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    Verizon Seeks Payment For Carrying Netflix Traffic

    if I pay my isp and Netflix pays their provider whats the problem, both parties have paid for the data, why charge them again?
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    Canon 50D dslr & lenses

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    Canon 50D dslr & lenses

    Can a mod edit the title, I forgot to put FS in it per rules, thanks
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    Canon 50D dslr & lenses

    hi guys, selling some dslr stuff Canon 50D 15mp $450 great condition, retail box, strap, cd, 2 batteries & charger, about 12-13k clicks on it, I'm pretty sure shutter is rated for 100,000 Canon 18-55mm is $100 Canon 50mm f/1.4 $300 Sandisk 16gb extreme & two Kingston 8gb compact...
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    'Hashtag' Declared 2012's Word of the Year

    I agree, people use it on facebook since they see others using it, I have even seen it used in BF3
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    Privacy Plug-In Blurs Facebook Photos

    just take a photo of your screen
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    WTB Socket 939 mobo

    like the title says, looking for an amd socket 939 motherboard, i have an x2 4200 i would like to put in a puter to upgrade my moms p4
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    Microcenter - In store Only - Buy either a 2600K or a 2500K and get $50 off any P67/Z

    they also have a free gigabyte mobo free when you buy certain x2, x4 and x6 cpu's
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    YAMAHA 5.1-Channel Digital Home Theater HDMI A/V Receiver RX-V365 $130

    I wonder if I should ditch my ancient Kenwood VR-2080 for this, it's been rocking for over a decade now
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    'Unlimited Usage' Doesn't Mean 'Unlimited Usage'

    this is EXACTLY what they are afraid of, losing tv viewers/subscribers, they are trying to keep people from using the internet as entertainment
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    $30 Shipped Linksys WRT160N-RM 802.11n Router Refurb FSSS

    whats the point of an 'N' router with only 10/100 ports? isn't the wired switch the bottleneck then? i have the gb version 320n, and get speeds from 12-16MB's a sec from my file server
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    WTB: wireless router with gb lan

    looking for a wireless router, prefer "N" with 10/100/1000 lan
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    WTB: Socket 939 mobo

    ok, title says it, I need a socket 939 mobo, cheaper the better thx
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    Warez Sites Raided By Police

    thats alot of room/power for a bunch of 250gb hard drives
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    PC and PS3

    if its a .mkv use mkv2vob to stream it to ps3 using tversity or something
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    HTPC with out the PC

    I agree, I was going to get a popcorn hour, but it has limitations, the WD player seems just like the popcorn hour, but without the network ability, I am building an HTPC for the flexability tho
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    HTPC with out the PC

    try the popcorn hour or mediagate, if it's SD content use a modded xbox 1
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    Video playback

    and I will not be doing any recording of tv, if that helps I have a Hapage PVR 150 w/remote, can I use that to control Mediaportal? mediaportal looks like what I need, thx guys
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    Old Computer for an HTPC

    gamestop has used original xbox's for $49, mod it and put a new bios, and install xbmc, i have 2 atm, there is nothing better for sd content
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    Video playback

    I need it to play them over the network, I think I am spoiled by the XBMC for everything but HD movies, the popcorn hour seems to be fussy by what I can tell from their forums, right now I am using Tversity to stream to my PS3, works pretty well I hafta say, but it's still not as good as XBMC...
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    Video playback

    I think I will get a Popcorn Hour A-110, seems like the best choice thus far
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    Video playback

    I was also looking at the Mediagate line, my setup isnt great, but I have a Toshiba 56' DLP 1080i tv, PS3 for BD movies, an XBox running XBMC to play dvd iso's located on a network server and a Kenwood VR-2080 for sound,I want to start ripping BD movies as well, but I know the xbox could not...
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    Video playback

    I am looking to replace my old XBox running XBMC, it is great for playing DVD iso's, but no hi-def files, I would like an off the shelf solution, any ideas? I will use it to play music,video files etc on a storage server, no files will be stored on the unit
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    TV Stands Recalled By Studio RTA

    but remeber this: Incidents/Injuries: None reported.
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    WTB: router flashed with dd-wrt

    like the title says, i am looking for a router flashed with dd-wrt for a friend, thx
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    Best OS for web server?

    head over to howtoforge for TONS of ideas for fully equiped webserver
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    Best for old laptop

    i had win 2k on it for her, but she gets virus/spyware, so i want to avoid that headache, i just think getting linux running on it is a short term pain, long term relief
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    Best for old laptop

    to add another pain in the butt, the cdrom in this thing stops working after it gets warm............errrrrrr
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    Best for old laptop

    any ideas on the best distro for an old laptop, heres specs Armada 1750 PII 365 128 ram 6.5gb hd Microsoft MN-520 wireless card any help is appreciated, I have tried Fedora 7, not enuff ram, PCLinuxOS, too slow on the hardware, and DSL, but I cant get wireless card to work, dam small...
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    Setting 1 Gigabit port to Internet, and 1 to network?

    it may not be a network issue, but a system resource issue, try setting the proccess priority of your torrent downloader to "low"
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    Need Fix for Max 10 Connections in XP Pro

    since it is a flat file database you may have file lock problems in linux, if you use SME server you can disable locks, SME will also do user authenticating like a domain controller with logon scripts
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    Need Fix for Max 10 Connections in XP Pro

    is this a flat file database?
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    IPCop Wont See My Cards

    do they have realtek chipsets? i got the rosewill w/realtek, they detect fine
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    Open a word document via a network from a PC does not have installed office

    you can download Open Office for free to use office apps, get it here
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    really poor wireless speed

    i thought when u have a wireless client "b" on a "g" network, all clients, even those with "g" cards max out at "b" speeds, anyone else remeber this?
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    2 different connection on same PC?

    i think you can do this, but i think this question is against the rules anyway
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    Energy Efficient File Server suggestions

    can u underclock the PIII 800? my media file server is a lowly PIII 667mhz with 384mb ram, 1TB of video/music and nightly scripted my documents/picture backups, i have over 175 dvd iso's and 40gb music accessed by 2 xbox's running XBMC and 3 client pc's ,never even a hiccup
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    Endian & IPCop Traffic Shaping

    well I got a QoS add on working on my IPCop now, i get full up/down speed with no disturbance to my VOIP, took a little time, and some learning of the classes/rules, but i have a simple set of classes/rules that seems to be working perfectly :D
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    Endian & IPCop Traffic Shaping

    does it support the adv-proxy with update-xlrator? I need that ; )