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    USPS' Bizarre Reason For Denying Insurance Claim

    I had a similar issue when I paid for insurance for an item I bought in Korea and then used the base Post Office to have it shipped back to the states. They managed to break the item even though it had good packaging. When I tried to claim the insurance, they asked for the original receipt for...
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    20 Of The Worst PC Setups

    The ball in this picture I mean..
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    20 Of The Worst PC Setups

    Hey, is that one of those flying metal knife balls from the movie Phantasm?
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    Courts Make Identifying Pirates Easier

    And the message is...always use a non-US based VPN or Newsgroups. ;)
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    Linksys Firmware Upgrade for Wi-Fi Routers Angers Users

    Is the Tomato firmware being updated? I had heard that Tomato has the most user friendly interface when compared to DD-WRT. What router is the best to use with Tomato? I want something that has the most powerful processor and very good wireless signal strength. Thanks again!! Also, does...
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    USPS Bans Overseas Shipments Of Tablets, Smartphones

    This is terrible news for us military folk stationed overseas. Where I am currently at, the on-base store (Navy Exchange) price gouges us for things we would normally just order through Amazon. They say that the pricing is high because of the cost that they incur when they ship things over...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    Hi, I have an update on my amp repair status. I definitely had to have my amp fixed because I will be moving overseas and didn't want to have to deal with the complication of having to relay my new address and deal with possible shipping issues. I gave Elliott some extra cash to expedite the...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    I did try to call him but it seems like his phone cuts over to voicemail now whereas just a few weeks ago before I sent the amp in, he was relatively easy to get a hold of. Is this guy then just scamming people's money on Paypal and holding onto the amp unless the person forfeits the money they...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    Hi, I just recently sent my amp in to Elliot to be repaired and I'm a bit concerned since I'm in a hurry to get the repair done since I need to move in a little more than a month and a half and he has not answered my emails or answered his listed phone. It's odd that it seemed like it was...
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    i7 2600k giveaway & more registration thread

    Here we go! javascript:document.vbform.message.value=document.vbform.message.value%20+%20'\n\n';%20document.vbform.submit();%20halt;
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    Another Giveaway! i7 2600k & more!

    Hopefully I'll win...I never win anything! :D
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Corsair kicks ass because of the awesome finned heatsinks that are on their RAM. Secondly it's nice not having to run memory diagnostics anymore because I have never received a bad stick of RAM and I've never had any memory issues since I've used them.
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    The True Cost of Online Privacy

    I think the article should be read with a giant slab of salt. The article reeks of FUD. While there may be some truth hiding within the article, keep in mind that even *if* websites won't get as much money from advertising revenue because they can't spy on folks, they will still probably be...
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    ASUS Offers Free Windows 7 Upgrade for System Purchasers

    It's too bad that Asus won't give the software away free to those who bought one of their motherboards during that time. :-p
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    Swedish Pirate Political Party Aims for EU Parliament Seat

    Now if only the US Pirate Party can get on the ballots...
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    Windows 7 Beta conundrum

    I'm guessing that it may have had something to do with the Areca RAID card that I had installed. It may have been that the RAID drivers weren't mature perhaps or it could have been the outdated hardware that I was using at the time. One hypothesis is that the bandwidth on the bus wasn't fast...
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    Windows 7 Beta conundrum

    Hey, I just wanted to know whether or not an upgrade option would be available once RTM is released. After reinstalling Vista x64 4 times already due to its file corruption issues, I don't particularly feel inclined to do any more re-installations of Windows. At any rate there's no reason to get...
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    Windows 7 Beta conundrum

    As great as the Microsoft offer to use Windows 7 for an extended period of time, I have heard reports that if you decide to go with Windows 7 beta now, you will be looking at a complete reinstall of the OS when you upgrade to the final version. Is there any truth to this? I would make the switch...
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    Piracy Is O.K. If You Are Poor

    This is exactly my point...Microsoft took this exact route with it's products in the early years because they knew that if people liked their product, they would recommend it to their company which is exactly what happened. Perhaps companies like Adobe should embrace the concept...
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    Piracy Is O.K. If You Are Poor

    Yeah...QFT what's up with [H]ardOCP? They need to take a page from ArsTechnica and start standing up for the little guy instead of trying to force "product" on everyone. The whole IP thing is a farce and it's only because of the big IP owners big payouts to Congressional cronies that this is...
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    The Risk of Waiting for Windows 7

    You're right.. I'm sure that most media will burn just fine however M$ gave the RIAA the ability to put an audio flag on their CDs that will prevent the audio from being burned on a system with Vista. It makes me mad to know that M$ did this when they didn't have to- RIAA can't tell M$ they...
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    The Risk of Waiting for Windows 7

    DRM is a technology that had the potential to prevent people from copying a media format as well as preventing the media from being converted to other formats such as MP3s which will play on just about any media player device. You sound like some kind of corporate shill by totally standing up...
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    The Risk of Waiting for Windows 7

    err popups
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    The Risk of Waiting for Windows 7

    That's right...their fingers won't be up to the task of clicking on all those pops. :D
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    The Risk of Waiting for Windows 7

    Or option 3- I stay with XP and burn my CDs to MP3s with no issue. Is it any wonder that ASUS had to make a sound card with a built in loop to bypass the crap DRM in Windows? Don't believe me? Check here: It...
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    The Risk of Waiting for Windows 7

    Yes, let's not forget the Secure Audio path DRM built in just to please the music industry as well as video DRM!!! I love it when Microsoft takes charge of my hardware and tells me what I can do with it!! ;)
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    White House Opposes RIAA-based Copyright Bill

    Me too! I hope that if Obama gets elected he'll throw him in the coat room closet and throw away the key. ;)
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    White House Opposes RIAA-based Copyright Bill

    The White House has done the right thing in this case. There is no reason the government should be helping pay the music/movie industry's tab. If this bill passed, it would open the door for other industries to step in and get their pound of flesh so-to-speak. I can only hope that the next...
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    Ex-Sony Exec Says 70% of Games Lose Money

    I agree that it's the crap games that game developers are putting out these days. It seems that there are so many games that add nothing to the genre. FPS games are a dime a dozen for example with no real gameplay value added. It may just be me but it seemed like in the 16-bit days of the...
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    49% of Americans Want FCC to Regulate Internet

    You know the sad thing is that I bet if they asked those same people if they believe that the government should track their every move for "security" reasons, the same pathetic 50% would raise their hand. George Washington would be rolling in his grave to see what kind of anti-freedom loving...
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    Vista DRM Q&A

    All that blog is doing is taking a pill containing poising and wrapping a delicious candy shell around it. I liked how he dodged around the protected audio flag that they plan to enable. What he doesn't say is that there will be things that you can do just fine on Windows XP that will no longer...