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  1. Solitude

    FOUND! (was: Best GPU I can find for $40 shipped - Paypal)

    ill check on it when i get home from work and let you know.
  2. Solitude

    FOUND! (was: Best GPU I can find for $40 shipped - Paypal)

    Where would it be shipped? I have a 780 in a machine collecting dust...I think its a ghz edition from gigabyte
  3. Solitude

    Anyone able to buy a video card directly from Nvidia recently? How long are they backordered?

    I actually attempted to purchase the green star wars titan xp today as soon as I saw "ADD TO CART" replace "NOTIFY ME" and when i would go to check out, my cart would be empty. I called nvidia they confirmed the site was doing what i said it was doing and told me sorry its out of stock and its...
  4. Solitude

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Looks like im re-subbing
  5. Solitude

    Quake Champions Official Thread

    I got a code and I will probably install and play this afternoon. Is bunny-hopping a thing? That shit really turned me off to the last big Quake.
  6. Solitude

    Happy Birthday Portal Build- Input please

    Hey everyone. I would love any input. So I asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday and she replied "A gaming PC to play Ark." She is five years old and will be turning six next month. Her favorite games are Portal 2 and Minecraft, but she really wants to play Ark. Here is the...
  7. Solitude

    XB321HK - Alternatives?

    I love love love it. So much room for activities!
  8. Solitude

    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Wow, still in stock at the nvidia store...
  9. Solitude

    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Just snagged one off the nvidia store!
  10. Solitude

    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Get paid tomorrow, then I get to join the hunt for one of these things. I have used PNY in the past but I want to avoid picking one up purely for the resale point brought up earlier in the thread.
  11. Solitude

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I can't wait to get my grubby paws on this game.
  12. Solitude

    XB321HK - Alternatives?

    First impressions are incredible. It's very very nice. I have only played WoW on it so far. Gonna run DOOM at 4k today and see how that goes.
  13. Solitude

    XB321HK - Alternatives?

    I went ahead and ordered the Acer. I can't wait!
  14. Solitude

    XB321HK - Alternatives?

    I am looking to buy this 32" 4k monitor tomorrow. What are some healthy alternatives? I want something bigger than 27 or 28" and it has to be g-sync and 4k.
  15. Solitude

    FS - Zotac GTX 980Ti

    did this sell???
  16. Solitude

    What's the first video game you ever played?

    First video game I remember playing was Asteroids on an Atari machine. I think it was a 5200 but might have been the 2600. Pretty fuzzy memory.
  17. Solitude

    FS: GTX 980 Ti HYBRID

    For [H] locals in the Panama City, FL area: $380 Used for a few months at stock clocks in SLI, did some tinkering to get score higher in Firestrike Ultra, but otherwise cool and quiet on stock clocks. I have two but need a bump in cash to get some things for my new apartment. Anyone nearby...
  18. Solitude

    Steam 2016 summer sale is here! runs from June 23rd to July 4th!

    I know it was recently on sale, but still, if you have not played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, $24.99 is such a freaking steal. Also, 3DMark is $4.99
  19. Solitude

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Supposed to be some big reveal at EA Play. Maybe a trailer????
  20. Solitude

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    I just picked up Blood & Wine. I have been looking forward to another playthrough of Witcher 3 and now I can do it.
  21. Solitude

    FS: Oculus Rift DK2

  22. Solitude

    Official Overwatch Discussion Thread

    I thought you could play tonight at 6pm?
  23. Solitude

    DOOM Doomed?

    The game is awesome. Does a great job of making you feel like a badass. (Kill an imp with the berserker pickup!) I think they did a fantastic job with this game. Even the menus feel "right".
  24. Solitude

    Anyone going to NOOBGRINDER?

    In Miami this weekend. Anyone else going to attend? Big LAN event and computer security competition. Hit me up if you are going to be there. We can clink some beers.
  25. Solitude

    FS: Oculus Rift DK2

    SOLD LOCALLY! Thanks for looking!
  26. Solitude

    Show your FIRE STRIKE ULTRA scores

    Is there a different bios or driver version I could use to improve my score here?
  27. Solitude

    Show your FIRE STRIKE ULTRA scores

  28. Solitude

    Show your FIRE STRIKE ULTRA scores

    I scored 8 614 in Fire Strike Ultra Looks like this is all she'll do! well, GPU wise....
  29. Solitude

    Show your FIRE STRIKE ULTRA scores

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4790K,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 1 slow climb....
  30. Solitude

    Show your FIRE STRIKE ULTRA scores

    I scored 8 314 in Fire Strike Ultra bumping up the overclock bit by bit. annnnd.... I scored 8 377 in Fire Strike Ultra
  31. Solitude

    Show your FIRE STRIKE ULTRA scores

    I scored 8 001 in Fire Strike Ultra i7 4790k EVGA 980 Ti Hybrid in SLI ....I need to spend a weekend getting my clocks maxed out and try again. edit: after a little bump to my OC I scored 8 259 in Fire Strike Ultra Im gunning for fourth place! a little more tweaking...
  32. Solitude

    Best looking video cards of all time?

    This was pretty nice looking. and this looks great too...
  33. Solitude

    hl2 Prospekt not worth it

    lol yuuuup
  34. Solitude

    980 Ti sli vs R9 Fury Crossfire

    G-Sync is the real deal. worth it.
  35. Solitude

    Geforce 1080 or Voodoo 1080? (VOTE)

    bring back some killer box art too
  36. Solitude

    Epic games?

    Mass Effect Trilogy!
  37. Solitude

    The Game Awards 2015

    It deserves to be enjoyed at 1440p/144hz with gsync IMO.
  38. Solitude

    The Game Awards 2015

    Witcher 3 is head and shoulders above everything else that came out this year and deserves all the awards it gets. In 100 hours (my first play through) I experienced one bug and all it was was the horse looking funny for a few moments when I was riding down a hill. That's it. Fallout 4 was...
  39. Solitude

    Fallout 4

    So thaaaaaaats why. Ffs. What a stupid thing to not fix. I guess I'll lock my shit to 60fps/60hz
  40. Solitude

    Fallout 4

    Definitely can't hold a candle to The Witcher 3 when it comes to pure gaming joy. This game is kind of a mess in my opinion. I will still slog through the bugs, muddy graphics and enjoy it though. Bring on the graphical mods!