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    FS: 3-month Netflix codes $18

    what are they for, discs or streaming?
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    CoolIT Epic 180 info

    Well at least tha is something but I am ready to roll now lol. Oh well picked up an H80 at good price, will see what that can do will see how loud those fans get I will most likely swap them for my noctua's. Might also try real build with 200mm rad. Who knows, only time will tell.
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    CoolIT Epic 180 info

    anything happening here?
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    FS/T: Lenovo Y450 - Lots of PC games!!

    bump4 sw games might have to grab one
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    CoolIT Epic 180 info

    there is this page with some info buy it link is for the shift pc so no purchase yet
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    CoolIT Epic 180 info

    Yeah I am thinking this maybe over H100 because of size. With this I would not lose a 200mm fan I would just be adding this unit with another fan. Will just have to wait and see as the H100 is just getting stock and not sure exactly when this will be orderable.
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    Crucial C300 - 64gb SSD

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    CoolIT Epic 180 info

    It's the HAF X I suppose I could try and do an adapter plate like they have for 80mm to 120mm, would just have to fab one up I guess
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    CoolIT Epic 180 info

    Sounds good. It is actaully surprising and refreshing to hear about a company like this that actually cares about customers. This should be able to adapt to 200mm you think?
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    CoolIT Epic 180 info

    So any way to order this(link)
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    I Wish I Had A Portal Gun

    funniest thing I've seen in awhile, good thing I had headphones on nsfw a lil ending was pretty epic I was all like oh god, whew all clear, oh god
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    CoolIT Epic 180 info

    hmm take it all is not well:) are they still selling right now, link did not work
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    FS -160Gb INTEL G2 SSD - $195

    miss my pm?
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    AceGoober FS/FT/WTB Thread

    free bump for my old buddy Ace
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    FS: PS3 Games

    sorry for delay payment sent
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    WTB AMD Socket 754 motherboard with agp

    Hey guys I am looking for an inexpensive, good condition, absolutly must work(don't want to get something that has issues) socket 754 motherboard with agp. Just let me know what you have and how much shipped to 93313 pm or email as I can check that often gun_strife at hotmail dot com
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    Powering My Monkey.

    Hey whatever happened here, what's up with the Gorilla. Also wanted to know if the power monkey comes with the stuff to charge the LG envy and voyager.
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    FS: New PS3/Wii Games & Controllers

    might have to take some games bump4u
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    FS: NIB 2gb (2x1gb) Team Xtreem 667 3-3-3-8 D9GMH

    hmm might have to get these
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    FS/FT: Games, Anime, Comp Stuff, need cheapo laptop! and other items.

    you got pics of the anime namely macross and record
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing