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  1. muz_j

    Permanently disable win 10 update

    ...and it's pretty lame responding to someone's legitimate question, purely to label them an idiot, without having any information at all on why they have asked that question in the first place. Disabling updates is pretty trivial. Group Policy changes - as referenced by Pendragon1 are a good...
  2. muz_j

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced!

    I hadn't thought of that. I might give it a shot, but that's not my normal style. It's easy going back to do lower rated missions, once you've gotten used to level 50 and up. The highest I've had so far is rated 71.
  3. muz_j

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced!

    A minor nuisance I'm noticing is you can only see high reward and tracked missions on planets that are further than a certain distance from you. i.e. to see all the other missions in an area of the star map, you need to actually move to that area, which then means you can only see planets in...
  4. muz_j

    Recovering Storage Space? "Starting, OK"

    Starting >>> Storage Spaces is starting or waiting for drives to be connected in the pool. This should be a temporary state. Once completely started, the pool should transition to a different operational state. Action: If the pool stays in the Starting state, make sure that all drives in the...
  5. muz_j

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced!

    I don't believe so. None of the guides I have looked at mention them, but I thought I saw one in a game trailer, but I am likely wrong. Mech lists are below if you're curious:
  6. muz_j

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced!

    I find if you manage your lance as your main task and then provide backup to them in your own mech, that works well, but agreed - if you leave your lance members to their own devices they tend to be pretty random. The spawning behind and right next to you stuff is a bit crummy - not sure how...
  7. muz_j

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced!

    ...I think it's a bit of both, but that's just from my own current (which is my first) play through. The game does seem to progress in stages and I think the story missions (tracked ones) tie into the game's progression. I had a noticeable increase after my last story mission where things went...
  8. muz_j

    making Collect Data file - why does 'Run As' say NT Authority/System?

    ...I am going to assume you are not trolling, although I suspect there's probably a 50% chance you are trolling. This is a hoax video / misinformation. This particular YouTuber has a history of doing hoax technical support videos. Read / scroll through the YouTube comments and you should...
  9. muz_j

    Remove facebook live stream

    Try the element blocking feature of uBlock Origin. It's available for Firefox, Opera and I think Chrome. I use the first two browsers and I've used it's blocking feature to remove things from Facebook in the past - very similar to what you're wanting to do. might work, perhaps it won't...
  10. muz_j

    Win 10 Home: Running game that needs ADMIN privilege in a normal User account

    Cool - well you solved your main issue, which was the goal from your original post :) The map issue is something you'll need to work through and it sounds like you've got a plan in mind. If it's a heat issue, you could use something like RivaTuner's Statistics server - for it's On Screen Display...
  11. muz_j

    Is anyone else worried The Outer Worlds will be disappointing?

    It's a good fun game. It kind of feels like a mix of Borderlands, Mass Effect and Fallout 3 or something close to that. Basically a simple FPS with limited RPG elements, but it's pretty fun and personally I prefer it's style of gameplay to the Borderlands series. But it's not a crazy in depth...
  12. muz_j

    Win 10 Home: Running game that needs ADMIN privilege in a normal User account

    Try the community launcher, maybe the community patches and see how you get on with those. I haven't played this game in a very long time and from your original post, and the way the game is failing to start, your issue _might_ (note the underlining) be related to securom. Have a read of this...
  13. muz_j

    What's the latest verdict on Windows 10 LTSC?

    Correct - it's a version of the Enterprise Edition.
  14. muz_j

    What's the latest verdict on Windows 10 LTSC?

    It's probably a lack of specific needs or requirements on my part. I've been an IT tech support professional for a long time (over 20 years) & have a good handle on how I use my computer. As mentioned I don't use regular Microsoft updates of any kind, run a pretty well tuned OS (unwanted...
  15. muz_j

    What's the latest verdict on Windows 10 LTSC?

    Which would be a bonus from my perspective. I run LTSC & it's perfect for my needs, but I tend to run a quite modified installation & I don't use automated (scheduled) windows updates. I guess it depends on what you want from the OS.
  16. muz_j

    software that scans HDs and creates a separate directory of folders and files

    ...chances are likely that someone probably has created something very similar to what you're talking about, but if may or may not be shared online and depending on what the person has called it, then it might be hard to find. On the MS script repository you'll find lots examples of file system...
  17. muz_j

    software that scans HDs and creates a separate directory of folders and files

    ...basically learning to script is pretty much a case of forcing yourself into it. There are some good learning resources on the web and I personally have a pretty big collection of ebooks I've purchased over the years - powershell ones being of considerable value (to me anyway). An example of...
  18. muz_j

    pagefile on external HDD

    I think you've already been given some pretty clear answers. I've tested readyboost and other USB 3 based cache tools years ago and in short - you're wasting your time. They're really aimed at low performance systems where it's your only real option. Follow the advice given - install more...
  19. muz_j

    software that scans HDs and creates a separate directory of folders and files

    ... PowerShell sounds like the simplest tool to do what you're asking - assuming it's a standard drive / directory structure as you've stated. The MS script repository would be easiest place to start. If you don't know PowerShell, then your query sounds like a pretty simple task to start with -...
  20. muz_j

    Does this type of software exist?

    That's a valid approach - assuming it works happily (i.e. the product activation - I haven't played with Maya for a few years), but you can't avoid the performance overhead of virtualising the OS or application. That's unavoidable regardless of hardware - and is the main reason a lot of 3D CAD...
  21. muz_j

    Does this type of software exist?

    Application Packagers are what's typically used in enterprises for this sort of work - and I've done plenty of it in the past, but not for quite a few years, so I'm going to be a bit out of date with my current knowledge. Intro document...
  22. muz_j

    MTA certs worth it ?

    All certifications are worth it - well any that are industry recognised and from either the product vendor, an approved training organisation or a well known 3rd party (technical institute etc). I'm not a fan of spending money on qualification boot camps and getting an obscure qualification in...
  23. muz_j

    Making Windows 10 fast

    I suggest reading these as a good start. The general idea is disabling, uninstalling / changing unwanted features that consume resource. You haven't stated which version of Windows 10 you're using, so you should check that first ( In...
  24. muz_j

    Why do Browsers allow ad blockers to work?

    Exactly. If I wanted ad's I'd still be watching broadcast television. Are you aware of upcoming changes to counter ad blockers on YT ? I'm curious if you have any info or links etc ...? On Windows - I use either Firefox or Opera - quite often both at the same time, for no real reason other...
  25. muz_j

    Skyrim-like RPG suggestions?

    There are plenty of good suggestions on this thread. I would definitely agree with the recommendations re: 1) Kingdom Come Deliverance (it's obviously medieval and has a realistic slant to it, but if a first person RPG set in medieval times with a realistic angle appeals, then definitely check...
  26. muz_j

    do new games suck or am I cynical?

    Great - that's your opinion. Have I seen videos of people experiencing weird behaviour in Arma 3 ? - yes I have. But in saying that, I have never personally experienced any unusual or weird behaviour myself - like it, or not. Putting it in context - I have also seen lots of people who have...
  27. muz_j

    do new games suck or am I cynical?

    I guess we'll agree to disagree then. The links I posted were two (of a very large number) that were easily available. I wasn't trying to "build credibility" as you put it - rather trying to back up my own opinion with references to reviews from other sources who seem to share similar opinions...
  28. muz_j

    Always have to retype saved password for it to connect to the server with RDP

    2 articles for you to read through...
  29. muz_j

    do new games suck or am I cynical? definitely seems to have a modern Privateer type vibe to it. Not sure if it's my sort of thing or not. I'll probably wait until it's out and read some in depth reviews, but at the least, it looks like a good blast em up space game. If it's got a decent duration to it, in terms of the main...
  30. muz_j

    do new games suck or am I cynical?

    lol Great - and as a comment for you - everything you have stated is subjective (feel free to re-read your comments) and unless you actually state something that's objective, your opinion is just that - an opinion. How do your "years of experience with arma 3" or the fact that you have "ran...
  31. muz_j

    do new games suck or am I cynical?

    ....for something slow and clunky, it's impressive that the developer has spun it into a military training product used by multiple armies around the world - i.e. the virtual battle space series (same core game engine). ...and again...
  32. muz_j

    do new games suck or am I cynical?

    Oh yeah - you're talking my language now :) I really love all those games. System Shock was awesome - and was a bit of spin off from the Ultima Underworld games - same game engine and development team (Looking Glass). Ultima Underworld was probably the most influential 3D RPG of all time - in my...
  33. muz_j

    do new games suck or am I cynical?

    ... all good - I'm definitely an "each to their own" sort of person and I'm not going to judge other people for their tastes and preferences in games etc. I'm sure there are loads of things I like that other people can't stand. re: Quake - not really online multiplayer. I was only really into...
  34. muz_j

    do new games suck or am I cynical?

    ...perhaps because some people think the game-play is simplistic and repetitive...? I've looked at Fortnite on twitch and the concept, game-play and depth of it bores me within a minute or two. But I fully admit I'm not really into most online multi-player games - for the same reasons. I'm...
  35. muz_j

    Nvidia Driver problem...

    I don't believe that's correct. Do you have a reference for that, or is it just a guess ? e.g.: I'm running Nvidia Geforce driver version 418.91 (2 versions old but released recently) on Windows Pro x64 ver 1703 (10.0.15063). Latest release notes are here as a reference...
  36. muz_j

    Windows 10 PowerShell scripts. basically you don't use PowerShell for much at all.... thanks. lol
  37. muz_j

    Can you help me with scripting to identify duplicate filenames in 3 folders?

    For de-duping on my home PC - I use a freeware tool called AllDup - I use the portable version which doesn't require an installation. It can search for duplicates based on multiple criteria and can export the results to Text file. I probably have...
  38. muz_j

    Sub Sims?

    Silent Hunter 4 and Silent Hunter 5 both work on Windows 10 - I have both currently installed and working on Win 10 Pro. 4 is set in the Pacific controlling a US sub, 5 in the Atlantic controlling a German U-boat. As commented by termite - some people really don't like the game mechanics of 5 -...
  39. muz_j

    Windows 10 iconized taskbar

    I'd check first if you have the taskbar icons set to small size, or not - which you can do by: Right-click the blank area on your taskbar and then select properties. Select or deselect the square box with either a check or white in it. Choose small icons, press apply, and press ok when you are...
  40. muz_j

    Disk and folder size trend logging ps script

    Read some examples from MS'es script repository and then modify to suit - these sort of reports are pretty standard stuff, so there are a lots of examples you can find that will point you in the right direction. Typically in a work situation I've done these sorts of reports via e-mail for trend...