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    Logitech mice users what is your DPI set at for normal desktop use?

    G500 @ 3200 DPI. most people who use my setup think it is way too fast
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    Mechanical Keyboard with Media Controls

    Cool thanks! I generally prefer linear feedback, so it sounds like the K70 would be perfect for me. Thanks for all the help everyone!
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    Mechanical Keyboard with Media Controls

    I know that I can, but I like have dedicated buttons and desk space is not an issue, so I would rather just find something that will suit my desires. How do the Logitech 710+ and Corsair Vengeance compare?
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    Mechanical Keyboard with Media Controls

    I would really prefer them to be separate buttons rather than function controls on the F keys.
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    Mechanical Keyboard with Media Controls

    I'm looking to switch to a mechanical keyboard, but I like having media controls for while I'm in game. I've seen the Vengeance keyboards have them, but what other options are out there? thanks!
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    $500 for PC upgrade

    Actually I was thinking of ordering some new case fans, any recommendations? I want them to be quiet primarily. I would rather have it quiet than have a huge overclock.
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    $500 for PC upgrade

    Well, I like support Hardforum, so I'll make sure to use the commission links! Thanks for the help again.
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    $500 for PC upgrade

    So I am planning on buying this week. It's a little later than I had originally planned and I just wanted to see if your recommendations had changed since you said it can be so variable Danny_Bui. Thanks!
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    $500 for PC upgrade

    Well, with coolers that cheap it does seem foolish not to include it now! I guess I was thinking I'd have to spend more to get a decent one. Thanks for all the help and advice guys!
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    $500 for PC upgrade

    I don't need a particularly large SSD. Around 100GB +/- would be good, as it will primarily be used for the OS. I've got plenty of other hard drives for storage, I just want the speed from the SSD. Depending on how much I spend on the parts right now, I may or may not buy a HSF immediately, but...
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    $500 for PC upgrade

    Ok. Say within the next 2 weeks. And I would like the option to overclock so call it a yes.
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    $500 for PC upgrade

    6-7 hour drive, so not really practical.
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    $500 for PC upgrade

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming (DOTA 2, various FPS games), Web browsing, Media and streaming. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $500 - tax and shipping included. 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please...
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    Thanks for visiting me, yes?

    Thanks for visiting me, yes?
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    Hero's of Newerth

    $10 accounts!!!! Also, you can add me to list my HoN name is aethelwulf
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    15.4" WUXGA. I need it.

    I saw one recently (within the past week), since I've been shopping around for notebooks, but I can't for the life of me remember where.
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    5850 doesn't support DX11?

    Um, I don't know about you, but my card runs DX11 just fine.
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    Upgrading from 8800gt

    I just upgraded from my 8800GT on Win7 64 to a 5850, and I've had no problems. I would recommend the 5770 no problem. PS. Eyefinity is awesome.
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    Looking for a router with VPN

    anyone else?
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    Looking for a router with VPN

    VPN won't be used a ton, but would be nice to coordinate between Home Office, Photo Studio, and other remote locations. Would only have one to two VPN connections going at any one time.
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    Looking for a router with VPN

    So I'm looking to buy a new router for our Home/Home office setup. My girlfriend has her own photography business and hired her first employee a few months ago and we would like to set up a nice VPN system (plus our current router kinda sucks). We talked to a friend of our who recommended this...
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    Havok Physics Based Spin Tires Makes Off Road Driving More Realistic And Very Difficu

    It has everything to do with it. The fact is that driveshafts do turn at different speeds. Unless a car has a locking differential, there are many situations where the differential will send different amounts of power to each wheel and thus turn them at different speeds, or the road surface will...
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    5850 install... wtf? halp!

    Ok, so today I got my brand fuckin' new 5850 in the mail today and was super excited. So I pulled out my old and tired 8800GT and try to put in the 5850. Well, the back hits my SATA ports so I unplug my dvdr and switch a couple sata cables and slide the card in. Ok so now the problems start: The...
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    I'm an Unlock Xbox 2009 Top 8 Finalist

    Congrats and cool concept! But next time, take off your hat!!!
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    XFX Radeon HD 5850 Black Edition in stock at newegg

    I would buy that... if it were $100 dollars less.
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    is there more to borderlands??(possible spoilers)

    I agree. I mean, the bosses in general were not that challenging, but the final boss was a complete joke. If there was no playthrough 2, loot wouldn't be as much of an issue. But since there is... why not drop at least an orange item? It's stupid.
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    Mac Mini reformat

    I just tried verbose and single user mode, but I didn't really know what I was doing in single user mode and verbose mode landed me in the same place as a normal boot and I didn't see any errors along the way. I just tried booting in safe mode, since I read it will do a disk check when you do...
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    Mac Mini reformat

    So my girlfriend has a mac mini that she did something to, and now when you boot it, it will get to the blue background screen and stop. I can see the mouse and move it around, but no interface loads. It has the backup CD in it, and I have gotten into the boot loader, but it won't allow me to...
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    Guys, i think i need an upgrade....

    First one I had was a 386. Then PII 233 Then PIII 600 Then P4 3.04 Then Q6600
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    Backup system

    I don't think either dropbox or sugarsync will provide the amount of data storage we need at a reasonable price (though dropbox is only a beta). I think it would be more effective to sync with another computer offsite than use a webstorage system like that.
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    Backup system

    It would not be hooked up constantly, it is only for backup. All the files would also be stored locally. I want it redundant because I'm concerned with data loss due to hard drive failure and theft/fire as well. Transportation is a concern and I would want to store data off site. 2 enclosures...
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    Backup system

    While that is a nice solution, it isn't exactly what I was looking for. I want the external backup solution itself to be redundant in some way, so in effect there will be 3 layers of backup for all the files. It also needs to be compatible with a Mac. I could possibly do a drive dock, and just...
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    Backup system

    I'm looking to get an external backup system, but I don't have much experience with external hard drives or RAID. I'm looking for something that will protect my data well (eg. RAID 1), and I want at least 1TB of total space. Is my best bet to get an external enclosure with 2+ drives? What...
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    Best CPU right now in terms of staying power?

    I'll put in another vote for the Q6600. It can overclock to 3.4-3.6 with a good cooler and should provide good performance for the next few years. I don't plan to upgrade mine for at least another 2.