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    Need accurate positional surround sound for headphones

    Huh, maybe things have changed since I last tried it.
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    NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution Tested, "Amazing" Video Upscaling in Your Browser | That Barely Makes a Difference

    If you have a choice to watch original in high quality then of course that is always preferable, nobody questions that. But if that is not an option and all we have is, for example, DVD grade or even lower video? Then I would rather watch it through an intelligent upscaler that atleast tries to...
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    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz

    There are only handful Oculus standalone specific games that are worth anything. Real VR Fishing (pc version is outdated and unfortunately abandoned), Resident Evil 4 VR and Jurassic World games. The rest more or less have either PC versions or have been ported to Pico or are just shoverware who...
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    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz

    Consensus is that if you use Virtual Desktop then Pico is better. Wider FOV and much better lenses.
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    Is DOSBox Staging better than real Retro PC? Part 2 Audio Sound and Music

    I love stuff like this. Whenever I set up a Dosbox for retrogaming spree I always use Munt for MT32 supporting games and it is my preferred option for sound if available. Perfect balance between "realistic" midi sound and videogamey synth-like sound. And for those later games that don't support...
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    Playstation VR2 discussion thread

    I am curious. Did Sony leave out the BFI from their OLEDs to maximize the HDR potential but unfortunately which also causes sample and hold blur because the framerates are simply not high enough? And does lowering the brightness introduce some BFI (or PWM flicker) which has a side effect of...
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    Nintendo's backward compatibility Problem... | MVG

    3rd party emulation, perhaps as they have to basically reverse engineer the whole bloody hardware with no documentation. Nintendo should have much less problems with it as this is their hardware we are talking about.
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    Playstation VR2 discussion thread

    Yes. Just do not try to power it through, it makes things worse. Play in short bursts and rest between, eventually your body will stop finding VR motion weird. Ginger may be helpful and boost the process for some. Pills you take to prevent seasickness definetly help.
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    PlayStation VR2 Launches Globally With Dozens of Stunning Virtual Reality Games Available

    Your perspective may be skewed by the Quest 2 which was sold very much at a loss and Facebook planned to make up the difference from the data they collect from people. But also made it very hard for other companies to compete with them. In realistic, not undercut prices of VR tech PSVR2 is NOT...
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    Playstation VR2 discussion thread

    GT7 is definetly one I am looking forward to. Sure I have played Project Cars etc... in VR but none if them is a "car porn" game like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport which are more my jam than just pure simulation with limited set of cars and car tuning. 😎
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    Playstation VR2 discussion thread

    I am (finally) getting my PS5 next monday but it will be a long while before I can afford a PSVR2. Still I am excited about the return of proper AAA VR games and I am taking notes on games that I should play when I get there. GT7 being one obvious choice since I already play it on my old PS4.
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    Why OLED for PC use?

    When HDR video became a thing UHD Alliance (consisting companies like Dolby, Panasonic etc...) established a standard called UHD Premium that defined what a TV had to be capable of to show HDR as it was meant to be back then, what is real HDR that is. The limits were 1000 nits peak brightness...
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    RTX is a joke

    I am a graphics whore and do wet my pants on all kinds of new visual eyecandy gimmicks. Sure today the glued on ray tracing effects on top of raster do not offer much especially considering how heavy it is but the potential in the future is immense. The RTX Minecraft, which is uses proper path...
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    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki steps down after nine years at the helm

    Question. Has this actually ever happened? I would figure even the dumbest brick of a human being would recognise the difference between randomly run advertisement and the content it was just played on. What they fear would be akin to something unexpevted and questionable happening on live TV...
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    First trailer for Tetris movie could not be more ’80s if it tried

    This reminded me of this classic.
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    Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda Thinks Games Shouldn't Be Fun

    Oh the Persona 5 is soooo good! That said you have to like some anime tropes to love the game but I have atleast 5 playthroughs under my belt on the original and about to start a second one on Royal.
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    Best giant UHD HDR monitor like AORUS FO48U but without burn-in issues?

    Dude, watch the video of the guy. A major user error is my bet. Though he was using SDR he had the brightness (assuming this is the overall luminance slider) at 90% strength which produces very bright image, even dark shades are elevated up. And through the video he had the screen on all the...
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    WTF Updated Ryzen 3600 Runs COOL AS SHIT?

    IIRC some later 3000 serie Ryzens were actually XT models that just didn't cut the mustard. But they do run cooler and are more overclockable than previous bins.
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    Need accurate positional surround sound for headphones

    Unfortunately the Dolby Atmos for Headphones forces your Windows speaker settings into Stereo, which then causes 99% of games to run in Stereo mode. Only the games that have their own speaker settings or support Atmos directly you get proper virtual surround sound. Anyway, if one is interested...
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    MultiSync FP1350X 22" CRT accepts both analog and digital signals

    Thanks. But I also just realised that the authentic effect requires a screen running in 480 interlaced mode even though it is receiving 240p, which causes it to skip every second drawn line. 240p on 480p just gets integer scaled like it would on normal flatscreen. I think... 🤔
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    MultiSync FP1350X 22" CRT accepts both analog and digital signals

    I am sorry for laughing but that was a funny story in a morbid way. 🤣 Anywho, I wonder ig any of these DVI CRT's accept 240p resolution? I am seriously considering hunting one down for emulation purposes. Sure I do have my Panasonic 55" OLED and there are some really fancy CRT emulation shaders...
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    Microsoft is turning Windows 11's Start Menu into an advertisement delivery system

    Oh boy... I think I go back to Windows 10 this evening. There is only so much BS that I can tolerate and W11 has been grinding on my nerves. I am sad to lose AutoHDR and HDR Calibration Tool though.
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    Mick Gordon (sound designer of Doom) issues statement regarding DOOM Eternal

    Good thing almost nobody is buying this lame excuse of a statement.
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    Mick Gordon (sound designer of Doom) issues statement regarding DOOM Eternal

    Read the whole thing and... holy shit Marty is in deep (well deserved) shit if even half of all this is true.
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    The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

    Yeah that surprised the heck out of me. Excellent serie. 👍
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    Quest Pro

    Sweet Jesus, Facebook never changes apparently... 🙈
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    Quest Pro

    I am actually looking forward to the next gen Pimax headsets that are coming. 👍 Still too expensive for my blood initially but the lower end versions are bound to happen eventually.
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    Quest Pro

    I agree. PPI has been fine for a while now, even Quest 2 is satisfactory. Scuba diver FOV has to go next. Humans are not birds, we use our eye movement more than our necks to get a feel of our surroundings.
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    Quest Pro

    I can't deny that the slow pace in consumer market is frustrating me a bit too. So far the biggest consumer release has been Pico 4 but that is also just a Quest 2 in new clothes, only clear upgrade being the pancake lenses.
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    Quest Pro

    This was never going to be a consumer headset. A Quest 3 this is not.
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    It's Dead, Jim.......and by Dead I mean Stadia

    No you miss the point I was making. A lot of people, including you, keep bringing up the latency problem as it is an argument that somehow makes a good cloud gaming impossible, almost like it is against the laws of physics or something. My point was that it can and it DOES work, I have seen it...
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    It's Dead, Jim.......and by Dead I mean Stadia

    Again, unless you have poor internet connection in your area you are way overblowing the effect of latency. On my very phone that I am writing this my ping to Google servers is about 20ms via 4g mobile connection. On proper fiber (like what my friend has) or other cable connection the latency is...
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    It's Dead, Jim.......and by Dead I mean Stadia

    Honestly, everyone complaining about latency either had a piss poor internet connection or have never even used it. I have, my friend was big Stadia supporter. He does have a decent internet and latency was almost nonexistent whenever I was visiting him and playing there. Sure for multiplayer...
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    Playstation VR Thread.

    Can PS5 do that? It does require special USB-C port with that feature after all.
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    Playstation VR Thread.

    The choice of cable is really puzzling. It uses an USB cable, which means it uses video streaming. But if you are going to streaming then why not also wireless which is fantastic now that we are used to it? I was almost certain that wireless would be an aftermarket addon but after finding out...
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    New Meta Quest VR Headset October 2022

    Doesn't the Oculus software offer a chance to migrate your account?
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    Guy buys a 3090ti from Amazon gets Sand instead

    It is also complete BS that AC would be ineffective because of the frequent stops. Unless he is stopping in every bloody house in the street and turning his car off in each of them when making the delivery.
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    Top 100 Games played on Steam at any given time just suck

    Is this a hot take? Sure there are a lot of fillers and MTX whale baits but there are several genuinely good games too, from triple AAA to indie passion projects. Stray, Elden Ring, Stardew Valley, Rimworld, Project Zomboid, Civ 6 (even though it is a downgrade from previous, it is not bad...
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    Oculus Quest 2

    Yeah, in hindsight it makes sense but still this was quite a surprise. It is better for the potential competition though as Quest 2 price is less artificially deflated now.
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    Windows 12

    This is great, but at least in my system it fails quite spectacularly whenever Windows gets a bigger update, making a booting quite hard and I have to enter Task Manager and start killing everything just so I can get my desktop icons and taskbar visible and be able to go to internet and download...