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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    Here is my latest build.
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    Panasonic VT60 at Amazon [H]ot

    I'll join the discussion. I have the GT55. Basically middle range for this line. These TVs have great picture quality. But expect to either use a calibration tool or hire someone. Even using Cnets settings, blacks were very muddy. I'm an avid The Walking Dead watcher. The scenes inside the...
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    FS: AMD Gold Rewards Code / 3 Games Code

    So looks like you can't break these up now. Only allowing me to select all 3, different, games at once. Unless I have 3 people wanting different games all at the same time, this is going to have to go to just one person. Reduced price due to this.
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    FS: AMD Gold Rewards Code / 3 Games Code

    I have an AMD Never Settle Forever Gold Rewards code I'd like to sell. Came with the purchase of my last 7970. It has not been activated in my name so all 3 games are available. You can check out the list of games available here. The new Thief has been put on the list. $old for $17 Heat is...
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    Samsung 840 EVO Series 250GB only $139.99

    It is now 149.99 on amazon. I had purchased it on the 27th for $171 so I'm having them give me a price adjustment.
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    BF4 $20 or deluxe edition $25

    Cleared all cookies. Used private browsing. Heck even used a different browser. Still says expired. Edit: Got it. Used IE to get a new DPgamer code.
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    BF4 $20 or deluxe edition $25

    So no matter what email or code I use I get the same promo code for $10 off. Origins cart says it has expired or has already been used. Oh well. Guess I'll get the walmart or Amazon deal when they drop.
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    ASUS G73JW-A1 Notebook and Samsung ATIV Pro 700T Tablet

    Less than a day left on the auctions.
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    Xbox 360 Bundle - Two Consoles, Kinect, 3 Controllers, 15 Games.

    A list of games would probably make the auction sell better. I'm interested if only because that halo 3 edition was jtagable before it got updated. Is it updated?
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    ASUS G73JW-A1 Notebook and Samsung ATIV Pro 700T Tablet

    Both are very lightly used. The Samsung tablet has 2.5 years left on a SquareTrade protection plan.
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    FS: Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet, AMD Gold Rewards

    Bump. Guess they added Thief to the gold rewards games.
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    FS: Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet, AMD Gold Rewards

    I have 4TB in my PC and a 12TB Nas box. I don't need any more hard drives. Don't need ram. Sorry.
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    FS: Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet, AMD Gold Rewards

    Sorry these tablets don't come in 3g/4g versions yet. Dose not have a stylus pen either. Can be purchased for quite cheap outside of Dell though.
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    FS: Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet, AMD Gold Rewards

    I would like to sell my Dell Venue 8 Pro 32Gb Tablet. I Pre-ordered a it about a month ago. It came in on Oct 31st. Was meant for doing spreadsheets and trying to get my IT job more organized. Thought it would work well but it is a little too small. It only has about 4 hours of actual use into...
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    WTTF: AMD Gold Rewards for BF4

    I know it's probably a long shot but I have an AMD Gold Reward code that I received with a new video card purchase. Would like to trade it if possible for an Origin code for BF4. The Gold Rewards is the one with 3 games and from what their website says, you can hold on to it until they have...
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    i7 3770k

    Didn't you just sell this on ebay? Heck you last topic was titled the same and is still on the first page. That ebay link directs you to a SOLD 3770k with a picture that has the same serial number.
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    FS: 3 x Radeon 7970 - EK CSQ Waterblock + Backplate

    You know the way you list the prices it seems that your charging a whole lot of money for shipping. If you still have one of these on my next payday I'll probably snag one. Unless they truly are $1200 a piece shipped :P
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    FS: Modded Asus eeePC 1005HAB Netbook

    Still available until tomorrow afternoon.
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    FS: Modded Asus eeePC 1005HAB Netbook

    One more bump. Probably going to ebay over the weekend.
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    Sean Parker Fined $2.5M For Being Himself

    I'm sorry but I don't see what the big deal is. The guy spent a few million making the place look nice for his wedding. California fined him $2.5mil for "damages" to an area that was barely maintained and was naturally occurring long before settlers showed up. Not like he tore down a cabin or...
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    FS: Modded Asus eeePC 1005HAB Netbook

    I can get a picture for you. It's not hard but it's not as easy as unscrewing a bay and popping it in either. I've actually done it to this netbook but opted to take the SSD out before putting it up for sale. Basically you unscrew the 4-5 screws on the bottom, pop the keyboard up that's being...
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    FS: Modded Asus eeePC 1005HAB Netbook

    I have for sale a Asus eeePC 1005HAB. It currently has Windows 7 32bit installed on it. But has an XP key on the bottom. The lid has a rubbery matte black coating on it that looks brand new. I didn't like the feel of the rubber coating so I laid a carbon fiber vinyl over it. Feels much better...
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    FS: Intel NUC i3 bundle & BNIB Nexus 7 32gb

    Hows this work for playing 1080p MKVs? Something bluray quality.
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    JCP $10 off $10

    They did this for 2 Holiday seasons in a row through mailers. From September to December I received one if not two in the mail each month. They honored it in the store. Got some nice free gifts.