to talk about ar15, glocks, and gaming?