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  1. Hielo_loco

    Is 5.1 / surround sound gaming still relevant?

    I have 5.1 speakers, and when I play pc games with real positional audio, like Titanfall 2, the Unreal Tournaments, etc... they sound absolutely amazing. I also have a Nintendo Switch hooked up to my soundcard, with emulated surround through SBX, and it sounds good, especially with sounds like...
  2. Hielo_loco

    still need a separate sound card?

    Agree. It's weird... even with Nostalgia headphones off... the old DOS games with Soundblaster or Roland Audio sounded warmer, or richer in some way... Quake 3 and the original Call of Duty's weapons sounded crunchy. Nowadays for some reason games in general sound somewhat underwhelming.
  3. Hielo_loco

    still need a separate sound card?

    In my opinion as somebody that likes good audio but is not an audiophile, I would say go for a soundcard if you are set with your other devices (GPU, cpu, memory, etc), especially if you have a budget motherboard, which more likely than not will come with unremarkable sound hardware. I have a...
  4. Hielo_loco

    Nintendo Switch audio routed through Soundblaster Z for real 5.1

    Bwahahaha you got me. The thing is, my pc in my room is the center of all my entertainment. I barely ever watch the TV in my living room, so I was hoping to get a solution that I could hook up to my pc. Well, right now I'm hooking up the Switch to my monitor through hdmi, and from there i...
  5. Hielo_loco

    Nintendo Switch audio routed through Soundblaster Z for real 5.1

    Hi guys! I was wondering if any of you knows about ANY way to get the Nintendo Switch audio into a PC to output it through an analog 5.1 speaker setup. I understand that the problem is that Nintedo, to avoid paying royalties, only allows the Switch to output sound in PCM 5.1 through its HDMI...
  6. Hielo_loco

    Creative AE9 dead.

    I'm on the soundblaster official reddit and the rep from Creative says that the product is alive and well, but that it will take some weeks for an announcement. He posted that last week, so I would expect news maybe in august at the earliest.
  7. Hielo_loco

    Is Cryorig dead?

    Pity... those all copper coolers looked beautiful!
  8. Hielo_loco

    Is Cryorig dead?

    Greetings, knowledgeable denizens of the Hardforum! I have noticed that Cryorig products are going out of stock, and their social media presence is pretty much dead since January. Is the company dead?? Has any of you heard anything about them? I remember they were gearing up for the launch of...
  9. Hielo_loco

    Sound Blaster SBX settings

    Thanks for clearing that up!
  10. Hielo_loco

    Sound Blaster SBX settings

    Hi everybody! Question for Soundblaster users: I have a Soundblaster Z in my PC and 5.1 surround speakers. I was wondering if I need to check the "surround" checkbox in the SBX Pro Studio tab of the Creative Control Panel, or if that is only for virtual surround, say if I had only stereo...
  11. Hielo_loco

    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    Nothing like listening to the surround speakers in games and well encoded movies... I'll never give up the surround channels on a speaker setup.
  12. Hielo_loco

    Seasonic X-750 750W PSU 10 Year Redux @ [H]

    Thanks for your PSU reviews. You guys turned me into a Seasonic fan boy, and I thank you for that. I will dearly miss these reviews. :cry:
  13. Hielo_loco

    New Soundblaster Internal card coming

    I have a Soundblaster Z on Windows 10. I originally had the card on an X58 system and when it kicked the bucket in December I moved it to a Haswell. The driver never gave and still has not given me any issues whatsoever.
  14. Hielo_loco

    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    A lot of people speed in urban ad suburban areas anyways. In small streets going at 60 or 80 km/h is nowhere near that speed limit and still potentially very lethal.
  15. Hielo_loco

    The End of Blu-ray

    Nahhh... the market is not what it used to be, sure... but having physical copies has a lot of advantages. I find that I am more discerning of the movies I buy, and the audio quality is way better. Also, I loved the Cosmos series and watched in on Netflix, but I wanted to watch it again late...
  16. Hielo_loco

    Techgage Tests 2990WX Performance Scaling With Coreprio

    The question is if AMD is pressuring Microsoft to fix this issue. It still baffles me how they did not do anything about it prior to launch.
  17. Hielo_loco

    Researchers Develop Silicon Interconnect for GPUs

    Sure, but can it run... Crysis... [dramatic pause] raytraced Crysis?
  18. Hielo_loco

    RTX Space Invaders Wanted

    It's a trap!
  19. Hielo_loco

    Samsung Announces World's First 15.6-Inch UHD OLED Displays for Notebooks

    The only OLED screen I've had is the one on my original Samsung Galaxy. I used the phone normally, and it still burned in noticeably. Hopefully OLED tech has advanced enough as for this not to be a problem anymore.
  20. Hielo_loco

    Samsung Announces World's First 15.6-Inch UHD OLED Displays for Notebooks

    They should talk about how they will mitigate burn in first.
  21. Hielo_loco

    Epic Apologizes for "Embarrassing" Breast Physics in Fortnite

    Didn't seem that exaggerated to me... oh well, back to concrete boobs.
  22. Hielo_loco

    Metro Exodus: GeForce RTX Real-Time Ray Traced Global Illumination Demo

    I also prefer the images with RTX off :shy:. Although I believe in the future implementing ray tracing could save a lot of development time for the devs instead of having to come up with fancy fake GI and AO solutions.
  23. Hielo_loco

    ASUS NVIDIA RTX GPU Series Introduction

    :( And here I was hoping for the glorious return of the single slot graphics card...
  24. Hielo_loco

    Pre-Order Sales of Battlefield V Have Been “Weak”

    I see three main failures by BFV: 1) In BF1 DICE made the inclusion of women much better by giving them the proper context of the unit they were actually in, giving sense to the addition. They dropped the ball with the black german troops. There were black colonial troops fighting for the...
  25. Hielo_loco

    Google Chrome Release 68 to Start Labeling HTTP Websites as Not Secure

    I have a small, basic html, non-interactive web site that I made a few years ago for my company. Will my site and similar super basic sites be labeled insecure too?
  26. Hielo_loco

    NVIDIA SlowMo Even Better than Real SloMo

    Could it be that whatever program nvidia is using creates a sort of dynamic vector field off of the bitmap data in the video, and then interpolates from that instead of from the frame as a whole? I guess that would be more suited for a gpu to handle than full frame interpolation.
  27. Hielo_loco

    Building Blocks of Life Found on Mars

    This is an amazing finding, especially since these are relatively superficial rocks. Billions of years of UV light and chlorine can make quite a number on organic molecules, even recalcitrant ones like these ones. Hopefully the deeper NASA digs, the more complex molecules it finds!
  28. Hielo_loco

    28 - Core Intel Demo Questioned on Cooling

    :D Now, if the Intel CPU was cooled by a mini fridge where I could store my beer, then we would be talking!
  29. Hielo_loco

    ASUS Thor 1200W PSU

    I understand that this is a Seasonic unit under the hood! :)
  30. Hielo_loco

    Synopsys Shows World’s First USB 3.2 Demo with 20Gbps Speeds

    I hope they end the gen 1 and gen 2 naming silliness with this new update.
  31. Hielo_loco

    Robots are Learning How to Chase us Down

    I've always wondered if using artificial muscles instead of hinge joints/ pneumatic actuators would result in better mobility for these robots. Although as far as I understand, artificial muscle tech is not that great yet. However, I think that we as humans also perform stabilization duties with...
  32. Hielo_loco

    The Mainstream Media’s Inevitable Attack on “Addictive” Fortnite Has Begun

    But is it really the mainstream media or sensationalist tabloids? I know that nowadays the line has blurred a bit between both, but still, aren't The Sun and the Daily Mail tabloids?
  33. Hielo_loco

    TSMC Reveals Wafer-on-Wafer Chip Stacking Technology

    Is this sort of stacking kind of like HBM?
  34. Hielo_loco

    Unity Engine Gets Big Update

    :unsure: I see a lot of features that have been available in unreal since Methuselah walked this earth. I do have to give credit to Unity for bringing some competition to Unreal though, especially in economic terms.
  35. Hielo_loco

    Twitter Changes Revolver Emoji to Water Pistol Emoji

    When Whatsapp changed the gun emoji to a water gun I had to get creative in how I wished death to my dearest friends :D. Fortunately there are still hypodermic needles, fire, noxious gases, and knives when I need to threaten them so as to make our friendship stronger ;).
  36. Hielo_loco

    NVIDIA GPP: Meet ASUS AREZ Radeon Series

    Ugh! Arez? Did Asus hire a 12 year old obsessed with God of War for the branding on this thing? Reminds of the days of CDs full of Warez :D
  37. Hielo_loco

    YouTube and Reddit Banning Firearms Related Content

    :cry: But I loved Forgotten Weapons!! I hope Gun Jesus is not affected by this decision!!