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    Thousands of cheap 64-core AMD EPYC CPUs have gone on sale on eBay, Aliexpress

    Remember, some EPYC CPUs have vendor locks burned into them...
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    Apple Has Procured TSMC’s Entire First Run of 3nm Chips

    Gonna listen to the latest from Gersploosh and their many teenwave hits to prove how young you still are? P.S. that episode of South Park is just shy of being a dozen years old.
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    Apple Has Procured TSMC’s Entire First Run of 3nm Chips

    I think you mean 20-30 years ago (more closer to 30). Back then One programmer or a small team could still make a hot game the fully leveraged the latest, most powerful everything. 10-20 years ago is the early 2000's to the early 2010's and even as far back as 2004 (19 years ago!) is when the...
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    Apple Has Procured TSMC’s Entire First Run of 3nm Chips

    Like the guy who made SoftSoap and bought all the small plastic pumps that could work with liquid soap and all the production capacity for those pumps in the country.
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    Apple Has Procured TSMC’s Entire First Run of 3nm Chips

    Samsung or anybody else can always offer to pay more than Apple for 20-50% of the first run capacity on the new node...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU Review & Benchmarks: $700 Gaming Flagship

    For those who switch from 7950X to 7950X3D, what do you think the used 7950X's will be listed for? It has been repeatedly and conclusively demonstrated that Ryzen's "sweet spot" for RAM as originally called during the AM4 launch is DDR5-6,000. Anything slower than that is leaving a significant...
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    SSD drives versus USB flash drives for backup storage

    I don't use flash drives for "long term" offline, cold storage. However, as a grab and go drive for 20-100GB of critical files in the event of an oncoming hurricane or to sync the contents of non-networked storage folders in discrete computers every week or two then USB 3.0 and 3.2 drives are...
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    Reservoir Question

    I use 3/8"x1/2". Need to be careful of the tube kinking, but it bends easily as has roughly the same outer diameter as my fittings.
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    Reservoir Question

    Clamps instead of compression. That's something I haven't seen in a long time.
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    Water block for XFX Merc 310 Black 7900XTX?

    I'm sure EK will have a "Vector Quantumania Suprim Lux-O-Gold Edition Plus" block with pads you need to cut yourself, mediocre fitment, at-best mediocre performance, and at a price between $275-$575 before options.
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    RTX is a joke

    Ray tracing can, if well implemented make things look slightly more realistic. However, and while the physics and math behind it are amazing, the apparent visual effect is often at best about as noticeable and gimmicky as what TressFx did for hair in some games. Ray tracing is nowhere near as...
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    Best Buy has the 3080Ti FE on clearance for $719

    And all the 3080s were pre-sold out it seems... Only higher end 30XX series showing up in stock for me is an EVGA 3080ti for $1429.99
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    Is PNY a good brand for a 4090

    It's been reported that stock is sticking around longer with 4090's even for reference models, but especially if you are willing to pay an AiB markup in the $200+ range. Also worth noting how that stock tracker shows Best Buy has not gotten any new Founder cards since 2022.
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    Pulsed helium3 fusion in a magnetic bottle, not lasers or same old tokawhatever...

    Deuterium, for all reasonable intents and purposes (until fusion plants are located every few blocks like Edison DC power plants in late 19th century Manhattan), is essentially unlimited. Tritium is the scarce resource. As a child, before I understood more about fusion, I though deuterium +...
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    New to Intel 13th Gen - Anti Bend Bracket

    Difference between German precision over-engineering and Chinese good-enough. Sometimes the precision can lead to impracticability. Thermalright also sells a contact frame for AM5, that likely does more as a CPU guard for the IHS cutouts than as something necessary to prevent motherboard...
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    MSI Afterburner Dead? What Will You Use Going Forward?

    But would you really trust Nvidia not to put all sorts of extra limiters and nasty bits of code in the program? Afterburner works with AMD and Nvidia products and that would certainly stop going forwards. Additionally, the company has a long track record of being hostile towards its AiB...
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    MSI Afterburner Dead? What Will You Use Going Forward?

    Is Sapphire Trixx still a thing?
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    How to use 3x360 radiators with MEG Prospect 700R (PC Case) ?

    How thick are your 360 rads? are you using 25mm or 30mm thick fans? Are you using push or pull or using push & pull? with that many radiators, volume occupied by the radiators and fans starts to matter.
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    I'd expect the 120w part to run hotter than an easy bake oven... what with those being traditionally heated via a 100w bulb. The 3D line is still probably a lot more voltage sensitive than the regular chips, but the extra 50w of TDP is something that was not giving AMD too much benefit while...
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    Well that's due to the lack of lanes from the chip. Sure the CPU has 28, but 4 are reserved for m.2 and 4 more for miscellaneous io. Can't run 24 lanes if only 20 are available.
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    The MSI X670E Ace has three 16 lane slots that are wired for 16x, 8x, and 4x respectively and all gen 5. Of course, you still have the same limited total lanes from the 7950. I can see the argument because the one 7XXX series selling well is the 7950, but AMD does have the big ask of pushing...
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    Is only one CCX getting the V-Cache on the 7950X3D? If the the single CCX 5800X3D and the upcoming also single CCX 7800X3D have 64MB of added V-Cache, then shouldn't the two CCX 7950X3D have 128MB of added cache? Single-core boost speed is the same. AMD may have been saving some of the better...
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    RTX-4090 Incoming - Need case suggestions

    If you can find any of the old "Magnum" lines of cases from CaseLabs, those should all definitely fit a 4090... though to be extra sure try and find a TX10-D model.
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    AMD's Radeon RX 7900-series Highlights

    The monolithic die portion of the GPU has partially doubled FP32 cores (which is why the core count is listed as 12,288 / 6,144) and the description of how they function in very similar to how Bulldozer was billed as working in which if the programing is absolutely custom and functions just...
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    AMD's Radeon RX 7900-series Highlights

    Does anybody else get the feeling that AMD's "doubled" cores that require very special programing to even come close to possibly working right are just Bulldozer's mistakes all over again?
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    Why aren't all SSDs SLC (optionally)?

    Some archival, ultra-durable, and "industrial" SSDs are pure SLC. But beyond just the capacity decrease, there is a large cost increase in using SLC compared to even MLC let alone TLC or a variant of QLC.
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    Best SSD currently ?

    I'm a Samsung 980 Pro user, which I bought because the WDSN850X hadn't been released at the time. Used mainly as an OS and temporary holding drive, and being about 1/3 full most of the time, I've had zero performance issues with it. The Western Digital is slightly faster and both run hot to...
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    APC SMT1500RM2U UPS:es No Longer Able to Connect to Web Interface

    Have you tried taking UPS "1" wholly offline and then trying any of the workarounds with UPS "2" first? Sometimes weird conflicts can emerge with identical settings (one reason I try to avoid networking anything as it's like dark magic to me). An example would be a mrantz stereo receiver's...
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    The first practical use of Bitcoin I have seen yet

    This late comer is far dumber than in the old days when mining companies would pay you to host their rigs and deal with the resulting waste heat. Then again, there is probably a greater who is willing to pay for one of these.
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    Visiontek Mystery boxes are back

    If I was guaranteed an old video card (or better) at the $20 level, I'd have bought one just to have a no-pin or six-pin spare GPU for testing CPU and RAM installs.
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    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    In theory? Each CCD has its own top-mounted hat of cache?
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    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    And now people are back to "leaking" or rumor spreading that the 7950X3D is back on after all. Presuming Amazon actually delivers the 7950 I ordered then it might be going up on the used market if that's actually the case.
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    GTX 1060 finally dethroned as top GPU on steam!!! By the 1650...

    And the kicker is the 1060, at least not the cut down 3GB one, is generally better in games than a 1650.
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    One Weird Trick Relaunching RTX 4080 12GB as 4070 Ti

    Two things: 1) people have already been jeering at AMD for the dumb naming scheme, though doing so is not much different from calling a card ti vs the baseline; and 2) there is a long history of graphics cards that have alternate amounts of RAM listed on the label differing ONLY in the RAM...
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    About to order these coolernaste Sickleflow V2 ARGB fans %42 off Cyber Monday deal convince me not to?

    The best overall fan in the 120mm form factor (barring ultra high speed ones like a finger slicing Delta!), though not technically 25mm wide, is the Phanteks T30 at 30mm wide and ~$30 in price. Noctua otherwise normally makes the best fans at about $30 each... plus an extra $2 not to get them...
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    About to order these coolernaste Sickleflow V2 ARGB fans %42 off Cyber Monday deal convince me not to?

    Buying a premium-priced fan that isn't a Noctua, the Phanteks T30, a new "old stock" Nidec Gentle Typhoon, or maybe a Be Quiet or Lian Li's Unifan seems like a bad deal.
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    8 TB Seagate Exos HDD - $140 w/code "BFDBY2A376" FREE Shipping @ Newegg

    Bought two. These should be a good replacement for the 4TB WD4000FYYZ drives that I bought back in 2014.
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    How much RAM you got?

    I initially got vetoed on purchasing Best Buy's $1,100 deal on an Asus laptop with a 5980HX because it did not have a built in web-cam and "only" had 16GB of Ram. Just because the senior partner was pegging ram well north of 80% from mismanaging her computer doesn't mean 16GB is insufficient...
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    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    I was, but since AMD cancelled the 5950X3D, and the rumor was going that the 7950X3D might not be coming any time soon (if at all), and the price of a 7950X dropped to $550 I bought what was available now.